090110 SATURDAY “Versus”


When you come into the gym and when you are leaving, don’t forget to look up.

Pfc. Benjamin Tollefson’s memorial and burial is today.at 11am

Workout: “Versus”

Choose a partner to compete against. One partner will run 400m. The other partner will perform as many rounds as possible of:

15 pull ups

15 box jumps (24″ or 20″)

Keep track of rounds and reps completed. As soon as the first partner returns from the run, the second person must run 400m while the first partner completes as many rounds of the above exercises as possible just like the first partner.

The winner of the two competitors is the partner who completes the most rounds of the above two exercises as possible while their partner is running the 400m.

The ‘competition’ will last 30 minutes.


Partner A Runs 400m. Partner B completes 4 rounds and 10 box jumps while Partner A runs. As soon as Partner A returns, he/she will make Partner B leave for the run. Partner A will then get a chance to complete as many rounds of pull ups and box jumps as possible until Partner B returns.

When Partner B returns, Partner A will start up again where he/she left off 10 box jumps into round 5.

This will continue for 30 minutes. If partner A completes a total of 10 rounds and Partner B completes 9 rounds plus 15 pull ups and 14 box jumps. . . Partner A wins.

Post number of rounds, and number of runs completed to comments.


Schedule Clarifications:

Muay Thai Back on the Menu Today! Thursdays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 9am.

8:00am class on Tuesday and Thursdays never left (sorry for the confusion).



Coach Rip lays down some wisdom on NPR.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Will B.

    Hey there Diablo Dragons (Get it? Firebreathers….hehe, ..oh nevermind), I’m going to try and make it to the partner workout tomorrow. Don’t know if I can yet because I’ll be testing tomorrow morning at 7:30. If I finish in time, hope I can come check the new digs out. If not, have a good one. Looks fun as hell.

    Crush it!

  • Will

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. I hope to see you guys down at our Ice Fishing tourney. I’ll be there, and it’ll be fun. Come down and enjoy!

  • luca z.

    Hey guys check it out we are on the affiliates web site

  • Andrew

    Man….I see myself losing count of reps per round once I go run….soooo who want’s to be my partner? =P

  • Maribel-LaLanne Fitness

    Congrats on the new box! Looks great!! I will have to stop by there and say hello very soon!! Site looks awesome too! Keep up it guys!!

  • Craig

    Hey! LaLanne. Cool. If in SF, you must go visit Chris and Maribel at LaLanne.

    Hard work going on at 10AM this morn – 25people!

    Good Oly Class today folks. Great form all the way around. Very impressive form from Donna, starting from scratch!

    For me: Cleans 165, 185, 205, 245 x 3ea. Then, because Darren and Matt made me, I did 255 for a single a PR.

    Then, 10mins of Cindy with Mountain & Matt – 11 rnds.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Did the “Versus” WOD today in the 10am class. Partnered up with my wife for the WOD.

    30 minutes of brutality, is what it should be called.

    Stavros- 11 1/2 Rd’s (24″ box)- 8 x 400’s
    Jasmine- 6 Rd’s (20″ box)- 8 x 400’s

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    I had 9 x 400’s

    That last one was so brutal, I tried to forget about it.

  • Mountain

    Got 18 rounds of Cindy, a small step up from my previous PR of 17.

    First round in :40. Averaged :50 per round for the next four rounds to get to 5 rounds in 4 minutes. At that point, I could no longer push through 10 consecutive pushups, and I started slowly giving it back. Twelve rounds through 12:00, then hung on and ground it out to get six rounds in the final 8:00.

    I remember the first time I ever did Cindy, I got through eight rounds in 8:00, but my last six rounds took 12:00.

  • Ed

    Great workout this morning…it was tough!!! The energy at the Shed was awesome. Life is good!

  • sakura @crossfit solano

    Congrats on making the Affiliate Blog! I tried out the pull up bar thing-a-majig and it was awesome! Even Kaela got up on the bars. =]

  • Prashant

    New to DCF. Still working through the DCF Newbie work outs. Looking forward to doing the WODs with you all. Its so weird saying WOD like its a regular word, for me at least.


  • Mark L.

    Looking forward to seeing you in classes Prashant. After a few weeks, you’ll have to tell me how it stacks up against Krav (you and I have met).
    Great fun at Oly class, today. I love that class.

  • jorgy

    We need main site coverage. Craig feels me on that.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Right on Prashant. I still feel weird saying “wod” in passing conversation.