081127 “Thanksgiving” and a Birthday of sorts


Thurs: 8am at Briones Park (see Below)

Friday: 10am

Saturday: 10am

Sunday: 10am


I am not sure exactly when Diablo CrossFit was ‘conceived’ but I do know that our first post hit the “interwebs” on November 27th 2005.

I guess that would make this our 3rd Birthday!


Click Here to see a summarized progression of how we have grown!


Workout: DCF “Unofficial” Turkey Trot

Time: 8AM Meet & Greet we’ll start up the hill no later than 8:30

Place: Lafayette, Hwy 24 & Pleasant Valley Road – Briones Park SE Parking Lot*

We’ll be running to the top (and there might be a surprise or two thrown in for good measure), then walking (unless you want to run).

RSVP to the ‘comments’ link below so we know how many to plan for.


Trail Shoes (if you got ‘em)


Wrist stopwatch

*Directions: Hwy 24 to Pleasant Hill Rd Exit. North on Pleasant Hill Rd. ½ mile. Briones parking lot is on your left (no turns possible). Proceed on Pleasant Valley to stoplight at SpringHill Rd -make a U-Turn and entrance will be 100’ on the right.

Course Information: Running Map (click for course map)

This is a smooth crushed gravel 8’ wide trail with a 600’ net elevation climb over 1.13 miles. The 1st ½ mile is a gradual climb with some flat spots – a nice warm up. The 2nd half mile is laced with several steep pitches and deceptive “tops” forcing that extra push.



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Leave a comment about your first visit to The Shed.

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  • Jenny

    I am in!!! my first and last Turkey Trott

  • Jenny


    I was very moved looking at all the photos and seeing how it all became what is it today. I am glad to have been a part of the “Diablo” family and always will in my heart. No matter what gym I go to in Miami “The Shed” will always be my gym.

    Thanks for your dedication, support and encouragement!

  • Jeremy Jones

    And Sorry for the late post (it didn’t go up until about 12:30am). Finding all those photos took a while.

    I’m off to Trot.


  • Stavros @ DiabloCrossfit.com


    That was awesome!!! If anyone wants proof that Crossfit works, look at what a chub I was when I started! Haha. I figured out my ‘Crossfit Birthday’ not too long ago. December 22nd, 2006 was my first WOD. I remember showing up at 6am, freezing cold looking for some “Shed”. JJ was late, surprise, and luckily DCF’s other “member” was there, Janice. We did some crazy ring pull ups something or other that wrecked me, but I was hooked. I love this place, and am thankful to be part of it, and thankful to be friends with you all!

    I’m finishing up a 72 at work, and had 3 great days of training. Today I WOD’ed at 0615;

    1000m Row

    Ring Dips
    Push Ups

    16:57 as RX’d

    I really, really wanted to quit during JT. I almost did. Then I thought of my conversation with Craig yesterday, about quitting during a 1k row. How you want to, but just can’t. So, I kept going. Brutal 3 days; Lynne, Mr. Joshua, and JT. 1k rows everday as well. I’m looking forward to Turkey day, even though I’m at the firehouse.

    Have a great thanksgiving everyone, see you all soon!

  • brian nesmith

    Congratulations to you gentlemen. It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of people. And it didn’t just happen. You folks gave more than others would have. Thanks and keep it going!

    A lot of history in just three years!

  • Mark L.

    I thank God for finding all of you people. DCF is a great place, and while I’ve yet to have my 1 year anniversary, it has already changed my life.
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and happy birthday DCF!

  • Dan G.

    Awesome pics! My goal: to be the next Stavros!

    Sorry I flaked on the Turkey Trot this morning after RSVPing less than 12 hours earlier. Woke up sore and tired and needed a day of rest. Back at it tomorrow!

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Dan is a punk. (j/k).

    It’s okay you didn’t make it. We didn’t have enough “Turkeys” to go around.


  • Dan G.

    Okay, I felt guilty for not pushing myself this morning. So (after sleeping in ’til 10am) I did my own turkey trot. 1.5 miles uphill. Felt great. This Crossfit stuff is actually working. =) Bummed I missed out on the “Turkey” surprise!!! LOL.

  • Craig

    THAT WAS COOL!! I am so lucky to be part of this cool thing we have. This morining was the epitome of our family success. I thought 2-3 people would show and we had almost 15 – and as usual at DCF: it was a blast. Hard, but with friends, its always fun.

    I am thankful for our Diablo CrossFit Family.

  • Dustin

    Hey JJ and DCF crew awesome post! What an inspiration as we are a new affiliate and to watch you all grow is awesome. My first ‘Fran’ was at DCF and a couple of things happened. I was reintroduced to JJ (we went to college together), Craig yelled at me up and down to quit resting in the up position and then yelled something to the effect of “isn’t not breathing great?” while I thought I was going to die! Thanks for all the motivation, hope to visit you soon. Keep up the good work.
    DJ http://www.crossfitsolano.com

  • Katie W

    sorry I couldn’t make it this morning. I had a 102 degree fever last night, so I thought I should rest today. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I know I am thankful for finding CF and all the people I’ve met at the Shed!


  • jasmine

    happy thanksgiving everyone!

    Jeremy, the pictures and stories were so great to see and read! You guys and the gym have really come so far and put SO MUCH heart and soul in to it all. Your passion, interest and drive is contagious!

    The only thing I think that is missing from your time line is a picture of the first girls class!!!(and there is one from our very first day too)That was when I first got roped in (meg too and your wife to some extent) after many failed attempts of Stav encouraging me to try. It was our girls class that began to slowly change my thinking and understanding of what I could do if I tried. It is now just seven months later and I can do countless things that I never even imagined being able to do before. My perspective has changed for so many things and overall I am more confident,less intimidated, more likely to try new things, and more ok with failing AND succeeding.

    Thanks to you all for believing in me and encouraging me along the way! This place and idea is contagious… not just because of the workout method, but because of the people, the stories and the life shared together. It’s one of those things that you just can’t help but pass on.

    I am grateful for this place that has become such a steady part of life for my husband, myself and our family. Cheers to many more years of fun!!!!!

  • Jeremy Jones


    All I know is that you did a pull up plus 20lbs on Monday.

    Nuff Said.