081230 TUESDAY “Helen”

+++ HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Wed, December 31st – Closed at 11:30am (all morning classes still on).

Thursday, January 1st – Come help us move at 10am to the new ‘Shed’.

Muay Thai Canceled Thursday and Saturday.+++

Video of everyone doing “McFlurry” in honor of Miguel Flores (Thanks again Big Dave for filming and editing the video).

Thanks again to Liz, Will and Herm for making a special workout even more special.

Workout: “Helen”

3 rounds for time.

400m Run

21 Kettlebell swings (54lbs, 35lbs)

12 pull ups

Post time to comments.


Did you complete your 2008 goals? Here is an exerpt from the last post at the beginning of the year:

“In brief. . . now is not the time to make plans like “I want to eat healthier this year.” or “I am going to loose a few pounds.” These are undefinable, impossible to track, and easy to fudge.

Now is the time to say things like “I am going to eat less than 10g of refined carbs a day from now on.” and “I will lose 10 lbs of ‘Fat’ without loosing muscle mass.” In contrast, these are clear, easy to track, and black and white. Either you accomplished them or you didn’t. Either you made clear progress, or you didn’t.

Physical progression is not tracked by time, it is evaluated based upon accomplishments and performance.

Just because you have been “CrossFitting” for a year doesn’t mean you are a better athlete than when you started. Improvements in performance of desired tasks means that you are a better athlete.

December’s “Girls and Heroes” marathon has been part of this process. By attempting these benchmark workouts, even for your first time, you have now set a point to track progress. A point to improve or a reference to loose ground.

Now we are going to go a step further. For 2008 we are asking all DCFers to come up with at least 3 goals for 2008.

One strength based (examples include, a double bodyweight deadlift, CrossFit Total of 1000, etc)

One gymnastics based (examples include, an L-sit duration, a number of consecutive pull ups, etc)

One metabolic conditioning based (examples include a sub 9 min “Helen”, or “Murph” as Rx’ed, etc)

You are not limited to 3 choices. Many of us at The Shed have more than three goals to accomplish before big stopwatch signals “TIME!” for the end of the year. Think of 2008 as one big “Workout of the Year” (WOY) and you have only 365 days to finish your benchmarks.

Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to choose something big. If you “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. “

The final part of setting benchmarks with us is that you have to announce them publicly. So you have to post them here, or write them on the white board at The Shed. We are all in this together, and we will rely on each other for help and encouragement (as well as some reminding).

So post your goals for 2008 “WOY” in the comments section, and prepare to celebrate your victory as each one is smashed.”

See everyone’s posts here.

For 2009 we are asking the same thing. At least three goals, one from each category.

You don’t have to post them now. Go ahead and think about them for a few days, and we will all post them in the new year.

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  • Andrew

    Hmm…I haven’t done enough WOD’s to really get a feel of what I can do…ideas?

  • Craig

    Andrew, ideas:

    Sub 9 Helen (may as well get started today)
    Sub 6 Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters 95# & Pull ups)
    Muscle Up
    30 Pull ups
    20+ Rounds of Cindy (5 pulls, 10 push, 15 squats AMRAP 20m)
    Murph as Rx
    2X Bodyweight DL
    1.5X BW Squat
    .75 BW Press

  • Suzie

    I have just been coming to DCF for a little over a month now…and I am AMAZED by the strength, agility and endurance I see in all of you. I tell everyone about what I see you all do!
    I am grateful Ben told me about DCF.

    My goals for DCF 09 would include:
    *conquering my fear of the box jumps and not use the small box. 🙂
    *being able to do pull ups! Since I can’t do even one without a rubberband, would 5 be reasonable?
    *Like Andrew…since I am new I am not sure what times/reps in WOD’s I should be trying to achieve.
    As I do more WOD’s I can set new goals.

    I am entered in a 100 mile trail race in June so that goal will also be hanging out there! I am hoping the strength from DCF will help make me stronger for the run.

    Thanks for all the help in teaching a newbie!

