081229 MONDAY “Gwen”


Miles looking ready for action, while Andrew bangs out some more wall ball shots.

Workout: “Gwen”

Clean & Jerk 15-12-9 reps

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Post loads used to comments.

First posted here on CrossFit.com (also what looks like the birth of “Helen”)



5 tips for lifelong learning and the adult brain

“Learning & the Brain is a conference that gets marked on my calendar annually because I always return home having either been exposed to new information, or with a new brain teasers job interviewperspective on an old topic. Last month’s conference in Cambridge, MA, themed Using Emotions Research to Enhance Learning & Achievement, was no exception. As with previous conferences, in addition to the many keynote sessions, I focused on the adult learning strand, since so much of my time is spent providing professional development for, and collaborating with adults. Here are five conference cues as they relate to education. . . “

Click here for complete article.

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  • Miles

    Great, I knew that picture was going to go up as soon as I saw Luca creeping on me with the camera. Damn paparazzi follow me everywhere.

  • Mark L.

    Funny, Miles.
    Not to get off topic, but I just noticed Mountain’s 159 in Nicole from Saturday is the top Nicole performance on Logsitall.com for all time.

  • Shannon Stormetta

    That’s because Mountain is a pull-up machine! And on that topic… Our new member Jennifer is a rowing machine. I had to learn the hard way ( by rowing next to her and seeing her meters fly by while mine did not…) that she used to row competatively.

  • Craig

    Stav posted late yesterday about his 2008 goals and his progress. Anyone else? I’m embarrassed to confess mine and my results:

    Fran sub 3: haven’t done it since my 3:48 many months ago. I’ll give it a shot before year-end.
    Cindy 22: I hit this number the other day. Not such a big deal with all the 30’s flyin’ round the Shed.
    Murph sub 30: I confess I’ve never done Murph. Not likely before year-end, either.
    CFT 1000+: Got to 965 and could likely hit 985 or so, but my priorities have changed. Injury potential outweighs the benefit. No 1RPM for me anymore and Oly lift focus.
    3 Muscle-ups: I’ve done 3. However, they were here and there, not consecutive. I’m going to focus on this skill in ’09 once and for all.

    As I’ve said many times, life is about the journey, not the destination. Thus, life is grand at DCF.

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit

    Here’s my post from yesterday…

    Not sure where everyone stands with their 2008 “Benchmarks”, here’s the link to the post, most everyones is on here;

    Here is my post from that day-

    “My goals (WOY);

    CFT- 1,000#
    Fran- Sub 4 minute
    FGB- 315+ Total
    OHS- 5 with body weight
    Pull Ups- 50 kipping in a row
    Muscle Up- Complete ONE

    This list makes me get butterflies in my stomach just reading it. I can’t wait!!”

    3 out of 6 are done already (Fran, FBG, and MU’s)
    1 out of 6 won’t happen (1,000 CFT)
    2 out of 6, I will try before Jan 1st (50 PU’s and 5 X Bodyweight OHS)

    Anyone else have feedback about their 2008 goals? Thinking towards 2009 yet? I’m going to attempt Max pull ups as well as BWT OHS X 5 in the next 2 days. I also want to give Fran one more shot before the years end. Any takers?

  • Yvonne

    Here are my goals for 2009 at DCF2:
    keeping up with all you
    doing 3 classes a week
    not throwing up
    not passing out
    crossfit kids???
    spin classes???
    most important not getting hurt

  • Mark L.

    I have yet to do Fran (looking for sub-6) since I made my goals list (when do you want to do this, Stav?).
    I did, at least, make good on my muscle up goal (which was 3, and I’ve done 6–consecutive ones).
    Annie (sub-8) goal probably won’t happen, as I was pretty aggressive with my goal, and I’m barely at 20 consecutive double-unders.
    40-pullup goal was really close (did 35 a couple months ago), but then it faded away.
    I’ve mostly been concentrating on changing body composition the past couple months which has been getting in the way of training intensity. I’ve given myself until 12/31 on that, and then I’m at where I’m at.
    Still formulating my 2009 athletic goals…

  • Carry

    Been thinking about 2009….

    Would like a Sub 9 on Jackie &
    a sub 5 on Fran

    Would like to run a 7 min mile (ran a 8 min mile today)

    Would like to do a muscle up

    Would like to get REALLY good at oly lifting

    Be consistent with my ‘good eating habits’ (I hate the word diet)

    Most of all get rid of this plateau feeling.

  • Katie Waggoner

    My goals are pretty much the same as Yvonne’s. I would like to do at least ONE friggin pull up without a band:) Happy New Year everyone!


  • Yvonne

    Carry, a muscle up would be awesome and you out of all us girls will probably obtain that first. Is there any girls from DCF that can do one? Can you Sarah?

  • Darren


    Link to post of Greg’s 6 minute Jakie.

    Really cool to look back at where crossfit started. Some pretty hard workouts back then. The best helen time back then was like 9 minutes and people were amazed at it. Take a look.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Here were my 2008 goals:

    1. 200lb deadlift… I did 205# x 5 reps
    2. Sub 30 Filthy 50 RX (23: something)
    3. 20 pull-ups: check
    4. Can’t believe that Grace is one of my fave workouts- I literally shocked myself when I finsied it at the Big Girls Don’t Cry challenge…

    Not sure what I’m going to try for 2009… something to better my rowing (which is totally pathetic)- and I agree with Carry about “healthy eating” rather than “dieting.” I’d also like to get better at IF’ing… I just hit 9am at work and my stomach is eating itself!

    I had an interesting conversation this weekend with someone… about being really restrictive/ overly-disciplined about everything: work, grad school, working out, diet, not eating sweets, not drinking very much, money (you name it)… getting near fanatical about life to the point it’s not fun… so one of my other goals is to keep exercising and staying healthy FUN…and to make time for FUN, relaxation and improving mental health and well-being.

    Ps- Carry- you can easily break a 7 minute mile. You’re a total rock star already.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Gwen 145#