090208 SUNDAY


Bryan S does some Over head squats in the “Arena”.

Workot (From the Affiliate Gathering’s Park WOD from CrossFit Central).

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of,

5 burpees

7 med ball cleans

10 Overhead Squats with the pvc pipe (or scale the weight up is you so wish).

Post number of rounds completed to comments.

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  • craig

    At the Affiliation meeting in Austin. Hanging and learning from some amazing people and affiliate owners. This thing is exploding. Almost 1000 affiliates in 8 countries.

    Just finished listening to new affiliate owner Kyle Maynard. Google him and go to his site – especially if you think your life is challenging. You will be humbled.

    Lots, lots more coming from this incredible community. Its very exciting.

  • Craig

    By the way, lots of newbies coming today!

    Show them some DCF love (and some pain).

  • Holly

    Huge thanks to Jimmy and Mark for the Rumble event last night, it was a blast!

    Yvonne and Jorgy killed it and took home the winner titles and some cool prizes. They are both flippin’ animals and amazing to watch. Great work you two, and great job done by everyone else.

  • Anthony Bainbridge - CrossFit Fredericton

    Holy shit – it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. New page looks AWESOME.

  • JimmyG

    Big Thanks to All the DCF Competitors in the RUMBLE last night. You all gave a truly amazing effort. There was no single winner in my book, just some incredible work being put in!! Plus my buddy Anthony won by TKO in the 1st round!!! He will be joining us at DCF soon…….Thank you Marky, Big Dave, all our counters and our super HOT glove girls for your help. I look forward to more of these fun events. Another special thanks to last nights sponsors: DCF, MMAJacked, SOLDIER Fight Gear, Coach Eyewear, and Cryogel. Thank you JJ and Craig for trusting us with your baby…….JimmyG

  • luca z.

    A big turn out for today class, a huge thanks to the veterans that helped me with the newbies, Big Dave, Mountain, Hylie, Rhodes, Hardway Bryan, Holly, we had some fun!!

  • Rodil

    Check out the Affiliate Gathering photo on the Crossfit mainpage. You can see JJ up in a tree and Craig in the middle back row – both flashing the horns!