090130 FRIDAY


Functional Training: Shannon does “GI Jane” in her Chem suit pants and boots.


4 rounds for time

Row 500m

15 Handstand Push Ups

1 rope climb (15 ft ascent).

Post time to comments.



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  • Miles

    That could quite possibly be the three things I am the worst at all in one workout, opportunity for improvement!

  • Yvonne

    Wear long pants or you will be a rope burns on your legs!

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Thanks again, Craig, for peer-pressuring me into working out (I had forgotten my workout clothes) and letting me borrow a short-sleeve shirt to workout in!

    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. We’ve been getting worked over at the hospital and I’ve had to lead a lot of PT at work… earlier this week the Surgical Ops Squadron did Mark’s creation: The Ugly Mile of Burpees. (Sprint 100m, 10 Burpees x 16 rounds for time). Ouch!

  • Darren

    The Mile of Burpees was a Jorgy creation I think.

  • Mark L.

    Mile of burpies was Josh’s creation that I suggested for Shannon when she asked for a WOD suggestion for her squad that she could do on a track.
    Definitely PANTS! Today’s WOD is going to be fun. I’m going to try and bang it out at 4pm before my classes. I’ll bring a stick of deodorant, so as not to offend.

  • luca z.

    Again yesterday we had a great Muay-Thai class with my trainer Doc, who is visiting from Thailand, were he has been living for the past 3 years. I would like to encourage every one to come and try our class, especially now that Doc is here, he will go back at the end of March, the classes are included in your membership and are a lot of fun, you are going to learn a great martial art, and a good self defense work out, we are at the Shed on Thursday eve at 6:30 and on Saturday morning at 9, open to all levels just try it.

  • Nabil

    HUGE thanks for the shout out!

    Thank you for your kind words.

    In the future I hope to eventually have a group of firebreathers that I can bring to your box for one of your Diablo Rumbles!

    Thanks again guys!

  • Jeremy Jones

    No problem Nabil!

    Please be sure to keep us posted on your events and such so we can throw them up on our site.


  • Emily

    Last workout at the shed today! Made me sad, but it was a good one. We’re packing up and moving to Washington this Tuesday or Wednesday…Katy, Drake and I will miss you all!

  • CraigH-DiabloCrossFit

    Bummer, Emily! Best to you and the family on your next adventure.

    Rope climbs: how much does the fear of heights impact your ability to execute on the rope?

    Some people that can do many pullups have trouble on the ropes, others, with limited pullups, can scale a rope no problem. Its definitely a skill exercise, but how much does the psychology affect us?

    By the way – awesome effort by Jamie tonight.. a rope rat!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    At work until Sunday, not really feeling it today but WOD’d anyways.

    135#Cleans (FSC)
    Ring Dips

    7:42 as RX’d

    cleans were sloppy, tomorrow rest, rest is good.

  • Mark L.

    Crossfit has found another weakness in me that I must address! Another one for the list. I cross something off, and another thing comes up to take it’s place… and I’m a better athlete because of it.
    One thing Crossfit has taught me that I didn’t have before: I celebrate when I find something I’m not good at because I have a clear target to shoot at.
    I wish the rest of life were as simple to sort out.

  • Yvonne

    Emily, Katy and Drake will be sooo missed! I will never forget the mornings Drake and Olivia were in the Shed together. Good luck to you all!

  • Mountain

    Got my first four rope climbs ever today, and a nasty rope burn on my left leg. Thanks to Sarah for the instruction on footwork, and for calling the rope burn sexy. It may have been a lie, but it helped kill some pain.

  • Jasmine

    Oh Emily and Katie! I am really going to miss you guys and Drake too! It made me so happy to see you today, Emily. I was just starting to wonder where you had gone. I will miss the push you give me during workouts and the awe inspiring strength moves you so easily display.

    I wish you both, well all, a really wonderful and hopeful transition. I hope your next gym get’s to enjoy you guys as much as we have!

    Please come back to visit.


    PS. Jamie… the secret is out! You are becoming famous for your monkey ways 🙂 The ropes were quite fun today now that I finally “got it” thanks to you and your instruction a few weeks ago 🙂