090217 TUESDAY


Alan, Chris and Ron leave matching sweat puddles during “GI Jane”.


5 rounds for time.

1 Rope Climb

10 Ring push ups

One arm dumbbell power snatch (10 right, 10 left) 50lb/35lb/25lb

30 seconds of L-sit position (break it up as much as needed to get a cumulative 30s)

Post time to comments.



Bigger waist line linked to Migraines.

Post thoughts to comments.


Kelly Starrett (aka “K-Star”) from CrossFit San Francisco will be putting on an event at CrossFit Santa Cruz.

Training the Injured Athlete with Kelly Starrett.

From Hollis: “Kelly is coming to our gym to explain the how and why we can keep training while injured. Injury is part of life. How do we deal with it? How does it affect our training and what can we do about it?” “

This is a one day event.

March 14th


Cost $200

Click here to see a flyer.


Today is the last day to get your emails in!

Please send your emailed letters to “support@diablocrossfit.com” right away.

You can download an example letter here (in ‘Word’ format).

Our Planning Commission meeting will be held at 100 Gregory lane, Pleasant Hill, Ca, on Tuesday February 24th at 7:30pm. EVERYONE IS INVITED. WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE TO COME AS POSSIBLE (no you won’t have to say or ‘do’ anything unless you want to).

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  • Craig

    Mark, how’s the back?

    Looking forward to class tonight!

  • Yvonne

    Changing the DCF dinner this Saturday to a Pleasant Hill restaurant to support our town!!! Any suggestions, kid friendly???

  • Jasmine

    Hmmm… kid friendly in P Hill…. I would say maybe sweet tomatoes? I *think* kids eat free there at lunch.. not sure about dinner though. That’s a hard one actually. Fudruckers is a great place for kids but I don’t think either locations are Pleasant Hill. Skipolini’s is also a fun spot for fam and kids but, again, not is Pleasant Hill. I will keep thinking!

    I am unable to come because of my very good friends thirtieth b-day bash, but I do believe Stav will be there with the kids. I will be sad to miss!


  • Andrew

    How about Red Robin in Sun Valley mall? Isn’t the Fudruckers at the Willows shopping center considered Pleasant Hill?

  • luca z.

    Both Sun Valley and the Willows are Concord, Pasta Pomodoro is kids friendly in PH, there’s a pizza place across from the movie theaters called Red Brick, they’ve got tv monitors on each table, for the kids, just a couple of places I can think of.

  • luca z.

    Both Sun Valley and the Willows are Concord, Pasta Pomodoro is kids friendly in PH, there’s a pizza place across from the movie theaters called Red Brick, they’ve got tv monitors on each table, for the kids, just a couple of places I can think of.

  • Craig

    Left Bank? Back 40?

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    I was thinking Back 40 also. We sort of know the owners (Jaz is good friends w/her). Too bad we didn’t think of it sooner, could have a rally for Diablo Crossfit meal there or something. They seem pretty into fundraisers. I’m sure if we get there earlier on Saturday, the kid thing would be fine. It’s a loud restaurant, but has good food and a good bar.

  • Jasmine

    I think our next petition to the city should be for them to open up a family friendly brewery/sports spot (like a BJ’s) in P Hill! It is the one thing that is missing. We will be professional petitioners by then 😉


  • Jeremy Jones

    Maybe we should just expand DCF into one of the other open spaces and make our own (we drink enough beer).

    Matt (Sara’s hubby) could brew the beer!


  • Mark L.

    My back has been improving a lot since Saturday morning when my wife actually had to help me get dressed. I am taking a muscle relaxant and a pain killer. The most help has come from resting it in the horizontal position. I’ve also been using compression and ice, and actually ice WITH compression (I have a sort of man girdle thing I put on over the ice pack tucked into my briefs).
    This is an old injury that crops up from time to time (sometimes from running, other times an “event” like my Diane RX performance of Friday night). My deadlift form was great according to Jorgie who was watching the whole thing.
    Coming back from this, I will do my deadlifts with low weight and high reps executed at low speed for a while. I also will be adding a few supplemental exercises to target strengthening my low back, specifically.
    I also plan to up my stretching routine beyond the 3 times a week for 20 minutes I’ve been spending. Maybe more like 20 minutes EVERY morning.
    I’m definitely encouraged this is just a short term inconvenience, and I think it will end up helping me focus better.

  • Mark L.

    As for PH restaurants, Alan (pictured above) is on the management team of Chevy’s. He might be able to get us a good deal or a special seating?

  • Jasmine

    Mark… so sorry to hear about your re-injury. Not being able to dress yourself doesn’t sound too good. I do hope recovery is quick and the pain is relieved soon.

    So.. we have another spot to mark down for our PH DCF family nights. I can’t believe I forgot this was an option… Round Table Pizza ( i know, it’s pizza but they do have an awesome salad bar) on Oak Park has a great place for families and kids. We were there this evening… they have games out for kids, a train table, a video, face painting… lot’s of fun. Of course, I think the Tuesday thing is specific for families but they have the games and things out all week long. Just one more option to stick in the bag. Maybe we will have to tour the area over the next few months and find our “spots” 😉

    Great idea on the brewery Jer. I do think enough can be consumed to come out even!

    BTW, I hope you guys got the signature page sitting on the clip board in the front Lobby. I dropped it off this evening but everyone was busy in a workout. Thanks to our preschool we got a bunch more signatures! A few of the moms did mention that I should consider becoming a politician… really, they were an easy sell 🙂 Who knows, after all of this, we could have a whole new influx of people just through getting the word out about who we are and why we want to be here!