081128 FRIDAY “Versus” and Turkey Trot round up

+++NEW SCHEDULE STARTING MONDAY! See below for details+++


Friday: 10am

Saturday: 10am

Sunday: 10am


Our “Turkey Trot” crew taking off at the beginning of the race with their “Turkeys” (Medicine balls ranging from 6 – 20 lbs).

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Workout: “Versus”

Each athlete will pick one person to compete against. While person ‘A’ runs 400m, person ‘B’ will complete as many rounds as possible of:

10 Dumbbell Thrusters (45lbs or 25lbs)

20 abmat sit ups (use dumbbells to anchor feet if desired)

When person ‘A’ returns, person ‘B’ must leave immediately to complete their next 400m run.

Each ‘opponent’ will make 4 laps. When returning from your run start back where you left off (i.e. 7 thrusters completed before running means that you would complete the next 3 before doing sit ups).

The winner of the match is the person who completes the most rounds while their opponent is running.

Post who your opponent was and number of rounds completed to comments.

(If you don’t have a partner, you can compete against yourself by timing your runs, then doing as many rounds as possible in the time you did your first run in after each lap).


New Schedule:

We have added some new class times as well as modified some class times. Please note the primary differences:

-There is now class EVERY WEEKDAY at 9:30 and 10:30am.

-Evening Classes are ON THE HOUR.

-Sundays are “BRING YOUR FRIENDS” day. Sundays are free to all people looking to get started in CrossFit. So it is a great time to bring a friend!

-Muay Thai Kickboxing is open to all DCF members (no extra charge for Muay Thai)!


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  • Jenny Verschuur

    I might have to come from Miami next year just to do the Turkey Trot, it was a lot of fun and no drill sergeants today!!!

  • Stavros @ DiabloCrossfit.com

    Hmm, Jan 1st, Mountain 2nd…

    Strong work guys. I’m not going to say it would have been different if I was there, but, I’m looking forward to next year. Great times! Dinner at the firehouse was fun, I heart Yams.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I heart yams too.


  • Darren

    I heart first in Structure fires after a long day of eating.

  • Mark L.

    “…and no drill sergeants today”

    Jenny, I assume this is your way of saying, “Mark wasn’t there”. =)

    Have fun at your big party next week. I’ll think of you guys as I’m having my picture taken with my daughter and Ariel at Disneyland!

    I’m at work, today, so I’ll miss you all at the WOD again… seems like forever since I’ve seen people. Funny how “missing time at the gym” is impacting my happiness… I heart DCF.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Oh yeah, my time was 17:09 (I think).


  • Craig

    Did Mr. Joshua (5rnds 400mr / 30GHD su / 15 DLs 250lbs) with Darren today at The Shed at 4. Brutal little wod. He was faster on the 400m runs and GHD situps, but I’d catch up on the Deadlifts ..until round 4 when he ran out of the Shed and I had 8 DLs left. Humiliated and alone, I slowly grinded thru and finished a couple minutes behind.

    Great wod.

  • Danny Pate

    The new schedule looks awesome! Can’t wait to get back into it, I should be back soon. Just working on getting this career thing started so I can afford it again. 🙂