081203 WEDNESDAY “Fran”


‘Hardway’ coaches Holly during her last Fight Gone Bad experience (and no, this was not a posed picture).



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster


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Article from Scott Kustes at Modern Forager:

What are Advanced Glycation End products:

“A reader sent in a question about Advanced Glycation End-Products, or AGEs. He basically wanted to know what they are, how they’re formed, and how the body deals with them. In this post, I’ll attempt to answer that question to see what this tells us about what to eat and how to prepare it. . . “

Read entire article here.

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  • Shannon Stornetta

    I actually slept pretty hard last night. Drinking a 6-pack of sugar-free Red Bulls on night shifts over a couple years increases ones tolerance to caffeinated beverages!

  • carry

    Fran…gotta love her.

  • Mark L.

    No access to any weights down here (just a park with playground), but I’m going to try Fran subbing HSPU for Thrusters in the same 21-15-9 config and see how it goes.
    I’ll run to and from to make up for the complete lack of legs in my workout alteration.

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit

    I will be WOD’ing at Crossfit Santa Cruz today, 5ish. Already scared and nervous of Fran and I have 8 hours to go!

  • Herm@CF Los Altos, CA

    You guys are great! LOL

    The quads are leftover from bodybuilder stuff…I hope at least some of it is functionally carried over to Crossfit. Thank God I used to squat and deadlift back then! 🙂

    I’m 95% sure I will start driving home (Tacoma) on the morning of the 23rd, so that puts me in your neck-o-the-woods around 10-11 AM. As it gets closer, I’ll give confirmation. I had a blast last time and I would love to get a tough WOD right before I drive up to WA.

    See ya soon!


  • Mark L.

    Sorry I missed (didn’t meet) you, Herm!
    Did my park Fran on a fat fat bar in a kids playground after a short 1 mile run (jog) to the park.

    21-15-9 Irvine Playground Fran
    Pullups, HSPU against a pole
    7:30 (7:35 if you found the final handstand)

    Did six 30m sprints with a 100m recovery run on grass, afterwards. Then I had a 1 mile cooldown run home.

  • Craig

    Great park wod, Mark. Thats the beauty of CrossFit.

  • Carry

    Wow…Shannon….I mean Super Shannon,

    4:11 on Grace? I was planning on trying that one this month. Haven’t done a clean & jerk since that day we were working on them.

    I’ll try & wait for a day you are there. I’ll need someone yelling at me.

  • Carry

    By the way….thanks to Mo this morning. He couldn’t do Fran because of a torn peck but I think he got a work out just yelling at me the whole way through…:) Didn’t PR (5 sec off) but it was good enough for the girls/heros board.

  • Shannon

    I can’t imagine what you’re going to post on Grace, Carry… the 95lbs felt so light! And you were cleaning that weightlong before I ever could ! I’m definitely in support of Girls/ Heros cheering sections… count me in… my schedule’s weird this month- so I’ll mostly be there in the evenings/ weekends…