090125 SUNDAY “Royal Rumble Roundup”


“A few” spectators gather to watch heat 1 of DCF’s first ‘Royal Rumble’.



Tabata double unders (count attempts if you can’t DU yet, otherwise only count what you make)

Rest 1 minute

Tabata push ups

Rest 1 minute

Tabata L Sit (count seconds*)

Rest 1 minute

Tabata squats

A ‘Tabata’ is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times (4 minutes total per exercise). Your “score” for each exercise is the lowest number of reps in any single round.

*For L sits, watch the clock closely and score for each round is how many seconds you keep your feet up. Pace yourself, if you can’t maintain an ‘L’ for a single second at the end, your score will be zero.

Post scores for each exercise as well as your total.


Royal Rumble Round Up.

I wouldn’t say that the event went without a hitch, but I think it went pretty damn good for about a week of planning (actually . . . only about a day of planning). We had visitors from CrossFit Oakland, CrossFit Solano, CrossFit Unlimited, CrossFit One World (Will) and CrossFit Santa Clara (home of the ‘rump of death’). About 56 people competed in all (14 teams of 3 – 5 people).

What were your experiences? What recommendations do you have? What was your favorite moment?

Post answers and thoughts to comments.

Pictures should be up on our Flickr account soon. Stay tuned for a video in the future as well!

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  • Craig

    3X 4X & 5X = the number of people on the team.

    The fastest five person team: “CFO 2” at 27:10.

    The fastest four person team: “CFSC Team Kahlipa” at 22:52.

    Team numbers above were assigned in the beginning – they do not represent placement.

    In the end, in an attempt to “equalize” the work per person, we divided the total time by the number of people on the team to come up with an average time per person. I’m not sure this is a fair way to calculate an overall winner. See team 7, “CFO 1”, they would be Overall #2 with a 5:35 per person.

    The issue is, that 5 person teams have more work but still may only have 2 people working at the same time. This allows more rest for the others, however. If someone can come up with a formula to level the field, let us know.

    Next time, 4 person teams only, I think.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Nor Cal Qualifiers registration NOW OPEN. Don’t wait until it fills up, register now!!!

  • Damen

    I was up in chico this weekend, checked out crossfit chico once I sobered up. The place is pretty nice, but there pullup structure welds have nothing on DCF’s.

  • Yvonne

    Damen you famous for building the “Diablotron” and JJ for designing it. It is the signature of DCF!

    Had fun yesterday! Feeling it today!

    Next time we should have 2 people working if it is a team of 4, and 3 people working if it is a team of 5. I think a team of 4 is best but it never works out that way.

  • Jason Khalipa

    Great workout you guys put together!!!!!!!

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I am sore as hell

    Thank you for putting on a great event!

    Oh and I am really sorry about putting a hole in your wall, when you come to my box you can return the favor.

  • Jason Khalipa

    Great workout you guys put together!!!!!!!

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I am sore as hell

    Thank you for putting on a great event!

    Oh and I am really sorry about putting a hole in your wall, when you come to my box you can return the favor.

  • luca z.

    Hey Jason what part of your body did you use to make that hole 😉 eheh!

  • TomC - CrossFit Oakland

    I have some pictures available from the competition yesterday. The shots are definitely biased in favor of the Oakland crowd, but there are some pics of the other competitors, too.


    Excellent workout yesterday. I am quite sore now.

  • Nabil

    Craig and Jeremy-
    Great event! The energy was awesome, perfect for getting people geared up for the NorCal qualifiers. The only suggestion that I would have is to have a pre-registration so that it allows you guys to better plan ahead. With the great turnout that you had from the various locations, it’s clear that people will definitely commit to these affiliate competitions. Require a pre-registration, you guys have earned the right! Great new box, and parking lot to hold such an event too, I look forward to the next one you guys have.

  • luca z.

    I like today posting on SFCF, perfect for yesterday mad work out and a good explanation of why it’s always better to come and work out at our gym, then check the WOD off the website and do it by yourself, it’s called The Hawthorne effect:

    “The Hawthorne effect is a form of reactivity, and describes a temporary change of behavior or performance in response to a change in the environmental conditions, with the response being typically an improvement.”

    Defined: a short-term improvement caused by observing worker performance.

    And that’s why if you check, the more people in the class the better your score, so make sure to come to the Shed as much as you can, and tell as many people you can about it.

  • DarrenRosten@CrossfitSolano/Diablo

    Great event. I am glad that we had such a great turnout. It was great to be able to workout with my wife. I propose we have a couples team Competition. At Diablo we def. have some awesome couples. Would be a battle to see which couple would reign supreme. Before the competition we need to clarify if we will allow same sex couple to compete. I would hate it if Jorgy and Rick couldn’t compete.

    BTW my crossfit claim to fame is that I got to take a picture where Jason Khalipa’s butt went through our wall.

  • Sal

    Diablo Crossfit

    Just want to thank everyone who helped put this event. This was my first time competing against other affiliates and it was great time. Mad props

  • Dal@crossfitUnlimited

    Thanks for putting this event on, it was tons of fun and great to compete with the Crossfit Elite.

    Dal @ unlimited