081115 SATURDAY “Nate’s Last WOD”

+++Workday Tomorrow after the 10am class. Come help make the Shed nice, clean and organized before the weather changes+++

+++Interested in a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot at Acalanes Park? Post it in comments. If enough people are interested you can expect a resurrection of our old tradition.+++


Meg shows hubby Darren how to do air squats correctly.

Workout: “Nate’s Last WOD”

4 Rounds for Time

400m run

15 Pull Ups

15 SDHP (115, 95, or 65lbs)

15 Burpees

15 GHD Sit Ups

Post time to comments.



Just How Important is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Because the body can create its own vitamin D, it is technically not a vitamin, but a pro-hormone, a precursor to the hormones the body needs to function. Vitamin D has no active role in the body other than to be converted to usable hormones by the liver and kidneys.

This vitamin (we’ll stick with vitamin since that’s how it’s known commonly) is responsible for maintaining blood levels of calcium and phosphorus, growing bone, and shoring up the immune system. Let’s have a look at a few of the issues that are caused by a vitamin D deficiency.

Read article here.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Can’t make it in today for “Nates last WOD”, we are taking the family to Marine World!

    I did a 5k this morning;

    21:37 on a slightly hilly road course

    Improved from my time a couple weeks ago by about a minute, but still far away from the ~20min mark. I’ll get there.

  • Craig

    Lots of news lately on Vit D. Docs recommending supplementation for kids (!) because they are indoors so much now.

    Get your kids outside!

  • Mark L.

    Craig… so sad we have to prescribe supplements for our kids because their bodies aren’t being properly taken care of. By the way… what kind of doctor doesn’t prescribe the correct prescription (exercise and sunlight)?
    I hope the doctors are making it clear to parents that the Vit D is to correct a “lifestyle deficiency” and not a nutritional one.

  • Mountain

    Speaking of exercise & sunlight, I am very interested in reviving the Turkey Trot at Acalanes Park, burpees included. Maybe, since Thanksgiving is on the 27th this year, we could do 27 burpees at the start, 27 at the top, and 27 to finish.

  • CraigH

    I’ve been thinking about the Turkey Trot a lot. I’ve got some crazy ideas. Acalanes Ridge is awesome. Burpees are insane. I’m in for a 9AM start?

    Great pic by the way: although no one does the J-Lo squat better than D.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Nate/ Craig. Ouch. Enough said….

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    D and I both work on Thanksgiving. I know I would love to do the Trot. I vote for the day before or day after at 0930, just so I can be there. Otherwise, Have fun.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    I vote for the Sunday after Thanksgiving- then Bryan and I will be there 🙂

  • Mountain

    I vote for whenever Bryan and Stav can be there, since I think they can beat me.

  • J Jones

    The whole reason for having a “TURKEY TROT” is to have it on Thanksgiving before everyone goes out and eats a ton of food.

    Unless Craig and I are the only ones doing it that day, it needs to happen on Thanksgiving. Sorry folks.


  • Rodil

    How long is this run?

  • grace

    JJ — I’m so glad you posted this!! You know I’m really into vitamin D since I was assessed last summer with deficiency (and my husband had rickets as a kid). Last summer, I was out with my daughters everyday at the pool. SPF, sunscreen, makeup (guys exempt *ha*), dark tan skin, winter sun (which lacks UVB which is the only wavelength to activate vit D), staying indoors, trying to be good parents who don’t let their children run around outside unsupervised, etc are all factors that are leading to rampant deficiency. At where I work, 99% of young and old tested have deficient levels of 25(OH)D < 60 ng/ml.

    Vit D deficiency even keeps testosterone from being normal (and nl sperm counts), did ya know…? (and ladies, estrogen! so deficiency can lead to infertility)

    On 4000 IU daily, my level went from 20 to 70. I’m sick much less often now, asthma gone and I feel great! And Crossfit makes me feel even better!!! (even Robb Wolf takes vit D +cod liver!)