081209 TUESDAY “Michael”


Oh yes. A new “Shed” is coming. . .January 1st.

Workout: “Michael”

3 rounds for time.

800m run

50 back extensions

50 sit ups

Post time to comments.


DCF Exclusive! Article From Diablo CrossFit’s own Mark Lind:

After the couple weeks ago’s posting on fish oil and cod liver oil, I happened to be at both Whole Foods and Costco in the same day. I also happened to have a pen and paper handy, so I decided to see about pricing of fish oil. Things to consider when doing comparisons… since Fish Oil is not a “drug”, there is no standard “dose” like there is with something like Ibuprofin, so you can’t compare “per serving” on different labels. In addition, some fish oil is purified to remove most of the non Omega-3 elements. This makes total volume of fish oil an invalid comparison (some fish oil has more Omega-3 per ml than others).

When reading labels for comparison purposes, it’s important to normalize to the amount of EPA, DHA and “other” Omega-3s you get per serving, then calculate: the total servings in the container multiplied by the total omega-3 per serving to get grams of Omega-3 in the container you are buying. Divide the price for the container by this number to come up with the omega-3 per dollar figure.

Another thing to consider when comparing prices is the “fish burp” element. I have been paying up and taking high grade liquid fish oil for several months (I drink it straight–the fancy lemon flavored stuff), and I have never had a fish burp. I have heard that cheaper oils (both liquid and capsules) have a higher fish burp component to them. You can also purchase enteric coated capsules so the fish oil doesn’t get let out until it passes your stomach (making fish burps impossible since burps come from your tummy). I am not sure if enteric coating interferes with absorption, however (anyone seen any studies on this?)

Lastly, consider the convenience factor. Transporting and keeping capsules around is very handy, although there’s a big difference between taking 17 capsules per day and taking 5 per day (to get your 5g Omega-3 per day we’ll use as a reference).

All that said, here are the numbers…


Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    Cool pics. Mark, you’re hilarious, and I’m thrilled you’re on our team! I love the Diablo theme Xcel.

    Stav the miser is going to love that spreadsheet. I confess that I read it thoroughly too. My wife knows her bargains – Kirkland has been her pick for fish oil.

  • brian nesmith

    JJ, you sold out!

    Seriously, congrats on the new box. I have two college wrestlers to bring out and show what a real gym looks like.

    Great job on the fish oil chart. I do the Kirkland like candy. My daughter eats them as a treat.

  • Jenny Verschuur

    JJ, I am so jelous I can’t be there for the “grand move/opening” Please keep the pics on the website so I can stay updated. Miss you guys so much!!! I did a half a Murph yesterday and while running ate a gnat!!, uh not in beautiful CA anymore…. Please give my love to Jax and Jamie, and the rest

  • Shannon

    Carry… I’d LOVE to get to an am class- my work schedule just sucks right now… I really miss our power lifting sessions with Luca at the 9am classes! Ps- Meg Rosten has a new nickname: Strong Meg. She killed the workout last night (30 snatches- each rep followed by an overhead squat) with 65lbs!

  • luca z.

    Can’t wait for the next box to open, bummed that I won’t be there for the very first WOD. Nice piece Mark, you could be a journalist for some health magazine :-). Shannon you have been missed too in the morning, I hope your schedule is going to change soon, yes Brian I miss you too as well!!!

  • Mark L.

    I thought I’d leverage my anal-retentiveness learned on the buy side of Wall Street for more healthful purposes. 😎
    I’m looking forward to Michael, today (fueled by fish oil).

  • Travis H


    Is 5g the recommended amount of Omega-3s to get in a day? Does this take in how much you get in your normal diet?

    I have been taking fish oil and cod liver oil as I told that it is better to take both rather just one or the other. Your take?

    Link to robb wolf article (http://robbwolf.com/?p=87) talking about omega 3s

    BTW the fancy lemon flavored cod liver oil is the way to go. No fishy burps or aftertaste and you can take it straight. I would rather take 5 capsules than choke down 17.

    Good stuff Mark!

  • sakura

    Wassup, DCF? Let us know if you need help with the move. Ed’s got a truck to haul and I’m at home with Kaela until about 2p during the week and am open in the afternoons on weekends. Shoot, I’ll even help with sweeping or whatever. =]

    Hope all is well. The cold is no joke these days! I nearly froze to death at the gym in FF yesterday. Did the squat/muscle up WOD yesterday (sub pull ups and ring dips). 21:26. Though, the last set of pull ups I had to resort to using a band because my hands tore twice, I got “ring burn” on my forearms and my arms were just shot.

  • Carry

    A year ago….if someone asked me about fish oil I would have thought it was something you put in your hair to make it shiny.

    Shannon….yes Meg is very strong….secret strong. I did strict presses with her one day and she blew me away! AND it was her first time.

    Thanks to Jorgy for the clarification on Isabel…I had a feeling it was #95Lbs because the correlation with Grace. Men is #135Lbs & Women is #95Lbs. I will have to give that one another try. I’m sure it will take me at least twice as long IF I can even do it >:|

  • Mark L.

