081214 SUNDAY “Erin”


A couple of months ago Jasmine couldn’t do a single pull up. Now she is a pull up machine.

Workout: “Erin”

Five rounds for time:

Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps (40lbs is Rx’ed)

21 Pull-ups

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Mis-Judged study:

“‘Low Carb’ diets can affect dieter’s cognition skills”

“. . .Low-carb dieters showed a gradual decrease on the memory-related tasks compared with the low-calorie dieters. Reaction time for those on the low-carb diet was slower and their visuospatial memory was not as good as those on the low-calorie diet. However, low-carb dieters actually responded better than low-calorie dieters during the attention vigilance task . . .

. . .The hunger-rating did not vary between participants on a low-carb diet and those on a low-calorie diet. The only mood difference between dieters was confusion, which was higher for low-calorie dieters during the middle of the study.

“Although this study only tracked dieting participants for three weeks, the data suggest that diets can affect more than just weight,” says Taylor. “The brain needs glucose for energy and diets low in carbohydrates can be detrimental to learning, memory and thinking.” . . .”

Click here for complete article.

It is just great how the “sure” the article is, considering it was 19 women, for three weeks, and the results were pretty mixed (low carb had higher attention and less confusion, but weaker memories and reactions?). I guess we will also have to wait until Feb 2009 to see the actual calorie numbers and macro nutrient breakdowns. -jj

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  • Mountain

    70 pullups in 2:57, including the first 42 in a row (new PR). First 42 took just over a minute, the last 28 took nearly two minutes. Itching to do either Angie or Murph.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Did FGB this morning at SRFD St.5 with some co-workers. Not a PR for me, but the 3 guys that did it with me got between 220-240, not bad for all their first FGB’s!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Great Class today. We had 16 people do “Erin” at least 8 people doing it Rx’ed (women using 25s and men using 45s).

    JJ – 12:27 (about 40s longer than last time, but I did go to an Xmas party last night.

    Bryan S killed it with 11:40. I don’t know what Chris got, but he nailed it too.

    Bonus to Strong Meg, Jasmine, and Chris for doing their kipping pull ups on a rain soaked bar!


  • Craig

    Jaz has the awesome “Santa Cruz” kip – it looks effortless.

    Tough wod. 45lbs – 18:33. My pull ups are a mess since I’ve tried switching to butterfly kip. Back to basics for me.