Craig waxes eloquently in front of our new changing rooms with Rhodes and Stavros (two other major contributors to helping set up the new place) Jan and Jenn (who did our AMAZING mural), as well as Bryan (one of our top athletes) and Mike E (one of our originals).


4 rounds for time.

10 Power clean (155, 135, or 95)

1 Rope climb 15′

400m run

Post time to comments.



Wallace and Gromit join the fight against obesity

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    The caption might be: “when is Craig going to shut the f up so we can go see the new Shed?”

  • Mark L.

    I will see y’all tomorrow, and Craig won’t shut up, and I hope he doesn’t because he’s our “push” tomorrow starting at 10am!
    Great day during the shed’s first PT Newbie (Amy) and the rest of the crew, after that. I even spotted Rhodes on bench press while a bunch of others were doing the site WOD.
    We are ready to roll for everyone’s 2009 resolutions! We are here to make you into the athlete you picture yourself as on 12/31/2010! Take some time to develop that picture in your mind… who can I become… a new challenge is rising!
    Come and “get some!” There’s room for everyone, their siblings, their cousins, the mailman/woman… everyone!
    3-2-1 GO!

  • Jenny Verschuur

    This place looks awesome!!!! Wish I could be there

  • Donna Denglere

    Hey Mark! I took your advice and was trying to envision who I want to become….a lean, mean, ‘she devil’…that I know I can be! I like the idea of the 7 week Paleo Challange on Crossfit Norcal…I think we should have our own challange there at the shed…it’s time to GET BUSY!! What do ya say…..anybody in?

  • Mike Erickson

    Who’s gonna being doing burpees ’cause the date’s wrong at the top of the page?

  • Mike Erickson

    I just registered on the main site as a spectator for the Crossfit games in July. It would be awesome if someone from DCF were there representing N. California.

  • sarah she-devil

    I’m in Donna!I wanna be a lean mean fighting machine!

  • MJJ - CF Oakland

    Nice new place Diablo! When is the best time to come by for a workout? When are all the cool kids there?

  • Craig

    HA! Fixed the date. JJ owes the burpees.

    Late arrivals at class today had to do 10 burpees, per the crowds chants.. ruthless group.

    Great work. Inspired by Donna’s rope climbs! Good power cleans all the way around.

    MJJ, come by at 4:00 PM M-F!

  • Donna Denglere

    YEAH SARAH!! That’s my girl!!!

  • Jacqueline Jane't

    Congrats on the new location!! Heard how awesome it all is. Can’t wait to CF with you all again.


  • jorgy

    MJJ, all the cool kids are around normally every weekday at 4:00pm. Really if you show up at any one of our classes you are bound to runinto some bad ass DCFers.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I’ll do the burpees when I get more than 5 hours sleep in a 24 hour period.