Mountain coaching a personal training session near the “Monkey Bars of the Apocalypse”.


With a continuously running clock perform one Sumo Deadlift High Pull the first minute, 2 SDHPs the second minute, 3 SDHPs the third minute. . . etc. Continue until you are no longer able to do the number of prescribed SDHPs in the allotted minute.

Rx’ed weight is 135lbs for elites, 95lbs for intermediates and 65 (or less) for beginners. But don’t think that lighter is “easier” on this one.

Post number of rounds, and number of reps into your final round to comments.


Videos from “Good Eats”. Alton Brown nails the Carbohydrate / Fat / Protein breakdown explanation (at 2:57 of part 1) and the horrible ingredients of an ‘off the shelf’ bar at the beginning of part 2, but misses a lot of other points throughout (vilification of fat, etc). Not to mention his ‘bars’ all have gluten and/or soy in them (granted the video is more than a few years old, so I will cut him some slack).

DCF favorite Robb Wolf introduced a great recipe for ‘pemmican’ in one of the early issues of the Performance Menu.

‘Steve’s Club’ in also has “Paleokits” – organic, free range beef jerky, nuts, seeds and berries in exact zone proportions. Proceeds go to supporting ‘Steve’s Club’ a non-profit organization devoted to kids with ‘an excess of life challenges’ in the Camden, New Jersey area. Buy direct from them if you want to support a good cause.

Post to comments if you would like to see some Paleokits at DCF.

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  • Andrew

    Is there is a prescribed weight?

  • Andrew

    And btw….today is my first day on the zone…man I’m hungry! I would love to see the Paleokits at DCF for sample

  • Jeremy Jones

    Thanks for catching that Andrew.


  • Travis H

    Those paleo kits are actually pretty good and decent for the zone if you are subtracting carb blocks and adding fat. Great for a quick meal on the go.

  • Mountain

    I tried to nail my first 2009 goal of the year (an Rx’d sub-25 “Kelly”) and came up a little short– 25:39. But I PR’d by almost three minutes, so I’ve gotta be happy with it. And according to logitsall.com, that’s a gym record– but something tells me there are much faster times that haven’t been logged there (I’m thinking Jorgy). I’ve got 45 CrossFit goals for the year, so I’ll be taking pretty regular shots at them.

    “Monkey Bars of the Apocalypse” is my favorite name so far.

    Oh yeah, and today was day 93 of the Pullup Challenge. 6,260 pullups down, about 700 to go.

  • Craig

    Got my ass kicked yesterday: Holly beat me by 5mins on Jimmy’s twisted version of yesterday’s wod: 4rnds, 20 Ring Rows, 20 BoxJumps, 20 Cal Row, 20 PPress 95/45, and 20 GHD situps – 27+ mins. Nice Jimmy.

    So bummed!! I confess that Duke Nuke’em was one of my favorite vid games of all time more than 10 years ago. They’re finally updating and THIS is the trailer…I almost cried: http://www.shackvideo.com/?id=11558


    “MBOTA” I LOVE IT!!!! I hope we have a winner because that just sounds sick.

    I started a paleo/if protocol last night and I’m gonna test it out and see how it works. Still uncertain if I’m going to use Zone blocks or not. I hear it’s hard to do a Zone/Paleo/IF thing so I’m gonna break into it easy at first.

    Any feedback or ideas, please email me.
    Thanks….oh, and paleokits would be great!

  • Dan G.

    Jimmy with another BRUTAL 6am workout today.

    3 rounds of 6 exercises. Go hard for 90 seconds on each exercise. 15 seconds to transition between exercises. 1 min rest between rounds.

    Heavy Bag: Punches in bunches / Punching combos
    Heavy Bag: Ground and pound (hammer punches and elbows)
    Box Sit Ups: Punch the box with each hand every time you sit up.
    Push Up Circles: Screw this exercise!! Just don’t do it! EVER!!! 😉
    Farmer Carries: 100# men / 70# women
    Sledge Hammer

    Ended up being about 35 minutes of pain. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Yvonne

    Craig, it was not the first and definitely not the last you will be beat by a 40+, she devil. Holly is fast and strong!

  • Rodil

    12 rounds + 8 reps with today’s high pull ladder WOD (75 lbs).

    “The Rack” or “The Iron Maiden” sound good to me for the pull up structure. Short and direct.

  • Herm @ CF Los Altos, CA

    I recognize that pull-up apparatus now!!!

    I wanna know when you guys are doing “Flying Fran” on the pull-up thingie!

  • Anthony San Mateo

    I suggest the Arm Annihilator because of what it will do!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Got to the Shed at 4pm, not sure what WOD I was going to do. Rhodes and I decided to try out the new improved DCF Mile for a warm-up. Not sure if it’s quite 1.0 miles, but it was a PR for my by at least 40 seconds…

    DCF Mile 5:35

    Then, attempted the CF .com WOD;
    Ten rounds for time of:
    3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds
    5 Strict Pull-ups
    7 Kipping Pull-up

    Got to 5 Rounds in 35 min, stopped do to fatigue and 5pm class starting. After the 5pm class, I did the SDHP ladder with Justin…great WOD.

    14 RD’s + 11 (135#)

  • Josh Neil

    10 rounds plus 6

  • Steve Liberati

    Jeremy, thanks for the link!

    We greatly appreciate the support.

    Email me your address so I can send you guys out a few samples.

    Yours in CrossFit,