090203 TUESDAY


Our very own Jorgy takes home the Fish Tournament Bass from CrossFit One World (see it in our lobby right now). Rodil rocks the ‘diablo’ shirt in the background.

Mike Mathers (original DCFer and now CF Solano / Diablo CrossFitter) is leaving for Korea soon. He won’t be living in the States for at least a few years.

(pic not really SFW, but still pretty funny)


A going away party for “Ruiner” is tonight at CrossFit Solano: “On 3 Feb 09, we will be sending Mike “Ruiner” off with a celebration after the 630pm class. Please bring your own sodas, beer or other beverages. Pizza will be provided but we ask that if you partake to please pitch in $5. Also, if you would like to bring a desert or other dish, you are more than welcome to. The event is open to all CrossFitters and their families.”


6 Rounds of

400m run

2 mintute rest

Post times to comments.



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  • Yvonne

    Congratulations “Fish Man”!!!

    Mike you will be sooo missed!!! Come back safe and keep us posted on your WOD’s.

  • Bryan Stornetta

    My WOD yesterday
    500m row
    50 push ups
    400m run
    50 situps
    500m row
    25 push ups
    400m run
    25 situps
    500m row
    50 kb swings (35lb)
    400m run
    50 K2E
    500m row
    25 kb swings
    400m run
    25 K2E

    33:26 and feeling it this morning. Thanks Jorgy

  • luca z.

    How many times do you want to repeat the 400m run?

  • Rodil

    I was watching with a group of One Worlders from about 10 feet away when that picture of Mike R was taken, about 60 minutes into the CrossFit Century. (That’s one pullup and 1 oz of beer, every minute, for 100 minutes.) It was hilarious in a “I’m glad that’s not me” kind of way.

    Congrats to Jorgy on winning the Fish Tourney and bringing the Talking Fish Plaque to Diablo! The semi-final round looked like an Affiliate challenge, with Jorgy rowing against Brad (CF One World) and Herm (CF Los Altos) facing Austin (CF Unlimited). I think this was Jorgy and Herm’s first night playing the Fish game.

    My son Anthony had a great time playing with the One World kids and the jumping house. Hope to see more Diablos there the next time Freddy and One World hosts and event.

  • Mark L.

    Is the WOD just the one 400m followed by 2 mins rest, or is there more than one round? =)
    Sorry I’m going to miss your party, Mike, but wifey’s out of town, and I’m Mr. Mom for a couple days!

  • Andrew

    Last time we did a WOD with 400m with 2 min rest was for 6 rounds…maybe this is the same one?

  • Craig

    WOD Corrected! 6 Rounds x 400m. JJ fell asleep at the keyboard after another long day.

    Did the 6AM Fight Fit, invitation only class. Awesome. I felt like Ruiner in the above pic several times. Email Jimmy if you’d like to go – or, join his MWF 6am class and get your CF out of the way early!

    3rnds of 1min each:

    Squat jumps 95/65
    GHD situps
    Cleans (full squat) 135
    Bag bunches (repeated punches)
    Bag combos (jab, jab, hook, cross, cross)
    Ground & pounds (punch & elbow the crap out of a bag while kneeling over it)

    This was a blast and a beast. Thanks, Jimmy.

  • russell

    For anyone who wants to see what oly lifting can do for your box jump….whoa!


  • Mark L.

    That guy is 350 lbs! According to wiki, he can also do a standing back flip!?

  • Craig

    Word is no one wanted to run today. Class attendance was low. JJ is mad. Watch out for tomorrows wod…

  • Andrew


  • Mountain

    I wanted to run today, but today was a rest day. Don’t cheat the rest days!

    I’m hoping tomorrow is either “Kelly” or “Nancy” (both have been on crossfit.com recently, and both pair running with exercises I’m not good at), but I’ll do whatever’s posted.

  • Jeremy Jones

    No mean workout today.

    All the cherry pickers who didn’t show up today will just have to have their WOD times suffer for not coming to the running WODs.