090222 SUNDAY




5 rounds for time –

5 Deadlifts (275lbs, 180lbs, or whatever you can handle safely)

10 Burpees (jumping to touch target 12″ above your highest standing reach)

Post time to comments.



Egg-irony: High cholesterol foods may lower blood pressure.

“Researchers in Canada are reporting evidence that eggs — often frowned upon for their high cholesterol content — may reduce another heart disease risk factor — high blood pressure.”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mark L.

    (picture) That’s one way to “fix” a malfunctioning watch!

  • Yvonne

    Thanks Alan for setting us up at Chevy’s last night in Pleasant Hill.
    We had a great turn out, about 30 people.
    Howard’s, Zuckerman’s and Nick Jones last to leave. We drank 2 more pitcher’s of margaritas!
    We will do the dinners every other month, so the next one will be in ApriI with no kids. In the summer we might do them every month with BBQ’s at DCF or someone’s house.
    Glad to be a part of this family.

  • Craig

    4 guests today at our free class! Nancy, Amy, Ebony, and Jonathan (did I get it right?). Fast runners. It was cool to put 4 through the newbie wod. Thanks for joining us this morning!

  • Mountain

    Eight people at the 3 o’clock for the burpee/deadlift workout.

    Shannon 4:40 (95#)
    Holly 5:04 (145#)
    Darren 5:09 Rx (including the 12″ jump)
    Miles 6:11 (245#)
    Meg 6:22 (155#)
    Jared 7:01 (205)
    Sarah 7:10 (135#)
    Travis 7:30 (275#)

  • Craig

    Holly and Shannon too light (unless you’re nursing injuries – or being careful).

    DRoe, was that a PR?

    Meg great weight. Travis – well done as RX, bro!