+++ HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Wed, December 31st – Closed at 11:30am (all morning classes still on).

Thursday, January 1st – Come help us move at 10am to the new ‘Shed’.

Muay Thai Canceled Thursday and Saturday.+++


Tami kills some kipping pull ups at the “Old Shed” (Ray and Dave watch from outside).

Workout: “JT”

21 – 15 – 9

Handstand push ups

Ring dips

Push ups

Post time to comments.


Maps and directions to “New Shed” to be posted tomorrow. Come help us move, get free food and beer, and help us celebrate the new year on January 1st at 10am!


What do you think you are going miss about the “Old Shed?”

What “aren’t” you going to miss?

Post responses to comments.

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  • jorgy

    i am going to miss the comraderie only derived from sharing a bar with eight other people in the freezing tundra that is the shed at six in the morning in december with only a 20lb propane heater to huddle around to gain the maximum amount of heat possible before the workout. i will also miss Jose and the rest of the crew at the german auto clinic. and the paint fumes. and the guy from the transmission shop. and the guy around the corner who looks like he is from 1955, and Grant the bike store owner and the guys from the apholstery shop and the little kid that darren made cry. and our dcf 400, and the bakery, and hertz rent a car. and max muscle. and tullios. and that shed around around the corner filled with lots of stuff. and the parking garage that is down the street. and how close we are to the cool gyms like ballys and 24. and how we are walking distance to 7-11. pretty much that is like half of what i will miss.

  • Craig

    Jorgy about said it all – well done (the guy from 1955…lmao)! So damn true.

    I’ll add that I’ll miss the Transmission Shop guys blowing cigerette smoke in my direction to harrass me. But, I won’t miss waiting for the single bathroom as people rid themselves of the preworkout jitters!

    We aspire to maintain the same comraderie and fun at the new Shed. And, the mission remains the same: “To make our clients fit way beyond their expectations by sharing and transferring our knowledge of, and passion for fitness.”

  • Miles

    I’ll miss those playing cards stuck in the rafters and wondering what blackjack hand is up there while I’m doing burpees and the ability to quickly run outside and around the corner the day pukee got me.

  • Mark L.

    I’ll miss being able to walk to the shed at 1pm from work in the buildings across the street, unlocking the dark cave, loosening my tie, cranking out 25 pullups, and then retightening the tie and walking back to work.
    OK, maybe I only did that twice, ever, but I’ll miss being ABLE to do that… or at least being able to SAY I did that and have it be believable.
    And to sum up all these melancholy feelings the way only a 40+ daddy can do: we’ll always have the Shed on the inside. Our Shed is not a building. Love for each other and our shared experience of struggling against our flesh comes from the Shed inside us. Our Shed is our shared heart! I heart DCF!

  • DJ

    Congrats DCF on the new box. Four or more of us from Crossfit Solano will be there in the morning to help with the move. Can’t wait to see the new shed. A little sad to see the old shed go because its where I completed my first pathetic Fran with Craig yelling “you don’t need to breathe!” and I thought “jeez this guy is nuts I need all the air I can get.” Good job guys.

  • Mike Erickson

    I’ll be there in the morning to help.

    I’ll miss Saturday’s with Jorgy, barely being able to drive home, then sleeping 12 hours Sat night.

  • Jenny Verschuur

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I wish I could be there to help with the move, please make sure to post some pics!!!! Love always

  • Carry

    I will miss running the hill, the bar by the office where I did my first pull-up, the random people wandering by with a scared look on their faces when they peeked into our shed 😉

    But most of all, what I’ll miss can’t be articulated. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

  • Darren

    I will miss the old site?
    I will miss 4 pm throwdowns.
    I will miss seeing Caig bite the air.
    I will miss getting parking tickets
    I will miss your Mom
    I will miss the 25 Lbs I lost at the Shed
    I will miss the looks on peoples faces
    I will miss Nate and Rob smoking all day long.
    I will miss the cold kiss of the toilet seat right before a ealy morning WOD
    I will miss the search for a 2 pood Kettlebell

    I will not miss exhaust fumes
    I will not miss the rips I used to get on my hands
    I will not miss showing up for a WOD and no one there to open the place up
    I will not miss your Mom
    I will not miss 30 foot tall rings
    I will miss not miss doing Michael on that sorry excuse for a GHD
    I will not miss the fact that the bathroom was always wet?
    I will not miss the way I used to eat
    I will not miss the J Lo squats
    I will not miss life before Crossfit.

  • Craig

    Late night new Shed. Its very fng cool here. Kinda like this new site!