090116 FRIDAY


Stavros representing DCF at CrossFit 2008 Affiliate Cup winners (and awesome hosts): CrossFit Oakland.


4 rounds for time

500m Row

15 strict presses (115lbs – for advanced, 75lb, or 45lb)

Post time to comments.



Midlife coffee and tea consumption decreases risk of late life dementia.

. . .At the midlife examination, the consumption of coffee and tea was assessed with a previously validated semi-quantitative food-frequency questionnaire. Coffee drinking was categorized into three groups: 0-2 cups (low), 3-5 cups (moderate) and >5 cups (high) per day. Further, the question concerning tea consumption was dichotomized into those not drinking tea (0 cup/day) vs. those drinking tea (≥1 cup/day).

The study found that coffee drinkers at midlife had lower risk for dementia and AD later in life compared to those drinking no or only little coffee. The lowest risk (65% decreased) was found among moderate coffee drinkers (drinking 3-5 cups of coffee/day). Adjustments for various confounders did not change the results. Tea drinking was relatively uncommon and was not associated with dementia/AD. . .

Click here for complete article.

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    Have you seen tomorrow’s WOD?!?!?!?


  • Andrew

    Yea…tomorrow’s .com WOD looks brutal…good luck!

  • Andrew

    Oh and…is a strict press the same as a push press? Or is strict without the hip explosion?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Strict press is no hip explosion. Arms/shoulders only.


  • Mark L.

    This one looks like fun! That weight looks like I might be able to make it straight through… that can be both a blessing and a curse, though.


    Main page WOD as Rx’d

    MASSIVE headache afterwords…however, a two block snack cleared that up before I even made it out of the shower…I love the Zone…and Robb Wolf.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Needed a quickie WOD after the meeting this morning.


    Stavros- 5:02
    JJ- 4:42

    I guess I need to learn how to “kip” on the HSPU’s vs. strict…good job JJ.

  • Craig

    5k Run + 4x400m

  • Rodil

    Yvonne – I saw your post yesterday and a monthly DCF dinner sounds great. Count us in.

  • Mark L.

    5K run AND 4 quarters, Craig? IMPRESSIVE!
    I was just telling a client how we DO train that oxidative pathway. Now I’ve got proof!