Tami blocks Luca’s kick in the DCF “Coliseum”


For time:

95 pound Clean and Jerk, 50 reps

Post time to comments.

This is actually a two handed, overhead, anyhow, 50 reps for time. The best times will most likely power clean and push jerk.



Sleep tips from ‘sleep medicine’.

“. . . Whether you suffer from insomnia or are just having an off night, the solution is mostly mind over matter.

No gadgets, no pills, no hypnotism, just some sound advice from Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Dr. Lisa Woofe, a physician who specializes in sleep medicine.

Set your internal clock.

“Have stringent times for getting into and out of bed,” Woofe said. “Your body has a clock that helps regulate your brain when you’re awake and asleep, and your body will auto­start the sleep process accordingly.”

Get steamed. “Before bed, take a hot shower and then enter a relatively cool bed­room,” Woofe recom­mended as a way to copy the natural effects of a warming sun setting.

“Imagine an ancient man living out on a prairie. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post your sleep tips to comments.


“Royal Rumble” this Saturday at DCF! See our “Events Page” for details.

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  • luca z.

    If any of you want to learn how to block kicks, just like Tami, you can try my Muay-Thai class tonight at 6:30, my trainer Doc is going to be there again, check it out it’s fun and a great work-out

  • carry

    Just wondering about Saturday’s event. Haven’t heard anything about it! Just what I see on the Web page. Holly & I were wondering who will be doing the WOD for DCF.

    We both would like to join if there is room for us. If not we we will do the 10AM class & hang out and cheer y’all on 🙂

  • Andrew

    Yea I have some people from CFU asking me about more details. Are there a minimum number of peopled needed? How many girls and guys? Is it a team workout or individual? Thanks JJ

  • Yvonne

    The first DCF dinner is listed in yesterdays comments. Craig will list it under “upcoming events” soon.

  • Mark L.

    Can we do 50 snatches? My rack is sore. 🙂
    Debbie and I will be at the Creamery in WC on Saturday, 2/21 at 5PM with Kate and John. Who’s up for splitting a “Kitchen Sink” with the Lind family?

  • Carry

    I will bring Drew & Brooke….should be a blast!

  • Meg Rosten

    Great questions Carry! ….. Can we just show up and work out at 10 or is there only the competition at 11am option?

    If only the 11am option …. do we need to get a team together? How many people?


    btw: Sooooo soar from yesterday!!!!

  • Yvonne

    I am in for Saturday, class or competition. I will show up for both, do both or one.

    On the “coming events” page it says there is a 10AM Saturday class, 11AM competition with other affiliates and oly class cancelled.

  • Carry


    I’m kinda sore too! Can’t believe you did 5 rounds in 22min & change. I’m sure that was the record for the ladies 🙂

    Thought I was doing good with 27min & change….push ups still slow me WAY down.

    BTW….saw some great heart in the 6PM class. Some new people grinding it out. Amy (her first WOD) is an up and coming rock star! Gwen needs to get off the bands! Time to work on kipping girlfriend ! You’re strong enough.

  • Mark L.

    Gwen is a sleeper. I caught her scaling to alternating double-unders with singles on a WOD with double unders last week, and when I told her she needed to cut that crap out, she IMMEDIATELY ripped off over 10 double unders in a row!!
    I think she might be a spy from Crossfit HQ!

  • Jasmine

    Great Picture! Love it.

    We will be there on Saturday. I am open to being part of a team or just doing the 10 am class. Might as well workout since we will be around for the event 🙂

    I am sure our family will be joining the fun at the ice cream place. We love great excuses to eat ice cream!

  • Stavros@ Diablo CrossFit

    Great WOD JJ, it’s a good mix of Grace, Isabel, Randy, etc. Did it at 1600 hrs with JJ and Ramon;

    Stavros- 2:24
    JJ- 4:09
    Ramon 3:48

  • Mike@ CrossFit Solano

    Did the dotcom again today at Solano CF.
    13:12 as rx’d.

    I’ll be in on Sat for the challenge. Can’t guarentee anyone else will show. Lot’s of maybes. Either way, it’ll be nice to come out and sweat a bit.

  • Jeremy Jones

    4:08 Stav.

    No need to rub salt in the wound.

    4th WOD in the last two weeks. I hope things settle down soon so I can get back on a regular schedule.