090219 THURSDAY “Grace”


Abby makes sure that JJ and Daren are okay after “GI Jane”

Workout: “Grace”

30 reps clean and jerk (or overhead anyhow) for time. 135lbs is Rx’ed, but you can use any weight that is challenging.

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Dr. Eades gives some good examples of the paleo diet improving health

“. . .The Paleolithic era refers to that period of history of the genus Homo, which began more than 2 million years ago and ran until the Neolithic period started circa 10,000 years ago. The Neolithic era dates to the time when early man set down roots both literally and figuratively when he started to cultivate plants for food and domesticate animals. The Paleolithic era ends and the Neolithic era begins with the advent of agriculture. . . “

Click here for complete article.

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Rumble at CrossFit Oakland this Weekend (Saturday) at 11am.

And here is the complete “Rumble” schedule for the future:

Sat Feb 21: CrossFit Oakland

Sat Mar 7: CrossFit Silicon Valley

Sat Mar 14: Diablo CrossFit

Sat Apr 4: CrossFit Santa Clara

Sat May 9: CrossFit San Francisco

Sat May 30: CrossFit One World

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  • Travis H

    Darren here is the link you requested…


    If you are new to nutrition and want to learn how to eat paleo click the link and download shopping-food guide. This by far the quickest way to know what to eat and what not to eat.

  • Craig

    I think JJ is going to post a wod and when people show up, he’s going to switch it to running.

    Darren you going paleo? I’ve started..albeit, gradually. Getting better every day. Its tough to give up some stuff.

    Thanks for the link Travis.

  • Mark L.

    I always put plenty of running in, no matter what the WOD is. In my way of thinking, Crossfit is about general physical preparedness. I’m not sure there is any single thing we do that more generally prepares a person for coping with a hostile world than running.
    You run to save yourself, you run to save someone else… and the faster and longer you can do it the better off you’ll be. Whenever there’s a photo spread of a disaster, you always see people running… and not jogging, but RUNNING.
    Crossfit is all about finding your weakness and focusing on it until it’s no longer your weakness. If you don’t like running, you probably need to work on it more. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Yvonne

    Well said Mark!!! I am glad you are moving around better!

    Is Chocolate paleo Craig! Welcome to facebook!

  • Yvonne

    The most requests!

    DCF dinner Saturday, 2/21, 5PM (with kids)

    Round Table Pizza
    1938 Oak Park Blvd, Pleasant Hill

  • Travis H

    Round Table = Paleo Fail

  • Yvonne

    pick the meat off the pizza + salad bar = paleo

  • Mark L.

    Unless you want to be socially retarded on your paleo diet, you’re going to have to get used to surreptitiously throwing away a lot of food when you go out to eat. It’s just the way it is now that we’re out of the old stone age.

  • Travis H

    Mark it is fairly easy to eat paleo when you go out to eat. I would say about 91.5% of the restaurants you can actually order a paleo item right off the menu with out having to be “socially retarded”. Since we are in the modern age we shouldn’t have to eat surreptitiously.

  • Mark L.

    True. There are lots of options, although it’s hard to get paleo Mexican food for example, and if that’s where your grandma wants her 100th birthday party, you may have to go off paleo for an evening to avoid the social retardation problem. Also, don’t say no if she gleefully offers you a slice of her birthday cake that was 100 years in the making. That’s just mean.

  • Craig

    Just to be perfectly clear, I did some research on my geneological ancestry. The Stanford University researcher I spoke with traced my DNA back almost 2 million years.

    It turns out my caveman ancestors were quite the culinary creatures. I come from a line of cavemen that were able to process cocoa leaves into chocolate, extract oil from vegitables for frying, make bread from wild oats, and squeezed grapes to make wine.

    So, to be true to my paleo diet roots, I have added chocolate, french fries, chips, bread and wine to my paleo diet.

  • Yvonne

    Crossfit Oakland, Saturday, 2/21, 11AM

    3-person team (results only count if a woman is on the team)

    100 power cleans, 185/115 (2 working, 1 resting)
    100 push jerks, 135/95 (2 working, 1 resting)
    100 burpees (1 working, 2 resting, can not be started until all barbell exercises are completed)

    Can scale weight

  • Darren

    Seems to favor big strong crossfitters. I wonder where there are some of those? LOL

  • Darren

    Mark one word, fajitas.

    And Craig as a owner of a gym you should lead by example. Diet is the most important aspect of training

  • Darren

    Mark one word, fajitas.

    And Craig as a owner of a gym you should lead by example. Diet is the most important aspect of training. That means no more mcdonalds.

  • Darren

    Mark one word, fajitas.

    And Craig as a owner of a gym you should lead by example. Diet is the most important aspect of training. That means no more mcdonalds.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Easy on the “enter” key Darren…