090107 WEDNESDAY “Name the Pull Up Bar Thingy Contest”


By popular demand, another photo of the “Crazy Pull Up Thingy” (Thanks to a few of the Sunday class attendees for posing).

What should we call it? Post your ideas to comments. Winner will be provided a DCF sticker as well as a special ‘gift’.


4 rounds for time.

15 GHD sit ups (sub: 30 abmat sit ups)

Row 500m

Post time to comments.


‘Thunderdome’ Stats:

Approximate cost of steel: $1,600

Days to complete by one talented welder (Damen Nikolakakis): 5.5

Approximate number of people able to do full kipping pull ups at one time: 28+

Different bar heights: 6′, 6’8″, 7’3, 7’10” 8’3″, 12′ (for rings).

Bar diameters: 1″ and 1.3″ (1 inch sch 80 pipe).

Pictures of some concept models as well as some Google Sketch up Models of the original concept (actual structure differed slightly from this design):





Google Sketchup Files: Diablo CrossFit Pull up structure 1

Diablo CrossFit Pull up structure 2

Download Google Sketchup for free by clicking here.

The actual structure ended up a little different than the one shown in Google Sketchup. I’d like to modify it to resemble the final design. . . when I have time. More detailed pictures will be up on our flickr account soon. Email questions to jeremy@diablocrossfit.com or post them to comments.

***UPDATE*** We decided to name it: The “Diablotron”. And detailed pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/diablocrossfit/sets/72157613018044277/

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    Hey!!! Comments are fixed. Craig, you’re the man. I’m planning on coming down on Sat for class and some oly work. Hopefully my hand will be feeling better by then.
    BTW, why oh why haven’t I read Modern Forager till now? Man, I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much.


  • Craig

    How about: “The Rack” ?

    Looking forward to it Mike!

  • Adam

    How about “Giganetron” or “Diablotron”?

  • Andrew

    How about Devil Bars?

    Looking forward to getting back into the Shed tomorrow, I should have recovered enough by then


    Diablotron!!! I love it.

    Thunderdome is good too.

  • Mark L.

    How about “Vin Geisel”? It reminds me of the UCSD Library (Geisel Library), another famous architectural wonder.


    OK, maybe that’s too contrived…

  • Carry

    How about Mt. Olympus? Or Mt. Sinai…we could have the 10 commandments of crossfit over the top of it 🙂

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    The Thunderdome sounds cool…although I like the idea of a historical Greek name(surprise!)

    Did todays WOD at 1100 hrs.

    11:38 as RX’d

    GHD sit ups suck, combine that with rowing, double suck.

  • David

    Jimmy really put a twist into today’s WOD because he said IT’S TOO EASY

    20 Box Jumps 24 or 20″
    20 Cal row
    20 Ring Pullups (feet on the box)
    20 BB Push Press (95lbs men 65 lbs women)
    15 GHD or 30 floor sit ups

    4 rounds for time

    Dang this was hard this morning

  • Meriah

    The Tree House……

    I guess compared to Diablo Crossfit. The Tree house is kinda lame, but you could dang near live in that thing! Its a “beast”! Oooh can I have two entries? j/k

  • jamie


  • jorgy

    “Jonesasaurus Rex”. Just a little tribute to the guy who designed it. “Damenaptra”- for the guy who built it. Or if you want some ideas on Greek Mythology you could go with:

    My personal favorites, the Hecatoncheires, who were known for having 50 heads and hundreds of arms. The most mentioned are: Briareus, Aegaeon,Gyes, and Cottusgeit

    Hades-God of the underworld. Brother of Poseidon and Zeus, and consort to Persephone. His symbols are the bident, the Helm of Darkness, and the three-headed dog, Cerberus.

    Ares-God of war, murder and bloodshed. Brother to Athena, and is the son of Zeus. Has an affair with Aphrodite. His symbols are vultures, dogs, boars, and a spear.

    Hephaestus-God of fire and the forge (god of fire and smiths) with very weak legs. He was thrown off Mount Olympus as a baby by his mother and in some stories his father. He makes armor for the gods and other heroes like Achilles. Son of Hera and Zeus is his father in some accounts. Married to Aphrodite, but she does not love him because he is deformed and, as a result, is cheating on him with Ares. He had a daughter named Pandora. His symbols are an axe, a hammer and a flame.

    Here are the Giants:
    Agrius, Alcyoneus, Aloadae,Otus, Orion, Ephialtes, Antaeus,Argus,Enceladus,

    Arges, Brontes,Steropes, Polyphemus

    And of course the TITANS:

  • russell

    1. Mount Diabloishous
    2. The Throne
    3. The Bident

    What is a bident you ask? A bident is the weapon that Hades carried. It is a two pronged spear, kinda reminds me of the horns.


    Nice job on the new shed…Brook and I love it!

  • Craig

    Jorgy, those sound like awesome wod names!

  • Jasmine


    The devil…. just think of all the things you could say before or after tearin’ it up on it..
    The beast … I like that one
    The rack….. pretty good too
    The pit

    Just a few that came to mind 🙂


    Dreadnaught…upside down pirate ship….

  • luca z.

    Holly cow I go away for two weeks and look what happens, the new look for the web site is awesome, nice work to the designer.
    I can’t wait to see the new gym with that THING for the pull ups, Thunder Dome got my vote, looking forward to start again tomorrow morning at 8 and I hope to see many of you there.

  • Yvonne

    The Gladiator

  • brian nesmith

    Mount Doom (mountain image)

    The Iron Maiden (torture device)

    The Iron Goddess (get it, Roman worship stuff…) Athena was the goddess of war and also the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill.

    Here’s a list of Roman Goddesses (133!)

    (I really like Devil Bars and the Thing though!)

    I like the pirate ship image and thought Blackbeard’s Revenge or something was okay but silly, more like a water slide. Then I found this online…

    Queen Anne’s Revenge is Blackbeard’s ship also called as the Concord. This was built by the British and captured by the French in battle. Later, it was converted to a slave-ship. Pirate Benjamin Hornigold recaptured it and used it as a pirate ship. He handed it over to Edward Treach who became the captain of the ship. Blackbeard added 40 cannons to this ship.

  • Emily

    How about “Diablo Half Dome” (like Yosemite) Although I am kinda partial to “the rack” – It really captures the torturous virture of Crossfit. Drake’s vote is for “The Love Shack” after his kissy encounter with Olive under the rings today…
    13:13 as Rx’d

  • Craig

    DCF has a nice Rack.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.



    Just got turned onto this blog by a kettlebeller…Squats and Milk, Bitches!!!

  • Moises G.

    How bout’ “The Grimm Ripper”, how many hands is it going to kill…

  • Jason Khalipa

    BAD ASS PULL UP STRUCTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great job guys!