090211 WEDNESDAY “AMRAP 1/2 Kelly”


Mark leads the class through ‘Overhead Walk’ form (no he is not threatening to ‘Hulk Smash’ the dbs) to Stephanie, Carry, Strong Meg, Laci, Vikki (hiding behind Mark), Yvonne, Jasmine, Miles and Bryan.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

200m run

25 box jumps (24in box for advanced, 20in intermediate, 12 in box beginner)

25 wall balls (20lb/10ft advanced, 14lb/10ft intermediate, 10lb/8ft beginner)

Post number of rounds, and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

Compare your total number of repetions completed to your last “Kelly” score.



Pentagon Reports that US troops obesity doubles since 2003

“. . .From 1998 to 2002, the number of servicemembers diagnosed as overweight remained s teady at about one or two out of 100. But those numbers increased after 2003, according to the study, and today nearly one in 20 are diagnosed as clinically overweight.

There may be even more overweight troops than the report shows, Kilpatrick said, because the study includes only servicemembers diagnosed as overweight during a visit with a doctor. The actual percentage of troops who are found to be overweight during fitness trials could be higher, he said . . .”

Click here for complete article.


“Letter of the Day”

In our quest for assistance to prove to the city of Pleasant Hill that a zoning text change is good idea for all, we will try and highlight some of the letters you guys send in here on the website.

Today’s is from Ron L:

” This in regards to the Pleasant Hill planning commissions zoning hearing affecting Diablo Crossfit. My name is Ron Lorensen I am an active member of Diablo Crossfit. I would like to see the zoning rules amended to include small business like Diablo Crossfit in light industrial parks. In the time that I have been a member I have seen no negative impacts that DCF has or could have or be having on the park. I do not understand the what the commissions real concerns are . Fitness facilities located within industrial zones are not uncommon. I have lifted weights for over 25 years and have worked out at many fitness facilities located in industrial zones, so this is not a unique situation! . . .”

Click “Continue Reading” below for the rest of the letter.

And don’t forget to write your letter to support@diablocrossfit.com today!

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  • Rick

    hahaha check out the crossfit games website

  • Mark L.

    In that games picture, I see Jeremy doing work, and Freddie resting.
    This issue with the zoning is real, and it is more than just a distracting annoyance. We really need to mobilize, and our time is limited. 3, 2, 1 GO!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I agree…

    This is a real issue, we will not lose.

  • JimmyG

    I stunk it up this morning!! It was one of those mornings when I felt like I had nothing in the tank. I sucked and I’ll be taking it out on the FightFit class tomorrow……j/k

  • Adam

    Haha, I’m with Jimmy… Don’t know what I was thinking with the whole weighted vest idea. By my 3rd round of box jumps I was barely making it to the top of the box.
    Fight Fit is legit Jimmy, keep up the good work.

  • Craig

    We were robbed of reps! Freddy’s cop buddies were counting for both teams and we think they literally heard our reps shouted and added them to Freddy and Jolie – negating our gain and adding to theirs.

    That said, I’m a sore loser. Rick, really appreciate you calling attention to the video.

    And Jolie and Freddy are frikkin’ machines.

    But..we still might have won with better counting.

  • Craig

    Thank you, Mark & Stav. Thats right.