Bryan’s bar bending back squat.


5 rounds –

Back squat 5 reps

Shoulder Press: 3 reps

Weighted Pull up: 1 rep

Add weight to each exercise each round, try to hit respective maxes in each movement.


Another Firefighting Challenge Video: From Jon Gilson’s Again Faster

The Toughest Two Minutes: Episode 1 from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

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  • Craig

    Anybody hear from Luca? He’s been quite sick I understand. No word yesterday.

    Still in NY. Back on Friday. Thanks to whoever covered my class yesterday.

    Ok, Jorgy, maybe you’re wrong. There’s a pic of Bryan today on jj’s post.

    Btw, Bryan is an animal – went toe-to-toe with me, Rob & Darren on the Press on Monday for sets of 3. Bryan nailed 165 after sets of 135, 145, & 155. We all bailed at 155.

  • Stavros

    Angie at 4pm? Who’s down?

    Also, the Firefighter Combat Challenge. I have thought about training for this, could be a great way to get some newbies in the gym as well. See you guys today.


  • luca z.

    I’m baaaack, not yet 100% but back nonetheless, Thanks to whom covered my class on Tuesday,see you all at the Shed

  • J Jones

    I am pretty sure that almost everyone I know has been hit with a cold/sickness this year (twice myself). I know that Rick is just getting back on his feet as well.

    Speedy recover to both of you, as well as Eric and any other people that have gotten the bug lately.

    Did this workout on Tues,

    BS: 185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 255
    SP: 115, 125, 135, 145, 145F, 145
    WPU: 65, 75, 85, 95, 105 PR!, 110F, 110F, 110F (you can’t say I didn’t try).

    Jorgy and Craig’s comments. . . could it have been regarding content of the pictures I post? (Team 0600 exclusively). I don’t feel bad about that at all. . . The people willing to get up at 0’dark thirty and workout when it is 35 degrees deserve to be on the site (Which is something that was missing from the Pie Chart. . . complain about the cold -no burpees anymore because I do the most complaining- and complain about the time and lack of sleep. Usually this = about 30 minutes).


  • jorgy

    JJ, Craig is giving me a bad wrap. I’ve been framed for a comment that I did not make. But if we are going to take it to the mats at least wait until Moises shows up so he can get us his extra sets of fight gear, and speaking of fight gear Jimmy I’ll do dome advertising if i get a nice freebie. haha

  • J Jones

    I have three sets of gear, how many do you want to use?


  • Mike Erickson

    Got one of those big blow up Sumo suits? A crash helmet would be good.

    (Just tryin’ to help, Jorgy)

  • jorgy

    I can beat the shit out of someone with no arms or legs so if you can pull that off somehow it would be much appreciated. or i can print out a picture of my face and paste it on Moises and kick your ass.

  • Moises G.

    Jorgy you have me crackin’ up right now!!! You are hilarious, just make sure to cut out the eyes so I could see. And to Luca thank you for kicking my ass this morning, I think I pinched a nerve in my right arm doing the Overhead Squats. I really need to work on my flexibility. My entire right arm is tingly.

  • luca z.

    Sorry to hear about your arm, but yes you need to get those shoulders loose, keep working on it it will happen

  • J Jones

    There should also be a hole in the mask so that Mo can stick his tongue out at me.


  • luca z.

    JJ, Craig or josh, whoever is going to do the posting for today or tomorrow could you include that there won’t be a Muay-Thai class again tomorrow morning thanks