081227 SATURDAY “Nicole”


Luca starts the clock and Darren is already talking trash to Rick (Kevin in the background takes the opportunity to get a head start).

Workout: “Nicole”

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

Run 400m

Max rep pull ups

Post reps completed each round to comments.


Article from Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple:

“The many uses of almond meal”

“As you might recall from our pie and cracker recipes, and Son of Grok’s pizza recipe we like to use almond flour or almond meal as a foundation for Primal baking. It has a similar consistency to traditional flours (albeit denser and heavier), forms good batter with eggs and other fats, and it gives whatever you’re making a nice nutty quality. Almond meal is also fairly taste-neutral; it has a distinct nutty taste that coincidentally works well with many food combinations. So just what is almond meal (or almond flour, for that matter)? . . “

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mountain

    Nicole? My favorite WOD? The day after after I do FGB, Jackie (w/ you), and 70 additional pullups? You know how to hurt a man, Jeremy.

  • Mark L.

    OK, dude. I did 6000m of max speed repeats at 8pm, and you’re complaining, Mountain?
    This is clearly a WOD made for you and me.
    See you at 10am! I just hope Rhodes doesn’t show up, or you and I will have to work.

  • luca z.

    Greetings from the old country, cold as heck here (I’ll do my burpees) funny how things are, we did’t have access to a computer for 2 days decided to do crossfit and did the 400m sprints wod and I found out it was the wod two days ago, we are in sinc with our brains J.J. Take care yall

  • Mountain

    Okay, well, I guess it wasn’t so bad. I thought my weak performance on the pullup part of Jackie (1:07 to do 30 pullups) portended badly, but it turned out okay. It was a little bit hard on the ego to watch Rhodes kick my ass on the 400m runs, but I’m glad I stuck to my strategy of recovering as much as possible on the runs.

    I guess my 159 is the gym record for now. I’m curious how long it’ll be before Jorgy, Jeremy, or Stav take it down.

  • Craig

    Mountain: you were smooth and relaxed on your pull-ups, definitely the way to go – as evidenced by your 159.

  • Moises G.

    Hey DCF Family, Happy Holidays to all of you! I recently got my results of my second MRI and it revealed a complete tear of my Pectoralis Major!!! Which means surgery. I cannot believe how long it took for the doctors to diagnose my injury. I started doing a lot of research on my own regarding my injury since they released me to full duty two weeks ago pending my second MRI. I am now pulled from work AGAIN!!!

    I was lucky I did not cause any more damage to my pec since I was already in Physical Therapy and training on my own. I will see you guys soon, take care!

  • grant

    Hey guys–pleasure working out with you all this morning and yesterday afternoon. Thanks for your hospitality. Loved the little box, but looking forward to seeing the new one! Any time you’re in Salt Lake City for some pow-pow stop by our place downtown…
    –grant from SLC,UT

  • Andrew

    Hey guys, I did the main site WOD today at Crossfit Unlimited in Milpitas:

    As many rounds are possible:
    5 95lb thrusters
    7 95lb hanging power cleans
    10 95lb sumo high deadlift

    I ended up subbing 75lb for all the exercises and did 6 rounds + 5 thrusters

  • Mark L.

    Moses, I had a similar experience with our medical system with my torn labrum (tore my biceps tendon off my shoulder) back in 2006. It took them 6 months of physical therapy before one of the techs literally said, “EW! It’s not supposed to move in THAT plane!”
    Coincidentally, 6 months of PT costs the insurance company about the same as 1 MRI… funny, that.
    The only tip I have for you is to do everything they tell you to do during recovery, but, MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT DO THE THINGS THEY TELL YOU NOT TO DO! Trying to save yourself a couple minutes or a call for assistance might end up costing you months, a resurgery, or (WORSE) an incomplete recovery.
    Prayers go out for you, bro! See you on the trail, I’m sure (while you’re walking your dogs).