Vikki hits the 400m loop hard during the 0600 class.


For time.

21 ‘Chest to bar’ pull ups (use a band if needed to get full ROM)

21 ‘Chest to floor’ burpees

15 ‘Chest to bar’ pull ups

15 ‘Chest to floor’ burpees

9 ‘Chest to bar’ pull ups

9 ‘Chest to floor’ burpees

Post time to comments.



Brief, High Intensity Interval Training may Thwart Diabetes

As little as three minutes of high-intensity exercise every other day may help sedentary people ward off diabetes, results of a small clinical study suggested. . .

Click here for compete article.

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Don’t miss “Doc” Docto’s seminar in Martinez Feb 7th! (This one of the guys that trained Luca – so you know he doesn’t get more legit than that)


Check our Events Page for details about the “Fish Tournament” at CrossFit One World on Saturday!

Also – This Sunday’s ‘special’ event will be a ‘Paleo Pot Luck’ for those wanting to participate. Please bring your favorite Paleo or Zone dish with the recipe to share. Hopefully we can make this “Recipe Taste and Swap” a regular occurrence at DCF. Talk to or email jj for details.

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  • luca z.

    Great thanks J.J.

  • Carry

    That’s my girl Vikki! She says she can already run further than when she began. This is her 3rd week. 🙂


    Joy is so excited. She’s a little sore today and she loves it! I can’t wait to see these two ladies in 6 months.

  • Craig

    Awesome pic, JJ.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I know.

    The volume and and capacity of my talents is only rivaled by my volume and capacity to do work across broad time and modal domains.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I hope that was with your new fancy camera and not the old point/shoot! haha, nice pic JJ.

    Even better though is Vikki giving it her all. That is why I do Crossfit, because people come to our gym and give 100%, I love it.

  • Craig

    This picture is fitness.

    It is so hard to tell people what “fitness” really is – or how it feels, or the commitment it takes. When most people, especially the deconditioned, find themselves out there alone like Vikki is in this picture at 6AM – they give up. Its cold, lonely and the gains aren’t coming fast enough. Most of us have been there.

    But, this is where fitness begins – in your head. When you can motor through the initial embarrasment, the lonely feelings, the aches and pains, the cold mornings and still show up the next day ready for more, then fitness has begun for you.

    The DCF Community will help you with all of the above. But we aren’t going to come to your house and get you out of bed to come workout with us. If you do make it, however, amazing results will follow.

  • Carry


    How come you aren’t that witty in person?


  • Big Dave

    Nice pic JJ

    Couldn’t have said that any better Craig.

    We push to help each other get to level’s we never though we could acheve.

    Now if I can just come in 1st place in some WOD I would be happy to know I beat the best in DCF>>>> well not anytime soon but that is my goal for 2009. I can only beat myself by what I do in rounds and time to make them better.

    22lbs in 5 months is about what I have lost so far.


  • luca z.

    Nice Craig, Dave that’s what it’s all about beat your own time forget about the rest at DCF just get those WOD done faster each time, the rest will take care of itself.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Carry – Because there isn’t a backspace button in real life.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Tough WOD today…reminded me of the ’08 CF Games, ugh, my palms shuttered in fear. I ran to DCF today, worked out to about 5.3km, took me just over 24 mins. That sufficed as a warm up, then JJ and I did the WOD.

    Stavros- 5:01
    JJ- 4:27

  • Ruiner @ DiabloCrossFit

    JJ–great answer. ROR (raff out roud) I’m feeling japanese today.

    I’m also feeling happier than a pig in shit because I hit a 3:01 FRAN today AFTER doing elizabeth in like 8:47. That was weird…don’t rightly know what was wrong I just didn’t have it today I guess. Feeling dissapointed yet unwilling to do it again I tried Fran. Until today i’ve never gotten sub 5:32.

    MMMMmmmmm…..red meat and beer for celebrating. PR’s are like birthdays.