081208 MONDAY “Isabel”


Our very own Stavros representing at CrossFit NSC in Scotts Valley

Workout: “Isabel”

Snatch 30 reps for time (135lbs is Rx’ed, but a weight should be used that can be handled properly).

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Article from Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple

New links between exercise and cancer.

“. . . And, as the Swedish medical school Karolinska Institutet so bluntly put it, exercise “cuts cancer death in men,” too. The Swedish researchers examined some forty thousand men of varying ages for seven years. Of that group, around 3700 developed cancer; 1,153 died from it. For those cancer patients who also walked or cycled for at least thirty minutes a day, the survival rate increased 33% against those who didn’t exercise at all. An extensive (60 to 90 minutes a day) exercise program was even shown to reduce the incidence of cancer by 16%. . .”

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Great WOD that day at NSC.


    Clean & Jerk, 185#
    100m Sprints

    rest between reps.

  • carry

    Isabel this morning with my girl Donna 🙂
    I did 8:54 #75lbs (no idea what the RX weight would be)
    Donna did 6:09 #45lbs (first time ever doing snatches!!!)

  • Mark L.

    Based on all the discussion of the past few days, I’ve decided to “quit” caffeine for a couple weeks for starters. I am feeling a little slow this morning. =)

    As for the cancer article, I feel the increase in survival rate during treatment with exercise is a significant finding (I was a crazy man on the stationary bike during high dose chemotherapy in 1999, myself). However, I always have doubts about studies of the other kind (looking back at people with certain histories, looking for illness patterns and drawing simplified conclusions from them).

    Many factors with health are “linked” factors. Show me a group of people that exercise regularly, and I’ll show you people who generally sleep more, eat better food, have less stress, have more healthy body composition, drink more water, abuse their body less with drugs and alchohol, probably supplement with vitamins, probably have better personal relationships, and because of ALL those things, they GET SICK LESS.

    Can we look at the data and say simply “people who exercise more get sick less” based on all that (the obvious implied conclusion is that exercise kills cancer)? Hmmm…

    I would say the person’s attitude and, generally, the degree to which they are deliberate about caring for themselves is the key factor in avoiding cancer (exercise being more of a symptom among many than a single cause for improved health). In addition, their better attitude towards themselves probably flows to other people, and that can’t be forgotten in the scheme of personal health, either.

  • Jared

    Good point Mark. The bottom line is that epidemiological studies are NOT all that useful in research where there are multiple factors that cannot be controlled, your example being a good one. Because there are multiple factors, it leaves the results “open to interpretation” which leaves a huge void that is injected with whatever bias the researchers had going in to the study. Anyone who thinks there is no bias in these studies needs to consider the fact that the studies are almost ALWAYS funded by organizations and businesses that have a preconceived outcome that they are seeking to support (i.e. we already know it is such and such, so lets prove it now). This approach flies right in the face of the scientific method, which I know you are so fond of.

  • Craig


    As Coach Glassman is fond of pointing out often, correlation does not equal causation.

    Good points, Mark. Interested to hear more about your chemo stint.

    On a much lighter note, Stav: how many pairs of steel grey board shorts do you own?

  • Mark L.

    Stav never changes his shorts. Changing clothes is for wussies!

  • Mountain

    Tying together today’s two main threads, where I can I get me some steel grey board shorts? I see a very strong correlation between the wearing of steel grey board shorts and some damn fine (Jorgy-esque, even) performances on the WODs. Causation, though? That’s another story.

  • Shannon

    I just finished an advanced stats and research design class…. so we can use some software I have to run a correlation coefficient on steel gray board shorts and increased performence. Or just run some simple t-tests to see if people who wear them have, on average, higher scores on WODS than those who don’t…. 😉

    Carry- I have no idea what the girls’ RX is for the snatch workout… but I’m hoping I can even get that much weight up over my head while doing a snatch- let alone the whole workout in under 10 minutes… Props to you and Donna for tearing it up!

  • Carry

    Shannon, I have no doubt you will do this WOD in under 10 min…I wasn’t going for speed, I was trying to have good form so I could show Donna what it’s supposed to look like. Out of 30 reps, I maybe did 5 that looked/felt ok. Definately need to work on snatches. Should do Randy…75 Snatches…that’ll be good practice. When are you coming to a morning class?

  • Jenny Verschuur

    Hi everyone!!! so I am finally in Miami and just went to CF after one week of no WO. They had scheduled murph but I could only muster the energy to do a half. Besides it was awefull, there is no place like HOME!!! I did most of the WO on my own the 3 other people were in their own little world and I missed Meg a lot, I rearly worked out without her. So I was on my run and I ate a gnat!! ah at that moment I knew I was not in my beautiful Walnut Creek anymore but in Florida. Anyway guys I just wanted to keep you updated on things MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!! Love, peace and DCF rocks

  • jorgy

    the RX girl’s weight for isabel is 95# if i am not mistaken. It seems that when the men’s weight is 135 the women’s is 95.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Jackie tonight at the station, right before dinner, and right after eating some peanut butter(read: mistake).

    1000m Row
    50 Thrusters(45#)
    30 Pull Ups

    7:49 as RX’d

    I almost threw up in my mouth during the row…gross. Oh, and I had my grey shorts on for whoever cares, and apparently, many people care! Haha.

  • Mountain

    Has everyone seen the main site? Tragic, horrible news.

  • Jenny Verschuur

    Stav, I do not know is worse in the gross scale eating a gnat or throw up…..lol

  • Craig

    Isabel at the Shed today. 4:25 (Power Snatch).

    Failed on the last rep 3x before I realized I needed to squat a bit deeper. Could have easily been sub 4. Next time: sub 3.

    Saw the mainpage, Mountain. No words. Live life to the fullest as often as you can.