090123 FRIDAY


Stavros ‘rises to the challenge’ on the rope.


5 rounds for time:

10 Ring Dips

10 Kb swings (70lb, 54lb or 35lb kettlebell)

Run 200m

Post time to comments.



Mark Sisson brings us an article on the “Recession Diet”

“Over the last year we’ve brought you tips on keeping your primal diet in line with your budget. It’s been a tough year after all. First, gas prices (among other influences) sent food prices soaring, and lately we’ve all been living under the cloud of an economic downturn that seems to be settling in as comfortably as an unwelcome, clueless house guest. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post your ‘cheap diet’ tips to comments.


Updates on Saturday’s “Royal Rumble” on our events page!

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  • Jeremy Jones

    My tips for cheap ‘primal eating’.

    Bags of broccoli for $3.29 at Costco.
    Organic Baby spinach box for $3.59.

    I also buy boneless skinless chicken breasts in bulk. Everything might taste like chicken, but you can make chicken taste like a lot of other stuff.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I need to learn how to use my feet on the rope climb!

  • Mike @ CrossFit Solano

    Yay rest day!!! Except my Sergeant made me come in and “work out” with him this morning. First time since I started CF that i’ve bench pressed. It HAD to be bench press didn’t it. I still managed a meager 295 for 3 reps. Then we moved on to dips…fun. Then it was the Pec Deck. Then biceps…here I managed to talk him into letting me do pullups instead. (the thought of doing curls makes me ill)

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    RUINER…wtf is up with the “Mike @ Crossfit Solano”? First we lose Rick, now you! Once a “Ruiner @ Diablo Crossfit” always a RUINER!!!! Haha, love yah bro, see you tomorrow.

  • Pounder @ Diablo/Solano

    I had to drop Ruiner when people started calling me that like it was my nickname. Ruiner is just my favorite punk album and the name sounds cool. The only thing I ruin is peoples appetites when I take off my shirt. 🙂

    Actually, my family and friends calls me Pounder. When I was a kid I was as fat as a Quarter Pounder from McD’s.
    Maybe I should stick with that even though I’m not fat anymore.

    How bout this…

    Pounder@Diablo/Solano…you guys are first.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I still like “Feats of Strength Mike”


  • Mark L.

    Mike, I’d stay away from “Pounder”. It sounds kind of dirty.
    Speaking of rest days, I’m taking a few days off. My arms are just feeling like they… I think they are about to fall off. Next week, I’m going to focus on “lower half” until things calm down upstairs.
    I’ll be there Saturday with my 2 cameras to record the throw down, though. Make sure to have a few short silly sound bites for me. =)

  • Craig

    Personally, I liked “Mike the Invincible”.

    Now, what’s with the pic today?

    Nice work on the rope with no legs, Stav. Although, did you get a chest burn on the way down with no shirt?

    Wtf is Darren chewing on in the background?

    Who are the referree and the kid with the ‘fro?

    And, speaking of dirty, what the hell is Eric doin’?

  • Pounder @ Diablo/Solano

    Dirty? What are you thinking about Mark?

    Ha Ha. And I’m not nearly strong enough for feats of strength.

  • Andrew

    Hmmm, I was going to say Halloween for the ref and the kid with the fro, but this is at the new shed….sooo I dunno…

    I’ll be in for the 10am WOD tomorrow morning with my GF and then we’ll be spectating the competition, and maybe even participate if we’re not too dead from the 10am WOD. Either way I’ll have my camera there, too, to take pics!

  • Miles

    It’s so obvious what’s happening in that picture Craig. Stavros lured some teenage boys back to DCF by asking them if they’d ever seen a grown man do rope climbs with his shirt off. Darren is playing the harmonica and Eric is pretending everything is going to be fine, just another day at the gym.

  • Yvonne

    Are you sure that is Darren? I have never seen him in a tank top? Just because he has a shaved head doesn’t mean he is Darren! Maybe he is biting the skin off his hands from his last week 500+ pullup WOD to do the rope climb?

  • Mark L.

    I am not Darren.

  • Pounder @ Diablo/Solano

    You also don’t appear to be in the pic Mark…

    The ref is Luca’s son and the kid with the fro is his son’s friend.

    Darren is licking chocolate off of his fingers before Stav catches him straying from the Zone.

  • brian nesmith

    Don’t forget Trader Joe’s! It’s the cheap foodies friend! Lots of very paleo/zone friendly items at fair prices. I don’t think Rob Wolfe would come out of his cave if they ever closed down.

    Have fun a the showdown tomorrow!

  • Ruiner @ Diablo/Solano Crossfit

    Jorgy–I got those bags of almonds for ya. They were like 4 bucks and change each. I bought you two of em.

    I’ll bring em tomorrow morn.

  • Mountain

    Finally got a little mojo back today.

    Was able to do today’s workout with the 32kg kettlebell, which I’ve never been able to swing effectively (24kg was my limit). Very stoked about that. Swinging the 32kg on a regular basis should get my swings a lot faster on Helen, and put me on the road to doing Eva as Rx’d– something I’m definitely looking forward to. Maybe I could do Murph & Eva back-to-back as part of a birthday weekend (not until May– I have lots of time).

    Came back in the afternoon to knock out a Newbie workout while Bryan, Jordan, and Alex did the WOD. Got it done in 3:39, a PR by 7 seconds, and my first PR of the new year. There was a new woman there (I didn’t catch her name– shame on me) doing a PT with Jeremy. Hopefully, she had as much fun with the Newbie as I did.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Props to Craig for getting me to workout tonight… IN MY FATIGUES AND COMBAT BOOTS!!! I had no workout clothes and was reminded that crossfit doesn’t care what you wear to workout in. I PR’d GI Jane 12:32ish. (No offense to my husband, Bryan… but you shouldn’t mix coaching/ peer pressure to workout/ kick in the pants to workout and spouse in the same sentence!). Let me just say- combat boots and fire-proof fatigues aren’t optimal workout attire- but I felt kinda cool working out in semi-battle rattle.

  • Jasmine

    Way to go Shannon! I would have loved to see that. Your gear must have added that extra element off toughness to push you to a PR! Maybe you should think about wearing the boots more often. If not for a PR, then at least for shock value 🙂

    Hope to see you tomorrow.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I’ve got pics of Shannon doing GI Jane in fatigues.



  • jorgy

    Good shit Feats of Strength Mike I will bring my wallet. We could have ourselves a business venture selling almonds for that price haha.