081122 SATURDAY and Turkey Trot Details


The sun goes down during the 5pm class.


2 partners working as a team. 1 person works out at a time, the other provides encouragement and counts reps. You’ll want to trade off as soon as the person who is working out gets tired. Each athlete needs to get at least 5 repetitions in for each exercise each round (no “hogging the movements”)

60 double unders (share the rope if you have to)

40 push presses with 95lb or 65lb barbell

100m walking lunges with 25lb dbs or 15lb dbs

As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.

(If doing it by yourself, do half the reps/distance as many rounds as possible in 20 min).

Post number of rounds completed to comments.



Does eating Omega-3s lower violent behavior?

. . .Consider, for example, a study conducted by researchers in Finland. They tested prisoners convicted of violent crimes and found that they had lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids than ordinary, healthy subjects. Why? Omega-3’s foster the growth of neurons in the brain’s frontal cortex, the bit of gray matter that controls impulsive behavior. Having enough of these fatty acids may keep violent impulses in check. Violent criminals may not be the only ones who would benefit from more fatty acids in their diet. In a recent double-blind trial, when omega-3’s were given to people with a history of substance abuse, the symptoms of “anger” fell by 50 percent. . .

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DCF “Unofficial” Turkey Trot Details:


Date: Thu, Nov 27

Time: 8AM Meet & Greet we’ll start up the hill no later than 8:30

Place: Lafayette, Hwy 24 & Pleasant Valley Road – Briones Park SE Parking Lot*

We’ll be running to the top (and there might be a surprise or two thrown in for good measure), then walking (unless you want to run).

RSVP to the ‘comments’ link below so we know how many to plan for.


Trail Shoes (if you got ‘em)


Wrist stopwatch

*Directions: Hwy 24 to Pleasant Valley Rd Exit. North on Pleasant Valley Rd. ½ mile. Briones parking lot is on your left (no turns possible). Proceed on Pleasant Valley to stoplight at SpringHill Rd -make a U-Turn and entrance will be 100’ on the right.

Course Information: Running Map (click for course map)

This is a smooth crushed gravel 8’ wide trail with a 600’ net elevation climb over 1.13 miles. The 1st ½ mile is a gradual climb with some flat spots – a nice warm up. The 2nd half mile is laced with several steep pitches and deceptive “tops” forcing that extra push.

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  • Mark L.

    You guys are going to try and do Fran at the top, aren’t you!?
    Sorry I’ll miss this. This run trail is right in my wheelhouse (I have a similar loop trail with an almost identical climb that I run every couple weeks–for fun… the dog likes it).

  • luca z.

    It looks like fun, not sure if I’ll make it.

  • Craig

    Great workout today, JJ. I had my doubts so I did it myself at 11 with Yvonne. An ass-kicker!

    Great work to my 10AM & 11AM Class – thanks for putting up with my drill sargeant method!

    Jenny, Meg(65!pp), Amy, Gwen, Jenny V, Russell, Adam, Dave, Holly, Kristine, Lauren, Jenny P, Hector & Travis – nice work all.

    Rick and Darren did the wod too and almost hit 6 rounds!

    Finally – I’m a mean instructor for Oly work, but I was impressed with Lauren, Hector, Yvonne & Travis today. Fast learners.

  • Russell

    Any recommendations for Fish Oil? I was wondering what brand was the best…does it make a difference?

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I would say you’re going to get about 2342355 different comments on fish oil. We have some people that have done some great research.

    My suggestion? Go to Costco and get the Kirkland brand fish oil. Take 3+ a day, or 15 like JJ does. Check out Robb Wolfs blog for some more info.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Yup. 15+ a day of the Costco Kirkland brand.

    (15 pills is about 2 – 3 tablespoons, so if you take the oil directly -like “Carlsons”- you only need to take that much).


  • Mark L.

    I take the liquid in a bottle kind you get at Whole Foods (Nordic Naturals). Why? 1) It’s quicker to get a decent dose. 2) It’s cheaper (the cost of putting the oil in little capsules is passed along to the consumer).
    I think they’re all pretty much the same these days now that people are on the watch for toxic metals and such.
    Fish oil is fish oil just like lettuce is lettuce. =)

  • Jeremy Jones

    I think that Kirkland’s fish oil is much cheaper than Nordic Naturals and Carlson’s. . . Not to mention it is much easier to carry around.


  • Mark L.

    Capsules are definitely more convenient (I keep some at my desk at work). But if you compare the liquid in a bottle fish oil to the capsules, and do the math (normalized to mg of Omega-3 per dollar), you’ll see what I’m talking about. =)

  • Jason Miniello

    Please count me (Jason) in on the Thanksgiving Day workout.


  • Jason Miniello

    Please count me (Jason) in on the Thanksgiving Day workout.


  • Jenny

    Seriously considering the “Turkey Trot”, let’s see how sore I am by Wednesday!

  • Holly Casaus

    Count me in on Thursday!

  • Eric W

    Eric & Katie W are down for the punishment on T-Day… See you all there!

  • Donna and David

    Count us in for Turkey Trot!!

  • Katie W

    Unfortunately we won’t be making it now tomorrow… have fun guys!

  • Christina W

    Leah and I are in.

  • Tanya

    Count me in…

  • Dan G.

    I’ll be there.