Just about 2/3 of the stuff currently in our little “Shed”.


With a continuously running clock, complete 1 pull up the first minute, 2 pull ups the second minute, 3 pull ups the third minute. . . until you can no longer complete the required number of pull ups in the allotted minute.

Post number of rounds completed and number of pull ups finished in the last round to comments.



Robb Wolf Talks about a Charles Polquin Seminar, then comments on Mr. Polquin’s ‘article’ about CrossFit.

. . . The Case Against CrossFit

A closer look at this controversial workout program

by Charles Poliquin

“The best program is the one you’re not using,” is one of my favorite axioms. I say this because I’ve never believed that there is one perfect workout system. The high-intensity training methods of the late Arthur Jones work…for a time. Strongman training works…for at time. And weightlifting and powerlifting methods work…for a time. Variety, whether it be correcting a lack of it or too much of it, is one of the keys to making continual progress with your training and achieving your goals. And that brings up the topic of CrossFit, Inc. TM.

If you Google the words “Poliquin” and “CrossFit,” you’ll find that there has been a considerable amount of discussion about my recent comments on another website about this method of training. Although my intent was to make a few general comments about what I thought of this method of training – and throw in a few wisecracks in the process – it’s obvious that a more in-depth discussion about CrossFit is in order. So, here it is. . .

Read the complete article here.


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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    We had 47 people do the Filthy 50 WOD yesterday at Diablo Crossfit. That is amazing. There were some great times posted, and incredible efforts given. I was lucky to be part of it. Solid efforts from everyone!! Let me say that one more time, 47 people!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Check the Crossfit Games site, the information for the 2009 Affiliate Cup is on there. 4-6 people, 2 women/2 men minimum. Register and compete as a team. Let’s start planning now.

  • Craig

    47 people did the FF? Wow. Cool. Nice time by Anne who thought it would take her an hour! (31:37).

    The pic is the view that Josh and I had as we began to put everything back into the Shed! Took a lot longer than we thought.

  • Mark L.

    I took part in the easy part of removing everything from the inside of the shed… including a nice sized California Alligator Lizard that was sleeping in an old bag of sand. It almost gave Jenny V. a heart attack while she was vacuuming under the stairs (just as she was saying, “I’m so glad we don’t have mice in here… AAACK!!”)
    This morning, I did ten 100m DOWNHILL repeats on a 20% grade hill. Then, I did walking lunges back up. 20-40 seconds rest back at the top. Close to a pukie…


    Hmmmm, CP sounds like another Boyle. Craig, I think you hit the nail right on the head. For these guys, the main concern seems to be finance driven. Especially with the way the economy is looking, a relatively cheap and readilly available (or free if you train from home) protocol is quite detrimental to the survival of most trainers.

    It’s also counter-intuitive to the crap that people have been fed for years and years…and we all know that people love change.

    I’m not convinced that Darwins theory of evolution is true for the genetic adaptation and furtherance of a species. However, I do feel that it is true for Training Professionals. Either adapt to the new order or go the way of the buffalo.

  • Stavros

    Workout today at St.7: “Christine”

    Row 500
    12 Bodyweight Deadlifts(185#)
    21 Box Jumps

    3 rounds for time.

    10:40 as RX’d

    It’s a PR by about a minute, but my rowing really sucks, I think it was 1:38, 1:45, 1:50? maybe worse. Did 185# DL’s, because it’s easier than 178 or 180 to load on the bar.

  • Jenny Verschuur

    I was happily surprised when I looked at my log and realized that this was my 3rd time doing FF and each one my time was less than before! It pays to work hard. 47 people awesome!!

  • jorgy


  • Mark L.

    Me too, Josh. ;-(

  • Jeremy Jones


    That is an awesome middle name. Simply awesome.

    Mine is just “Walker”. A nice middle name, but not nearly as cool as Leroy.