090109 FRIDAY


Sarah’s first class at the new digs.


For time:

Run 800m

100 push ups

Run 400m

100 sit ups

Run 200m

50 push ups

Run 100m

50 sit ups

Post time to comments.

(compare to November 8th by clicking – 081108 by clicking here, or October 6th – 081006 -by clicking here)



A very timely “primal” bar from Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple:

“. . .So with that, we went to our unofficial Mark’s Daily Apple kitchen to put it to the test! There were a couple of missteps (and even one small toasting incident that could have constituted a fire!) but we think we’ve finally nailed it.

The following is the new and improved official Mark’s Daily Apple Primal Energy Bar: . . .”

Click here for complete article.


Ice Fishing Tourney #2 at CrossFit One World January 31st!

(The newer model Concept II rowing machines have a “Fish Game” on them, and apparently it is a blast to play).

Last time we had a single DCFer in attendance, and he reported a smashing good time. This time it would be great to have a whole contingent of DCFers go (then we can carpool with a DD).

From Freddy: “Buy in for the tournament is $10. Winner takes the pot (minus 10% awarded to the highest scorer of the tournament).

Sign-ups start at 6:00 pm. Brackets start forming at 6:45 pm. The single elimination tournament begins at 7:00 pm. There will be a jumper for kids and a keg of beer for the adults. We request everyone bring something simple for a potluck dinner.

Come out for a good time even if you choose not to go fishing!”

Post to comments if you are interested in going.

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  • luca z.

    I saw the new gym yesterday for the first time and I was speechless, kudos to Rob, Jeremy and Craig, you guys came a long way from the days in the park, I think we have one of the coolest gym out there. I’m excited for the new year, we are going to have some serious fun in our new home.


  • Mark L.

    You’re right, Luca. We do have the coolest gym around. Maybe we should rename the gym “Funtime Gym”.

  • Craig

    Yes, DCF is cool, but you can do CrossFit anywhere! If you can’t make it in, then make something up at home or at the hotel.

    For me today: 8 x 75m hill sprints. Walk back.

  • luca z.

    Clever Mark, as usual, that’s my friend’s gym in Italy.

  • Craig

    Of course, in Italy, it’s pronounced: “foon-team-aye” gym.


    I remember this WOD….and I remember the pushups sucking the light from my soul. The first 800 is cake, the first hundred pushups were as hard as any pushups.

    The real shitter is the 400 after the pushups!!! Trying to run with all that blood in your shoulders is probably as funny to watch as it is painful and akward to do.

    Have fun guys. :- P



    Again Faster has a nice article up today.

  • Big Dave

    I am pleased with my performace today

    20lb vest with this exercise

    800 M run
    50 push ups
    400 M run
    50 sit ups
    200 M run
    25 push ups
    100 M run
    25 sit ups

    all in 15 mins… not a record by no means but my first time wearing 20lb vest.

    Thanks JJ for the encouragement to wear the vest today.


  • Mountain

    I altered the WOD to fit my pullup needs:

    100 pullups
    100 situps
    50 pullups
    50 situps

    22 minutes and change. Ah yes indeed it’s funtime:

  • Jasmine

    Today was the first day I felt back on my game after begin sick for a couple weeks. It feels so good to have energy back! Great workout today… I enjoyed a bit more running than usual and our course is so nice! I was happy with a 20 min and something time.

  • Mark L.

    Nice work, Mountain! Adrock and I have the same birthday, by the way (but he’s a couple years older).
    I, too, love the new 400m course, Jasmine. Best of all, there’s no way to cheat it without everyone seeing. =)
    Looking forward to this weekend!


    This paleo thing is killing me. Carb withdrawls are insane. All I want right now is a snickers bar and a bag of Cheetos. How long do the withdrawls last???

  • Rodil

    Mike – be sure you’re eating enough Paleo-friendly food and not shorting yourself on calories. If you’re really craving something sweet, you might try a little fruit or sweet potatoes (starchy but very nutritious).

    You might want to look up the article “Getting off the crack” on the CF HQ website if you haven’t already read it. It describes Nicole Caroll’s experience starting the Zone diet.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Great day at SRFD St. 5,

    I did the DCF WOD, but had to up the ante courtesy of Big Dave;

    Run 800m
    100 push ups
    Run 400m
    100 sit ups
    Run 200m
    50 push ups
    Run 100m
    50 sit ups
    With 20# vest, unweighted sit ups

    18:11 as RX’d

    Then did the CF .com WOD;

    Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps
    135 x5
    185 x5
    205 x5
    225 x5
    245 x5

    FS felt great, until last 2 reps of 245#, the bar slipped a bit, but I stuck with it and finished the set…also led my co-worker through his 2nd WOD..he did great.

    3 RD’s,
    1 min row
    10 Squats
    5 Med Ball Cleans
    5 Box step ups 20#
    1 Min Rest

    SW- 9:27, strong work.

  • Craig

    Great Front Squats, Stav!

  • Yvonne

    Mountain were are you on your pullups? What day is it?

  • Jeremy Jones

    13:39 as Rx’ed

    Damn Rhodes beat me with a 13:19 (I think it was). Still a pretty damn good PR.