081119 WEDNESDAY “Filthy Fifty” and Anne’s Birthday!


Anne (left of Jamie and Ryan “aka DEATH”) had one small request for her birthday. . . the FILTHY FIFTY! (and NO she is not fifty years old. . . she’s something like 29 I believe – jj)

Workout: “The Filthy Fifty”

Check 080819 for the last time we did it at DCF

For time:

50 Box jump, 24 inch box

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press, 45 pounds

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

Post time to comments.

(Scaling option: The “Dirty Thirty” is another option for scaling – instead of just using reduced weights for the different exercises. If you don’t think you can finish the full “Fifty” workout in 40 minutes or less, you should think about using this option).



Lifespan varies between European countries, but so does the number of “good” years after 50.

Lead researcher Professor Carol Jagger, from Leicester University, said: “What we have here, for the very first time, is data we can really compare.

“And it really questions whether the countries with the longest life expectancies are the healthiest.

“In the case of the UK, we are looking pretty average, but slightly better than our life expectancy figures suggest.”

Read full article here.


Video: The most powerful person on Earth (unless you know someone with 261 “horsepower”).

There you have it folks. . .don’t eat processed food, and possibly drink melted butter, eat raw mutton, and have sex 15 times a day. . . and don’t sleep from birth. Seems easy to me -jj

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  • Jenny Verschuur

    YES!!!! I can’t wait I am ready for some sweat, thanks Anne, and Happy Birthday! Wishing you many many happy CF ones!! lol

  • Jenny Verschuur

    What’s up with that man 261 horsepower?!?!? no sleep, sex, 4 wives, it seems like a lot of excuses….lol

  • Jenny Verschuur

    So if he can’t shake hands because he will break people’s fingers how can he have sex and not kill the poor women?

  • Carry

    Happy B day Anne! Nice Halloween costume…’HOT’ MAMMA!! Thanks for the Filthy 50. Always a pleasure 🙂

  • Craig

    Happy birthday, Anne!

    Best line from a DCF girl at the Shed yesterday:

    “For bodyweight deadlifts, can we use our Driver’s License weight?”

  • Mark L.

    Thanks Anne! We had 14 people do the Filthy Fifty, this morning at 6am (I didn’t count JJ who just yelled and wrote stuff down).
    MWF 6am is starting to look like Saturday!
    I thought of you, Anne, during the burpies (not in a good way).
    Solid work from everyone!

  • Craig

    14 at 6AM? Who ARE these fitness vampires?

    And where the hell were you two years ago when JJ and I were often in the Shed alone and shivering?


  • Bryan Stornetta

    DCF. Please read the following that I am copying from an email I received today.


    If you have already seen this, I apologize. I did post it to the message boards last week but not everyone in the group subscribes to these, so I’m also sending out word via e-mail.

    Two CU grads in our group have a daughter in need of a kidney transplant and need our help. Jim and Susan Ballard are both CU grads. Their 14 year old, Jaclyn, has a genetic condition known as Juvenile Nephronaphthisis Type 1 that has destroyed her kidneys.

    The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) has setup a website for Jaclyn with information and a donations page. The site can be found at http://cotaforjaclynp.com .

    Insurance will cover most of the costs of surgery but the family will have around $50,000 in out of pocket costs. So far, we’ve been able to raise $11,000; primarily from two fundraisers in Boulder. One of them was put on by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in Boulder. The other was a student class project. In addition, the Alpha Phi sorority is doing some things to raise money.

    Jaclyn’s condition is severe and she needs surgery soon. Fortunately, the family has already secured a kidney donor. Now they just need to raise the rest of the money.

    I know times are tough right now, but any donation you can make will be much appreciated, tax deductible and will help save the life of a fourteen year old who is in trouble through no fault of her own. We can give this CU family the best holiday gift they have ever had.

    If you don’t feel that you have the money to give, there are other things that you can do. We need Colorado businesses are willing to allow us to put coin collection stations in them. We also need publicity. If you have media contacts that can help us out, please direct them to me at jim@CUNetworking.com or have them call me directly at 818-728-1100.

    As a footnote, if you have seen either of the last two CU football games you may have noticed that the cheerleaders were wearing green ribbons. Jaclyn’s sister is on the squad and they are wearing the ribbons in support of her. They’ll have them on again this week.

    Any assistance you can provide is much needed and will be greatly appreciated. If you have questions, please let me know.”

    If you have any questions please let me know. The DCF family has been very gracious and I do understand that times are tough for everyone. Even a little will help. Thanks everyone and I am not in any way shape or form looking forward to the Filthy Fifty. We need to stop telling the trainers when our birthdays are.

  • Mark L.

    261 horsepower? Really? Is this the product of the best Egyptian scientific minds?
    261 horsepower converts to roughly 46.49 kcals per second.
    Assuming he has some special powers to convert unlimited fat/glycorol to ATP sources…
    The average person stores a total of 500g of glycogen in muscles plus the liver (approximately 2,000 kcals).
    He could do his max effort for about 43 seconds, total, before completely depleting his glycogen stores… maybe this explains why his midsection is so large (he’s got a super big liver!)
    If he has special powers to burn fat (3500 kcals per pound) and allocate it to his effort, somehow, he could burn 47 pounds of fat per hour… maybe this explains the love handles.
    By the way, to put it in perspective, 261 horsepower is enough to propel a 110 kg man (he’s big) 176.4 meters in the air, assuming a 0.1 second pushoff. Why rip coins in half when jumping a 58 story building would be so much more impressive?
    Personally, I think it’s alcoholism that explains the excess bodyfat and the enlarged liver (and the man’s story), but who am I? I’m no scientist.

  • Jared

    That’s funny as hell Mark. Whats up with tearing the coin with his eye though… pretty crazy.

  • Mark L.

    I did the same eye/coin trick for my daughter… then ate what was inside (this was around Halloween). YUMMY TRICK!

  • Mountain

    No rips, blisters, or new calluses from the pullups yesterday. Of course, I already have calluses everywhere hands can have calluses. Anyway, I did another 50 pullups (broken, very broken) today after the Filthy Fifty, and I can now say that 50 pullups are a lot harder than 50 jumping pullups (shocking, I know).

  • Anne

    Hey DCF,

    Thank you Everyone for joining me in the Filthy 50 today. Believe it or not, it was my first time! My time was 31 minutes and 30 seconds. Craig says I have to break 30 minutes next time.

    Hey Mark, I was cursing myself through the burpees too! I broke the jump rope on the double unders…oops! Split it right in half.

    Again, Thanks for all the birthday wishes…you don’t get this kind of love and support at any other gym.

    If it’s your birthday, I’m down to do whatever you choose.


  • sakura

    Happy Birthday, HOT MAMMA, ANNE! =]

    Rodil had asked about the cert and while I’d love to write a novel (and I probably could), Kaela is tugging at my shirt for attention. So I will say this: Attending the cert on my CF one year anniversary was amazing. I learned sooo much! I am still working to correct bad habits but at least I know what they are now….insert tennis ball, Luca! =]

    It made me wish there was something like it I could attend every few months. Everything was top notch from the training to the lectures. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about fitness and nutrition in two days. Lots of info thrown out at you in a short time but you get Journal articles sent to you prior to the cert.

    So, I highly recommend attending a cert even if you don’t plan on being a trainer. Lots of people from all over (one from Spain) and all levels of fitness and exposure to CF.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Anne’s birthday also seemed to set a new gym record. 47 people in the evening alone!

    I did the filthy at the 10am class: 31:16 with a 7 – 8 min interruption to talk to a potential new client.

    Next time. . . Next time.


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