Super Bryan, Jared and Lauren do the Deadlift Burpee workout.


4 rounds,

Row 500m

Rest 3 minutes

Post times for each 500m sprint to comments.


Videos regarding high HDL, calorie restriction, SIR2, and insulin.

Part 1

Part 2

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Travis

    Very interesting video… it’s great to see the paleo helps increase your high HDL, lower your insulin and if you zone decrease calorie intake.

  • Craig

    I see Luca pulling what little hair he has out!

    Which trainer put the mats on the ground upside down?

    Tape side down!

  • Carry

    Rowing = Pain
    Thanks JJ

  • Carry

    Shannon, I would love to add something to the care package. I will have my kids make something as well. They were asking me yesterday what Veteran’s day was about. My daughter actually thought it was for Veternarians! After I explained it there were many more questions. I let my kids know that I don’t have all the answers but I do know that there are people willing to put their lives on the line for us and we should be thankful everyday.

    BTW….Awesome work on Murph! WITH THE VEST!!!!! You get better/faster/stronger everytime you show up!

  • Mark L.

    It wasn’t me, Craig! Based on the shadows (stretching east to west), it looks like a morning class.
    I think I might actually run down to the Shed from home, and do the rowing WOD, tonight.
    Last night, Ben ran 10 miles to the Shed from Clayton, then did Murph in under an hour. It inspired me to do at least 20% of that, tonight.
    By the way, Ramon ran his first mile for Murph with the vest in about 9:40. He’s never done a sub-10 mile before with or without a vest!

  • Jeremy Jones

    “Rowing = Pain”

    That is funny. I had two people come up to me today after the workout and say “I was thinking ‘rowing! that’s it! this will be easy'”. Then they both expressed how wrong they were.

    Dave was stoked to be FIRST at something, and I think he’ll be giving Craig a run for his money soon.

    (but Craig’s 1:21:6 500m record still stands.)



    Ran 5K this morning. Commander was nice and didn’t make us do a 10K.


  • Jared

    Actually, it was my bad on the mats Craig…

    Good video posts, except for the reinforcement of the silly lipid hypothesis that HDL is “good cholesterol” and LDL is “bad cholesterol.” From a moral standpoint I don’t think human beings have any business messing with genetics though…

  • J Jones

    Row 500m / 3 min rest

    Stav: 1:32:7, 1:43.0, 1:45.0, 1:45.2
    JJ: 1:29.3, 1:40.4, 1:39.4, 1:37.7
    D Roe: 1:24:8, 1:34.8, 1:39.2, 1:38.4

    At least everyone who went in ‘teams’ got some extra rest!


  • Mountain

    Rowing = Love

    Seriously, that was the most physically devastating workout I’ve ever done. I appreciate Jeremy’s insight that the row is essentially a Deadlift HighPull. I think that got me to dig with the heels more & tap into the posterior chain, instead of just trying to hammer it with quads.

  • Russell

    I knocked this out at work during lunch and thought…what an easy workout this will be…Whoops. It sucked.

    I don’t want to post my times after looking at JJs and Stav’s, but here it goes…

    Didn’t time my first round.


  • Shannon Stornetta

    Thanks for the nice comments, Carry. I put the vest on for Lt. Murphy (I’m a Lt, too.. so I was thinking “from one Lt to another…”) But then I thought to myself, “Well- I know if Carry was here she’d make me put the vest on and keep it on!” You’re a really great crossfit role model for the girls at the shed. Speaking of- Mitchell did 150# back squat 5 times two nights ago! Anyway- I’ll be at work tomorrow- so I’ll get some addresses for care boxes. Cards from kids are awesome- we used to get those sent to our aeromedical evac staging unit- the troops really seemed to enjoy them.

  • Craig

    No worries, Jared. Customer is always right!

    Judging from J,D & S times, I may have to give a little row clinic today after my Oly wod.

  • Jared

    JJ, did you seriously put tenths of a second on those times? Too funny.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I hate rowing.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Gotta count the 10ths, you never know how close it is going to be.

    Russel! Man, we gotta work on your row form. I know you’ve got a sub 2 in you easy.


  • Emily

    Wow…who do we have to thank for finding something that actually sucks worse than running? That was brutal- I practically had to crawl out of the gym.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Emily- way to go on your 1:47! By the way… Nate- very sad to hear that tonight was was your last night teaching and that you’re actually going through with moving away from all of us 🙁 I could always count on you for Wednesday night hell-gym…

  • Mark L.

    Couldn’t be away for more than 30 minutes, tonight, so I went for my usual 5K down and back. I’ve been testing out the bicarb loading thing, and it seems to have worked. Very close to a PR, and I did heavy deadlifts as well as a metcon last night.
    Inquire by e-mail if you’re curious.

  • Craig

    Did a killer little metcon today post oly lifting:

    20-15-10 Jumping sit ups and pull ups.

    The jumping sit up forces a full rep. Do a hard, fast sit up launching yourself onto your feet then jump six inches up. Land and squat back down into the situp position. Repeat. Cool.


    Craig, that just sounds nasty.

    Tonight was good, we had some guys coming off the newbie WODS decided to get a little rowing torture with us.
    Solid work by everyone.
    Lots of heart in that little shed.

  • Craig

    “Lots of heart in that little shed.”

    Damn straight! Thx Mike.

  • Darren

    Wow thanks for the comment Craig. Good form or not that rowing workout was the worst. My butt was on fire….

  • Craig

    D, by “give a little row clinic” I was being sarcastic. I meant, I was going to have to do the wod myself just so I could beat you guys at something. Cause I don’t have any wods left I can dominate.