090106 TUESDAY


Our Flag, one of the pride pieces of our gym.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

10 Ring dips

20 Kettlebell swings (54lb / 35lb)

30 ft Walking lunges with dumbbells (25lb/ 15lb)

Post number of rounds completed to comments.



Disease awareness helps business blossom.

Experts trace the increase in diagnoses — which led to a boom in demand for gluten-free products — to the 2003 release of a landmark study by the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. It estimated nearly one in every 133 Americans, or about 2.3 million people, has the genetic disorder, although most are undiagnosed. The study helped spread awareness of the disease, according to Alessio Fasano, medical director at the center.

U.S. sales of gluten-free food, roughly $700 million in 2006, are rising 15 percent to 25 percent a year, according to research firms Mintel International and Information Resources Inc. Manufacturers expect sales to remain strong because celiac sufferers don’t outgrow the disease. . .

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  • ed

    Indeed the best flag in the world! Looks great JJ!

  • Craig

    Working out the website bugs, folks! Thanks for your patience. If you want to comment, scroll down until you see the little white box. Then, enter text and post.

  • Rodil San Mateo

    5 1/3 rounds with the today’s DCF WOD. Subbed with ring holds and 44 lbs KB swings. I’m starting to feel comfortable with the full range of motion on KB swings (hands overhead instead of just to forehead height)

  • Will B. OneWorld

    Hey Diablo CF’ers. Your new place looks pretty humble. Hope you can move to an even bigger, nicer spot with a little room down the road. you know, something you can e proud of…..

    Hope I can come down and get schooled again by you folks sometime soon. You guys & gals seem to have best folks around.

    Lookin forward to seeing y’all again soon.