090213 FRIDAY “GI Jane”

+++NEW WEEKEND CLASSES ADDED! SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 3pm class every weekend! (get your workout in before going out to party that night -or- sleep in after being out late)+++


Functional Fitness warm up (Dave carries Matt).

Workout: “GI Jane”

100 burpee pull ups for time.

Chest hits the deck and chin over the bar every time.

Post time to comments.



From my new favorite CrossFit Blog – John Welborn’s CrossFit Balboa

Is coffee bad for you?

“. . .A 2001 study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that coffee has significantly more total antioxidant activity than cocoa, green tea, black tea, or herbal tea. And a study published in 2006 concluded that coffee “…may inhibit inflammation and therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other inflammatory diseases in postmenopausal women.”. . .”

Click here for complete article.


DCF’s very own Tami and Justine show you how to make beef jerky at home with just a regular oven:

You can expect more nutrition videos and articles from Diablo CrossFit in the future. So stay tuned!


Monday around noon we plan on having a workout, then going around to the surrounding homes to get a census (see: petition) of what the neighbors think of having a gym in the Light Industrial part of Pleasant Hill.

We will provide the workout, forms, and possibly lunch. So if you can make it down (it is President’s Day after all) please let us know.

And keep writing those emails!

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  • Andrew

    So is there only one class on Monday? Sadly I still have class on Monday =(

  • sakura

    Are you hosting another challenge on Sat, Mar 14? I thought that was Unlimited? CF Oakland has you down for a challenge. Let me know because we posted Unlimited as the challenge on our page. Thanks!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    March 14 will be at DCF.


  • JimmyG

    We will still be having 6am on Monday…All are welcome!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Classes on Monday as usual.

    The petition thing will happen after the late morning classes.


  • Craig

    I love this wod! Simple and complete.

    Keep your letters coming! Trainers, we need your emails/letters too.

    Send emails to support@diablocrossfit.com.

    We have about 10 emails so far and we need a lot more!

  • Nabil

    Craig and Jeremy-
    I just read the post regarding zoning. Aside from attending the meeting and writing a letter, please let me know if there is anything I in particular, being a local affiliate, can do to help.

  • Mark L.

    My wife works on Monday, unfortunately. Am I going to be able to bring kids to the Monday petition thing? Is there a specific time, or just “after the morning classes”?
    I might be able to make the 6am if I can get back in time for the handoff.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mark – We planned on having the petitioners go out around 11 or 12 noon.

    Nabil – Thanks! We’ll keep you informed.

    GI Jane: 10:49 (chin over the bar, chest to the deck).

    Completely humbled by Stavros doing it in full Fire fighter turnouts, bottle, helmet, mask and on air. . . 15:45.


  • Craig

    Nabil, come to the meeting on Feb 24, please! We’d love your support.

    Fantastic video, Tami and Justine. That should be on the affiliate site.

    Stav – you’re a madman and an inspiration. Can’t wait to see the pics!

    Great pic today, JJ. Too damn funny. The new carryin’ the old (member that is).

  • Carry

    I will do my best to be there Mon for the petition & the meeting on the 24th. Been battling a terrible cold/flu. I will definitely write a letter.

    Miss you all….miss the Shed.

  • Ronnielo

    Shoot Jeremy I have been humbled in every workout ! Watching Stavos do it in his fire gear and SCBA was awesome and an Inspiration. My goal is to try a workout in goggles. I think it will be a major challenge for me. But Yes I can do it!. I am really glad I have switched to crossfit one of the best moves I have made as of late.

  • Darren

    nice wod today. Good work stav.

    Btw Miles killed GI Jane today with time of 9:04 I think.

    Great time miles