090201 SUNDAY


“Diablo CrossFit: Home of Jason Khalipa’s Butt Hole” (Mike M, Darren and Jorgy seem very excited about that).


400m walking lunges for time

Trailing knee must ‘kiss’ the ground each rep (use knee pads if you have got them), stepping leg must have foot pass knee height (step high each rep).

Scale by cutting back distance (200m or less is PLENTY for beginners!).

Post time to comments.


Article: Why do the majority of people never get cancer?

“. . .As Klein explains, the suffering of cancer patients and their families has inspired most cancer researchers to focus on the genetics of cancer susceptibility. On the other hand, the genetics of cancer resistance has been largely unexplored, possibly because it is assumed to be merely the other side of the susceptibility coin. For example, if cancer is caused by mutations in genes that control cell division, then it logically seems that cancer resistance is simply a low occurrence of these mutations.

But, Klein says, maybe there is another alternative to the concept of cancer resistance. Perhaps most people have various protective mechanisms that counteract the development of cancer cells and stop the disease from progressing beyond the earliest stages. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • CraigH-DiabloCrossFit

    Word is that Jorgy won the CFOW Fish Tourny!! Way to represent, Josh!

    Pic is absolutely hilarious.

  • Mark L.

    Josh trained Friday night until well after I left. He’s an animal!!
    I’m going to come in and do some rope climbs after church, today, then strap on 40# and do those 400m walking lunges!

  • Jason Khalipa

    Nice pic guys, I apologize again for leaving an asshole at your facility.

    Place looks great, site looks great, keep up the good work!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Great work from the 10am class today! We did the Newbie as a warm up (remember, our warm up is YOUR workout!), there were some PR’s and solid times. Then came the real fun, the walking lunges. Brutal WOD, but everyone pushed through. Great to see. DCF just plain rocks.

  • luca z.

    Great SuperBowl party today, lots of great food, great ideas on what to cook for dinner, we need to do this get together more often.

  • Ruiner @ DiabloCrossFit

    Crossfit Century
    Tuesday Feb 3rd @ Crossfit Solano

    To participate in the Fairwell WOD, please bring your own beer, soda or favorite alcoholic beverage. In addition, we will be having pizza and are asking for a $5 donation for partaking. If you’d like to bring an appetizer or desert, you are more than welcome to. Please post to comments if you are planning on attending. We will kick off after the 630pm class