  • Shannon Stormetta

    Just finished reading The Alternate Day Diet by Johnson… It’s okay… Only took a couple of hours to cruise through. I thought it would be more about fasting; rather, it promotes alternate day calorie restrictions/ optimal nutrition. Having a background in nutrition sciences- I like both Sears and Cordain’s works better… But thought this might be a read for our IF’ers even though his research isn’t super solid (or at least it isn’t presented that way… The book may just be overly simplifying the science component)

  • Jeremy Jones

    Andrew and Suzie –

    It is tough to set goals this early, but we can help you with that. You also have the last few weeks of “Benchmark” workouts to use as inspiration. Is there a workout that was particularly hard? Then you can set a goal to get better at that workout. Is there a workout that you were pretty good at? Then set a goal to get a really good score on that workout.

    Use the rules as a guideline, one strength, one gymnastics, one ‘metcon’.

    Shannon – Thanks for the review! I also heard from Grace at the gym that Dr. Eades’ book was on sale (free, just pay shipping) for a while, but his Ecart crashed from all the traffic. He said they are trying to upgrade now, so keep checking his site if you want to pick one up cheap. (http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/)


  • Andrew

    Okay I guess I’ll give it a shot:

    30 pull ups in a row (I can do about 10 now, so maybe more?)

    20+ rounds of Cindy (I did 12 on 12/21/08)

    Not really sure about strength since I haven’t really done any strength WODs yet.

    Another thing is I want to lose tummy fat. I’m at about 157-160lb right now and I want to get down to 150.

  • Nikala

    Wow! Just watched the Miguel video…thank you DCF so much for the thought and effort going in to Miguel’s memory. If feels like a small world to have known him at SD Crossfit, then to have DCF represent him so well. Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Mark L.

    30 consecutive pullups -gymnastic, check
    20+ rounds of Cindy -metabolic, check
    ??? -strength, ???

    How about a 1.4X bodyweight deadlift (at that current bodyweight)? Of course, to do this exercise without hurting yourself will require some practice, but we’ve got 12 months.

    As for “tummy fat”… Don’t get hung up on the scale. Crossfit is going to pack on muscle (especially in men), and chasing the pounds could be counterproductive to your other goals.

    How about a waist to hip ratio goal, instead (cut and paste this link)?

    Word of caution. If your waist measurement goes lower than 30″, you’re going to have a hard time finding pants. =) DOH!

    As for my goals, I spent an hour with a calculator and logsitall.com, last night. I have my list!

  • Mountain

    I made a list of 43 CrossFit benchmarks: The 20 Girls and 15 Heroes listed in the CrossFit FAQ plus GI Jane, Gwen, Christine, Fight Gone Bad, CFT, Filthy Fifty, Tabata This, and Tabata Something Else.

    Of those, there are 23 I’ve never done, Rx’d or otherwise. I’m not going to list them all here, but my goal for 2009 is to do all of them, even if it means doing some of them non-Rx’d.

    I’ve done Nancy and Erin non-Rx’d, and my goal for 2009 is to do them Rx’d, regardless of how long that ends up taking.

    Finally, there are 18 WODs I’ve done as Rx’d, and I’ve written time or score goals for all 18. I’m not going to list them all here, but here are a few:

    20+ rounds of Cindy (PR is 17)
    sub-8:00 on Helen (PR is 8:28)
    sub-40 Murph w/ vest (PR is 41-something w/out vest)

  • Andrew

    Hey Mark, thanks for the tips. I have never done a deadlift before, so I have no clue as to how much I can do now. I have never done any type of Olympic lifting so this is all kind of new to me, but like you said we have 12 months. So 1.4xBW deadlifts!

    So in conclusion:

    30 straight pull ups
    20+ rounds of Cindy
    1.4XBW deadlift

  • Jared

    Shannon… yikes, I have to comment on Cordains work. He recommends some downright ridiculous things which really discredits any further understanding he may portray himself to have of true hunter-gatherer diets.

    Some of the most absurd concepts in his book… rubbing your meat with flax oil before cooking, using canola oil, avoiding saturated fats, eating just the leans meat, etc. I wouldn’t touch those recommendations with a 10 foot pole.

  • jorgy

    NERD FIGHT!!!!