090111 SUNDAY


The class bangs out some sumo deadlift high pulls.


5 rounds for time:

10 Wall Ball Burpees

10 overhead squats (95lbs or 65lbs)

Post time to comments.

Wall Ball Burpees: Start with a wall ball shot, then drop down, place the ball on the ground, kick your legs back, do a push up with your hands on the ball (chest touches ball), bring your legs back up, stand up, squat clean the ball, then do another wall ball shot. . . rinse and repeat.



‘The power of less’ from Tim Ferris of “The 4 Hour Work Week” and Leo Babauta of “Zen Habits“.

“To learn a skill, I often look — not for the best in the world — but for people who’ve made the greatest progress in the shortest period of time. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Craig

    Xlent article! Getting the books.

    3 Muscle Ups today on the Diablotron. Finally broke through a mental barrier. Relieved more than excited.

    Good work in class today – o/h squats are looking better all the way around. Practice in warm-up.

  • Darren

    Craig you got 3 MU?

    A 255 squat clean.

    Watch out world Craig is back. Just don’t get sick this time.

  • Mountain

    I’m not suggesting a Workout Of the Day or anything, but the 100th day of the Pullup Challenge is coming soon (Wednesday the 14th), and I was hoping to finish it with a One Hour Pullup Challenge:

    10 pullups every minute, on the minute, until you can no longer do 10 pullups in a minute (or 60 minutes if anyone makes it that far). Rest is whatever time you have left in the minute after you finish your 10th pulliup.

    If anyone is interested, or thinks the challenge should be structured differently (e.g., a traditional pullup ladder), let me know.


  • Jacob "BullFrog "Tsypkin

    Craig et al: A huge congrats on the new box from CrossFit Monterey! I know you guys will do well!


  • Mark L.

    Mountain, I am in for exactly how you have it structured. 10 pullups a minute until the 10 pullups can not be completed within the minute. If someone makes it to 60 minutes (e.g. 600 pullups in an hour), I will shave my head.
    I’m not sure if it’s fair Mr. “I’ve not missed a single day of the challenge so far”.

  • Yvonne

    OMG, that’s 600 pull ups Mountain!!! I love the WOD. I’ll do it Wednesday to celebrate your 100th day of Pullups.

  • Jasmine

    For my buddy Mountain, I’ll do it too! But I am quite sure I wont get near you in this challenge. Way to stick to your goal! That is commendable in and of itself. What will you do next???? I’m thinking a sit up challenge…at least we could beat you somewhere!

    😉 Jaz

  • jorgy

    Craig, congrats. I guess beating me at Fran and doing a 3 mile keg run with me got you out of your funk. Yes, that is to say that I am taking full credit for your new found abilities. haha