    5g is what I use as a reference to how much I supplement (and as a basis for the comparitive math in the spreadsheet). I’ve seen 1g, 3g and 5g mentioned for supplementation. Note that Eskimos eat 7g – 10g per day in their primarily fish diet (and they were the ones that started this whole buzz down here in heart attack land).
    As you mention, there are lots of foods that are rich in Omega-3s, also. Eat more of those, and you’ll have less need of supplementation, of course. The Inuit people get their 10g per day right off the land (and as a bonus, they get their crossfit done on the way to their Omega-3s).

  • Mike Erickson

    Mark: Great stuff! I’ve heard it’s important to take Vit E w/ fish oil to prevent oxidation?

    What is the location of the new shed? I have many fond memories of the old shed, esp. the saturday “SEAL” workouts w/ Jorgy…

  • Craig

    Sakura, did you forget the DCF “COLD” RULE?

    10 Burpees for complaining about the “cold.”

    You can pay up on your visit to our new place. Thanks for your offer!

  • Jared

    Damn, Craig beat me to it! Actually, when I was at the shed last night I saw it on the board and laughed… and asked Jeremy who wrote it. He said “guess.” I didn’t need more than one guess.

    Oh, and to answer Mike… yes, it can help. If you look on the ingredients of most high quality fish oils you will see that natural vitamin E has already been added in to prevent oxidation of the product during manufacturing and for shelf stability. But, it is always a good idea to take some vitamin E along with your fish oil in my opinion…

  • Mountain

    Observed and assisted for the first time today at Luca’s 10:30 class. Rodil and a couple of newbies– Crista and Christine– who had studly performances and great attitudes. Hopefully, we’ll see them again soon. Somewhere along the way, the idea of Rodil doing Fran or Helen in a tuxedo got passed around.

    As for me, 70 chest-to-bar pullups in sets of 10, and a PR in Annie. The PR was easy, since I’ve never done Annie before. When I get to the point that my situps don’t suck (give me a few months), I’m going to be dangerous on this one.

  • luca z.

    Yeah the tuxedo Fran, one of the options was spray painted on tuxedo ;-), who’s volunteering for that one, eheheh. Thanks for your help today Mountain, I watched you do your Pull-Ups those were picture perfect, you’re already a force to be reckon with at the Shed, are you considering competing in the games next year?

  • Mark L.

    I think we’d all agree that among the men, the Adonis among us (Craig) would probably look best in the spraypaint. I’m getting ideas for a compulsory birthday WOD for someone… and at 6am when it’s 35 degrees!

  • EricFromOneWorld

    Hey if you are worried about fish burps then put them in the fridge or freezer, I dont get fish burps by doing this, I am used to taking in 20g a day, it is funny charles poliquin advised along time ago (98) using a mega dose of fish oil and just within the last few years the powers that be in crossfit are advocating it.
    I always tell people I think crossfit is great but also dont be afraid to look outside the box (pardon the pun)

  • Mountain

    I’d love to compete in the ’09 Games, Luca. I think I can qualify for them, though I wouldn’t expect to make any noise at the Games themselves. Maybe in 2010.

    In the meantime, I want: sub-5 Fran; sub-8 Helen, Jackie, and Annie; sub-20 Angie and Filthy; and sub-30 Murph. Oh yeah, and my first muscle up. I guess that’s my Christmas wish list.

  • Stavros

    After a night at work with little sleep, I double-WOD’d today…go figure.

    1000m Row



    Pitiful performance all around. Double-unders regressed, wall balls ate me up. Oh well, it happens.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Did a double WOD today as well.

    JT – 8:31 (maybe a gym record, and a 1 min PR)

    Annie – 5:54 (1.5 min PR).

    For JT the HSPUs were head to abmat (for padding), and using the legs to kip. Ring dips were kipping as well.

    Interestingly, after JT my arms were so fried, it made doing ‘kipping’ sit ups hard.

    Eric – You are absolutely right. We need to keep our minds open. Although I will say that CF has been promoting fish oil as long as I have been doing it (since 2003), maybe sooner.


  • Mark L.

    HSPU man is coming for your record (sans the kip), JJ.

  • jorgy

    sorry jj rick has done a sub 8 jt and i counted all of his reps. even though he is not with us now he did do the wod while at dcf and while he was still officially a diablo.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I didn’t think so, but I didn’t see any record of it.

    NEW RULE – if it isn’t written down somewhere, it doesn’t count. (DCF website, logs it all, your own log book, etc).

    And at the new gym: If it isn’t written down on a whiteboard with a date, it doesn’t count.

    I am tired of people saying “‘so and so’ did it in ‘sub whatever’ a few months ago”. . . but if you can tell me “Rick got an 8:57 on July 23rd”. . .that is acceptable.


  • Rick

    7:45 on may 15th, 2008
    ab-mat for pad

  • jorgy


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Rick… you are the ONE hah! BTW, nice C&J’s at CF Santa Clara the other day, you’re still a stud.

  • Jeremy Jones


    THAT is what I am talking about!


  • brian nesmith

    Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Candlestick