081123 SUNDAY


Super Shannon and Super Bryan move some serious weight (Bryan has 240lbs total). That is also Jenny V with the heavy bag in the background.

Workout (originally posted August 29, 2004 on CrossFit.com):

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

95-pound Hang squat clean, 15 reps

12 Ring dips

21 Sit-ups

Post number of rounds completed to comments.


Article from Scott Kustes’ Modern Forager:

How the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K work

. . .Vitamin A is probably most well-known from your mother’s admonitions to “eat your carrots, so you can see well.” One of the many roles of vitamin A is eyesight, but this vitamin is also key for proper gene transcription, immune function, embryonic development, bone metabolism, and (Teenagers take note!) skin health and acne prevention. Vitamin A also affects the production of growth hormone and testosterone. . .

Click here for complete article.

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  • Rodil

    Friday after Thanksgiving – Do we have a normal class schedule for this day?

    By the way, the Shed’s new layout looks great, even if I don’t know where anything is located anymore. I especially like the new area above the office.

  • Jenny Verschuur

    You make my day every time I see my picture and or my name posted, It gives me a sense to accomplishment – like I am doing good in my efforts to get better !!! It is so great to be a part of such wonderful group of trainers and work out buddies I am going to miss you all so much

  • luca z.

    I’ll miss my italian speaking buddy, Jenny don’t go ;-).
    Turkey Trot, rain or shine? Couse it looks like it’s going to rain on Thursday

  • luca z.

    I’ll miss my italian speaking buddy, Jenny don’t go.
    Turkey Trot, rain or shine?

  • Jeremy Jones

    We are going to miss you too!

    Did today’s WOD with the class.

    6 rounds, but I had to stop at minute 16 to talk to a Firefighter who stopped by.