DCF’s JJ with Matt from Motor City CrossFit where he did the following workout:

12 – 9 – 6

Rep rounds for time of:

Burpee squat clean thrusters (45lbs)

Weighted pull ups (40lbs)

Post time and loads (if modified) to comments.



With Matt’s “encouragement” I was able to finish in sub 10. . . with 9:59:66.



Staying active and moderate drinking healthier than abstaining

“Non-drinkers consumed less than one drink a week, moderate drinkers had between 1-14 drinks a week, and heavy drinkers drank 15 or more a week.”

“Within each level of physical activity, non-drinkers had a 30-31 per cent higher risk of IHD compared to moderate drinkers. However, non-drinkers who had a moderate or high level of physical activity had a reduced risk of IHD of 31 and 33 per cent respectively compared to physically inactive non-drinkers. People who drank at least one drink a week and were physically active had a 44-50 per cent lower risk of IHD compared to physically inactive non-drinkers.”

I have been saying this all along! -jj

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    I give. What is a burpee squat clean? Wait. Maybe I don’t want to know.

  • J Jones

    a bsq is a burpee (drop down, kick feet out, do a push up) with a squat clean and thruster (bring feet in, do a squat clean, then do a thruster). All done with dumbells. Simple right?