090112 MONDAY


Stavros leads the class (with Hardway Byan and Scott) back in after an awesome warm up. (Why do I hear “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” whistling in the background? – jj)


Back Squat – 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Afterward: ‘Surprise’ Mini-metcon

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Article:A single gene might fuel overeating risk

. . .In the latest study, the UCL team offered 131 four to five-year-olds a mixed plate of sweet and savoury biscuits within one hour of finishing a full meal.

Those who carried one or two of the key FTO variants were more likely to tuck in despite the fact that they should have been full.

Lead researcher Professor Jane Wardle said: “We believe this research tells us more about how some children are more responsive to signals in their bodies encouraging them to eat when full than others. . .

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  • Scott

    Awesome! Once again, science proves it’s NOT MY FAULT!

    I’m a victim of my genetics. Mom and Dad are to blame. What a relief!


    I still blame it on those frosted animal cookies. Why do they have to be soooo tasty?

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Just did a mini-metcon myself, the Capt. I’m working with today wanted me to join him, so what the heck!

    4 Rd’s for time

    6 x Bench Press (205#)
    50 x Sit Ups
    10 x Power Snatch (75#)
    15 x Back Ext.

    ~10 mins


    3 Rd’s

    10 Pull Ups
    50 Squats


    Tonight, hopefully the 5×5 Back Squat WOD. BTW, who’s that ragamuffin crew wandering in from a run?

  • Craig

    Thats perfect Scott!

    The next step is to classify genetically-challenged hungry people as “handicapped” and give them good parking, Government handouts and even bigger bathrooms.

  • Mike Erickson

    Looks like the four riders of the Apocalypse….and mascot…


    Back Squat 5X5

    I screamed with joy after that last set of 5. 315 was my 1RM last time I did a CFT…and i just did it 5 times!!! I’m diggin this paleo/zone/IF thing. I was Zone-ish for a while, but now I’m convinvced. Now all there is left to do is bring up my Press and Deadlift so I can hit that 1000# total.

  • Mark L.

    Mike, last I heard, your max press was 185. How much more do you plan to “bring it up” in order to hit 1000? =)


    I’d like to hit bodyweight. Of course, on the zone I might be able to bring my bodyweight down to 185. But 200 is my goal for press. 500for Deadlift, and at least 450 for Squat. I know the big things to bring up are my Squat and Deadlift though.

    I’m more concerned about my metcon’s though. My conditioning has been sorely lacking as of late. Looks like it’s Fran after work. 🙁

    Yippee Kay Yay…you know the rest.

  • Mike Erickson

    Stav: I should have said “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”:
    From Wiki:
    “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a term used to describe four horsemen that appear in the Christian Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation. The four horsemen are traditionally named after what the verses describe them bringing: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.”

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Nice one Mike E…which one am I? Scary! Oh, when are you coming to visit/WOD with us again. I miss you around DCF.

    The Four Horsemen is also one of the most Kick A## Metallica songs there is!!



    It’s also a pretty gnarly shot.
    Jack, Jose, Johnny, and Jim.

  • JimmyG

    Check out the 6am class…….
    12 of 14 people in the class got PR’s on the newbie WOD, AFTER I put them through a tire flip relay race and the daily 5×5 backsquat WOD.
    NICE JOB 6am….I love you guys!!!!

  • Mark L.

    Mike E. I knew what you meant.
    The word “horseman” never appears in Rev 6, anyway. The visual is on the horse and color of the horse when the first four seals of the scroll are opened. The riders are simply referred to as “he who sat on it” or “its rider”, etc.
    The important aspect, of course, was who is deemed worthy to open the seals in ch. 5, and what time it is.


    Way to pull it back Mark, it’s easy to overlook the big picture sometimes.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  • Rodil

    5 x 5 Back Squat: 115, 135, 155, 155, 155

    DCF Newbie WOD – 5:22. A PR and first time doing 10 pull ups straight through (without dropping from the bar during the set).

