081219 FRIDAY “GI Jane”


Judy and George kicking ass in the 0600 class.

Workout: “GI Jane”

100 “Burpee Pull Ups” for time

A “Burpee Pull Up” is performed by kicking the legs back and dropping down into a push up position, completing a push up, bringing the feet back to the starting position, standing up, jumping to do a pull up.

-Chest must hit the floor each rep or it doesn’t count.

-Chin must go over bar every time or it doesn’t count.

-Bar must be at least 6″ above your outstretched fingers at your furthest reach (heels down).

Post time to comments.

Video: Greg Amundson does “GI Jane” in 10:17



A Stroke Against Autism – Exercise Can Play a Big Part in Curbing Symptoms of Autism and Similar Disorders

“. . . Exercise helps many children with autism spectrum disorders – a term that encompasses various degrees of autism – cope in other ways, medical experts say. Aerobic activity can lengthen an autistic child’s attention span, improve behavior and foster friendships with other kids.

A team of researchers at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center at Rutgers State University of New Jersey studied the effect of jogging and walking on a 5-year-old autistic boy.

After jogging, the boy showed much less self-stimulation – which can take many forms including rocking, hand-clapping or biting. The effect diminished after 40 minutes, though his behavior remained better than before his exercise.

“The exercise had to be intense,” center director Sandra Harris said. “It was the vigorous impact of the activity that seemed to make the difference.”. . .”

Click here for complete article

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  • Mountain

    I’m so happy to see GI Jane! It’s like an early Christmas present!

  • sarah

    Me too! Thanks JJ! Ill be cursing you half way thru!

  • Jeremy Jones

    You guy’s asked for it!

    It was a good suggestion. Jan (as well as many others) have noticed the volume of leg work lately, so I figured this would be a nice break from anything too heavy on the legs.

    I am so thoughtful. . .


  • Moises G.

    Man this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot do this WOD, this makes the healing process hard. Oh well, I shall improvise or do another WOD. Sounds like fun though

  • Jenny Verschuur

    Today I am glad I am not there, not because I do not want to see you guys and WO with, but Pull Up Burpees????? and 100!!! No way Jose, haha. Besides I had so much wine last night my head would explode. Have a great day and MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!

  • Andrew

    This WOD doesn’t look fun….I’ll be there at 1030

  • Adam

    Hey JJ, GI Jane looks intense, but whats with ruining my ego with this Greg Anderson video? Now I can’t take my shirt off during the workout… That dude is ripped out of his mind.

  • Craig

    This was a grinder at 0600h. I haven’t led this class in a long time – they’re a tough crew. From George telling me to hurry up and start the class to Nancy reppin’ out the burpees we had fun on this.

    We re-named the wod: “To Hell with Mountain & Sarah!”

    Good subs:

    Burpee into a jumping pull-up
    Burpees plus band pull ups (10 burpees then 10 band pull ups x 10)

    Nancy & I finished at 20:38sh
    Marnie & George finished at 23:10sh
    Michelle finished at 27sh and then ran 800m!

    Thanks for the push this morning gang!

  • Craig

    By the way, Judy has fantastic KB form in that pic: looking forward, flat back, hips (ass) back!

  • Mark L.

    Judy is a great student. What a HUGE transformation from back when she could barely do an air squat to full depth, and was doing pushups on a box almost in a vertical position! Who says Crossfit is just for people who are already x-treem athletes?
    Mo, great call on not doing percussive negative movements directly onto a torn muscle. =)
    Heading up to the mountains this weekend to a house that’s mostly buried in snow. I plan on doing a lot of jumprope activities in the garage for my WODs. Maybe I can cross that Annie off my 2008 goals list?

  • Yvonne

    Sarah sorry to have missed your classes this week. I was looking forward to doing GI Jane with you today. I am sooo sick. This one sneaks up on you, dizzy, muscle soreness, very weak and feeling like you want to throw up.

  • Andrew

    First time meeting GI Jane for me, wasn’t as bad as I was thinking. I finally got my blisters! One on each hand, they both ripped at about 60.

    I finish in 18:41

  • sarah

    Yvonne- just get well. Sometimes we push ourselves when we’re sick and our illness lingers longer. We’ll be waiting for you to come back and dominate!

    GI Janes on the rings(which sucked!!) 20:20
    Darren just kept yelling at me to beat Craig. Hahahaha!

  • Mountain

    “dizzy, muscle soreness, very weak and feeling like you want to throw up.”

    I don’t know, Yvonne, that just sounds like a WOD.

    Speaking of, GI Jane was awesome. I couldn’t keep up with Stav (11:09) or Darren (12:59), but I did PR by over six minutes (15:33).

    And now, in best Jimmy Stewart voice: “Merry Christmas, you wonderful old shed!”

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    GI Jane today with the 0930 class, first time doing this WOD, it’s a good one. Used the pull up bar near the bathroom, it’s about 8″ reach from my reach.

    11:09 as RX’d

  • Miles

    Burpee pull ups? Now you guys are just making sh*t up. What’s tomorrow – thruster double unders? That wasn’t a suggestion…

  • Carry

    I was in SF all day yesterday so I tried out Lalane Fitness….Very nice people and very instructional. We did Lynne & got some great instruction on heavy thrusters. I hope a few of those guys can pay us a visit 🙂 I told them how much fun we have and how hard we work.

  • Mountain

    No, Miles, burpee muscle ups is just making sh*t up. Inverted burpees is just making sh*t up (but in a strangely fun way).

    Thruster double unders are ridiculous, by the way, but box jump thrusters… that’s some good stuff.

  • Craig

    Oh, Miles.. you know you want to try them.

  • Miles

    I have something to admit… that might have been my favorite WOD yet. Cindy was my first girl though, so I have to remain loyal.

  • Jeremy Jones


    Realized at about rep 60 that I don’t need to do the negative of the pull up (just let go at the top). I was also jumping, hanging, and doing a kipping pull up. It is better to jump right into the pull up.