081130 SUNDAY “Helen”


Julie, Paula, Katy and Jasmine do Fran. . . (and it’s alright Katy, Fran makes most of the veterans cry too).

Workout: “Helen”

3 rounds for time.

400m run

21 kettlebell swings 1.5 pood or 54lbs

12 pull ups

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Researchers identify a potentially ‘universal’ mechanism of aging

Oberdoerffer found that a primary function of sirtuin in the mammalian system was to oversee patterns of gene expression (which genes are switch on and which are switch off). While all genes are present in all cells, only a select few need to be active at any given time. If the wrong genes are switched on, this can harm the cell. (In a kidney cell, for example, all liver genes are present, but switched off. If these genes were to become active, that could damage the kidney.) As a protective measure, sirtuins guard genes that should be off and ensure that they remain silent. To do this, they help preserve the molecular packaging—called chromatin—that shrink-wraps these genes tight and keeps them idle. . .

. . .”We then began wondering what would happen if we put more of the sirtuin back into the mice,” says Oberdoerffer. “Our hypothesis was that with more sirtuins, DNA repair would be more efficient, and the mouse would maintain a youthful pattern gene expression into old age.”

That’s precisely what happened. Using a mouse genetically altered to model lymphoma, Oberdoerffer administered extra copies of the sirtuin gene, or fed them the sirtuin activator resveratrol, which in turn extended their mean lifespan by 24 to 46 percent. . .

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  • jorgy

    DCF month of girls and heroes starts tomorrow. It is a little competition that has very simple rules. Because we go through the year in crossfit and mostly make up our own WODs or do the Crossfit WOD we neglect to do all of the “girls and heroeos” throughout the year. so if you would like to participate the rules are such:
    1. It must be a named girl or hero(Fran/Josh)/ not a CF benchmark(15BWOHSquats/RUTMAN MILE)
    2. You must complete it as RX to put it on the record board
    3. You must do the WOD RX if you are fully capable/ Full range of motion no matter what
    4. You must come within 1 minute of your PR on the workout or you will be forced into a three day rest period because of overtraining
    5. No more than two WODs a day
    6. In order to be #1 on the record board someone from DCF needs to witness the WOD
    7. You can do WODs outside of DCF, and count for the competition but not the record board.
    8. Log your workout and time, these will be handy for future references
    9. If your pee turns dark or tea colored you are disqualified because you have rhabdo and you need dialysis immediately.
    10. Have fun, be safe and dont be a dick if someone calls you out because you didnt do the WOD right or you did some stupid workout and called it a “benchmark.” Don’t expect it to be easy because it really isnt, we have a lot of strong competitors this year and it is anyone’s game.

    But always remember who created and won the first DCF “Girls and Heroes Competition” and the guy who is front runner in this years’ competition as well. Good luck and God speed everyone we have a month of work to do.

  • Herm@CF Los Altos, CA

    Great WOD today! “Helen” always makes me queasy!

    Stavn and Darren, thanks for pushing me. You guys are BEASTS~!

  • Mountain

    Hey everyone,

    I’m down in L.A. for my sister’s wedding, so I got to visit another box, Valley CrossFit, in Van Nuys. We did a dead-hang pullup ladder (10 minutes plus 8 in the 11th minute), then did a workout called the “SF Crippler”– apparently, they got it from the crew at SF CrossFit:

    30x bodyweight back squats
    1000m row

    For time. I got 6:26. I know there are people at the shed who can go sub-6. I’m curious if anyone can pull off a sub-5. If there’s anyone who can rep out 30 straight BW squats, it should be doable.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I missed Herm!

    Damn. I am gone for one Sunday, and a record number of people come for the Sunday class.


  • Craig

    Damn, Josh, do we have to?? I’m so sore right now, I can’t even think about it…well maybe a little. Hmm, Karen tomorrow?

  • jorgy

    Ya I am gonna be doing it. if no one else joins its all good. i’ll do my 62 WODs by myself and call it a good month.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    If Karen is the WOD tomorrow… I’m debating on whether or not I should attend. I think I might have shed a few tears while doing that workout at the BGDC Challenge… 😉

  • Rodil

    62 WODs? Do that many different Girls/Hero WODs exist or can you repeat a WOD during December?

  • jorgy

    the only way to repeat is to do all of the other girls and heroes first. so we’ll find out how many actually exist soon enough

  • Craig

    By the way, this is the same challenge last December that preceded a series of colds, flus and other illnesses for the next 5 months for me. Uggh.

    And great rules.

    Don’t be suckered into this challenge unless you’re ready physically. This is not necessarily a healthy fitness event – although it’ll test your stamina.

    And its fun to watch!

  • Carry

    This will be great! There are a few of the ‘girls’ Wods I’ve never even tried….so this will be the perfect opportunity 🙂
    Time to start eating better and getting plenty of rest.