  • Donna Denglere

    Awesome 6am class!! WE LOVE YOU TOO JIMMY!!!!! The energy in the room is contagious!
    My first newbie workout today: 5:26.
    I tried to keep up with Carry today but ‘as usual’ without success….
    5 x 5 Back Squat: 65, 75, 95, 115, 135

  • Carry

    NICE….Rodil !

    Great job on the pull-ups!

    ‘yall missed this guy from Oregon this morning. I think his name was Chris? We thought we were going to have to show him the course for the Newbie WOD and when we heard ‘GO’ he was GONE. He was so fast! All we could do was laugh 🙂 He finished way ahead of everyone else.

  • Donna Denglere

    Awesome 6am class!! WE LOVE YOU TOO JIMMY!!!!! The energy in the room is contagious!
    My first newbie workout today: 5:26.
    I tried to keep up with Carry today but ‘as usual’ without success….
    5 x 5 Back Squat: 65, 75, 95, 115, 135

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Wow, people are KILLING it at the Shed. Can’t wait to get back there tomorrow! I want to say a big congrats to Rodil. We are all very proud of you, you have come leaps and bounds, thanks for letting us be part of it!

    Finished the day with the DCF WOD;

    Back Squat – 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    315 x 5
    335 x 5
    365 x 5

    365# is over a 2X BWT squat, and my 5-rep max. Felt surprisingly strong at them today, maybe I do have a 400+ squat in me still! See everyone tomorrow…

  • Andrew

    First time doing back squats today:

    I remember staring at 115 and ending at 165 and the increments were not even. After all was said and done, I’m sure I could’ve started heavier, but wanted to focus on form and didn’t really know what to expect. DCF Newbie I got 3:31 which beat my first time by 1:13.

  • Craig

    Boy, I was just about to post my results and I suddenly feel weak and meaningless.

    The 6AM class results were awesome and inspiring today! Thanks for posting them on the board.

    Way to go Rodil! Huge mental barrier trampled.

    Started Rhodes’ Dad’s crazy-ass, Navy Seal prep 400 push up workout and failed at 200. Rhodes and Darren finished. D – your last push ups were your best, no work on the way down..to the ground.

    Finished with some back squats: 5x 225, 275, 315, 335.. then 5PM class started. Humbled by Stav’s performance at 30lbs less bw. Nice work bro.

  • Craig

    Nice PR Andrew! Thats smokin fast.


    Can I take back the post with my results?

  • Dan G.

    Got to the shed early and added a little bench press to my warm up, which of course I got mocked for by Craig. 😉 Then did the back squats (maxed @ 235#) and the tire flip race. All good fun.

    Finally finished off with the Newbie WOD. First time trying it since July. My time then was 6:58 (using a band for the pull ups). My time today was 3:52 as Rx’d!!! I love this sh*t!


    Trained with the good folks @ Solano Crossfit tonight. Nasty WOD.

    30-25-20-15-10-5 reps of:
    Virtual Shoveling @ 135

    Grip…fail…Palms of Hands…Fail.

  • sakura @crossfit solano

    DUDE! All this time at Diablo and I never met you, Ruiner! WTF?! Lol. Great to meet you tonight! Crazy with one WOD and three Mikes. =] Haha! You’re insane adding all that weight! I only did the women’s RX and got a 20:57. Can’t imagine handling your weight–I’d be there all night!

  • Rodil

    Thanks for all the kudos from everyone. Lots of great work by Diablos at the Shed and elsewhere. We’ve got some big numbers on the back squats and great improvements on DCF Newbie times. Oh yeah, and people doing 200 or 400 pushups…

    Dan and Andrew – you both went sub-4 minutes and shaved more than a minute off your old DCF Newbie times? Fantastic!

    Jimmy – I plan to be at your class next Monday. Still amazed that you got 14 athletes for 6am class.