081202 TUESDAY


Rodil, Stavros, Herm from CrossFit Los Altos, and Darren enjoy some post “Helen” beer on Sunday.


And now Herm (a certified badass doing Helen with a 20lb weight vest and 70lb kb) will now also be known as “Quads”.


Power Clean

3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Touch the floor and go between reps (no resting with the bar on the floor). Go as heavy as possible. Post loads to comments.

Coach Rip discusses the bar position during the jump:



More wisdom from “The IF Life”: Things your personal trainer won’t tell you

“Having been a trainer myself for years and years I can tell you that I have met some great smart trainers, and some I’m not even sure how they got certified. Most people seem to trust their trainers 100% when it comes to advice on how to get into shape, yet isn’t the information only as good as the source it comes from. Some trainers may have a Masters in exercise physiology, some may have no formal background in fitness. While a degree is one thing, experience and the ability to get results is another. Much like a nutritionist who went to school to learn about nutrition, yet may also tell you to follow the food pyramid, eat 10 servings of grains all day and eating 6x a day is the best way to speed up your metabolism (which we already know is not true from the posts about the science of meal frequency Part I and Part II). Trainers are also in the business of training, so there is incentive to keeping people around month after month. So here are some things that you may not be getting from your trainer….but need to know. . .”

Read the complete article here.

Post thoughts to comments (and notify me immediately if and DCF trainer commits these offenses. -jj)

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  • Craig

    Excellent article, JJ. More reasons why we’re doing this.

    The video is MANDATORY for anyone doing cleans or power cleans! Lift from the ground to the middle/upper thigh – aim for that spot everytime before beginning the second pull (the jump).

    Herm is a badass.

    Two bald guys standing together always look like brothers or members of the same gang.

  • Bryan Stornetta

    Hey Everyone. I have a Scott Road bike that I no longer need and I wanted to see if any of you were interested. It is a Scott Speedster S Frame with a carbon front fork and so on. If you are interested shoot me an email off list and I will send a full description and pics or just bring it to the gym. Thanks.

  • Darren

    That was 30 seconds after I just PR’ed Helen. I Grabbed a beer and posed for the pic. But I am not sure why I look like I am having a Stroke.

    And yes me and Herm are part of Gang. Bald and Beautiful, Brown Banditos.


    Be afraid.

  • sakura


  • Jenny Verschuur

    Hi everyone hope you have a great work out today! Thanks for the hard work yesterday it was awesome to see everyone share with me my last work out for now I’ll be in touch and check up on all you DCFitters!! Love and Peace

  • Shannon Stornetta

    PR’d Grace by over two minutes: 4:11…. and was also conned into doing the Girls and Hero’s Competition…. 😉 I had to laugh because I remember a few months ago when Carry was helping me with my cleans and I couldn’t even do 95lbs! I’m also proud of my husband… Bryan PR’d Grace with a 3:58!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Shannon. . . it was the “NO Explode” for sure. Remember to tell me how y’all slept tonight.


  • uhhimu