090215 SUNDAY

+++Free Class at 10am for new people. 3pm Regular CF Class!+++


Two of our newest Level One Certified Athletes Alex (squatting heavy) and Jordan (checking form).


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135lbs, 95lbs, or 53lbs)

10 GHD sit ups (or abmat sit ups)

10 Wall Ball (20lb ball 10′ target, 14lb 8′ target)

30 ft Walking lunge (50lb dumbbells, 35lbs, or 15lbs)

Post number of rounds completed to comments.



The ‘new’ “Life Spotlight” gives us some some ‘smart’ drink options.

Post your poison to comments.


Keep the letters coming!

Monday we will be going around the neighborhood. Please help us rally Pleasant Hill into voicing their opinion. Post to comments if you can help (around 11am – 2pm).

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  • JimmyG

    Those Guys have a great Coach!!!!

  • Tami

    I’ll be there on Monday to help out. I’ll send my letter of support too.

  • Mountain

    The WOD was a beast, but the brand-spanking-new 3 o’clock class was up to the challenge.

    100-mile Suzie & Strong Meg both got 9+ rounds.
    Hector went 5+ rounds with 95# SDHP.
    Jenny went 6 rounds doing overhead lunges w/ a 25# plate.
    And Armida & Shona did their very first DCF class (7 rounds and 5+ rounds, respectively).

    As always, it’s a beautiful day for CrossFit.

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Stornetta WOD: (We were at church and couldn’t make the am class)

    Deck of Cards:

    Hearts = push-ups
    Diamonds = air squats
    Spades = sit ups
    Clubs = card # = number of seconds x 10 planks (so 4 of clubs = 40 seconds planks)
    Jack = 11
    Queen = 12
    King = 14
    Aces = 20 reps or 3:20 mins of planks
    Joker = your “opponent” gets to pick what you do

    Shuffle the deck. For time: whatever card is pulled is what you do. Complete the entire deck.


  • Andrew

    Shannon….you’re crazy!