090223 MONDAY


Some of the ladies at the “DCF Family Dinner” at Chevy’s in Pleasant Hill (Jamie, Yvonne, Vicky, Donna, and Kelly).


Back Squat:

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

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“Eating your veggies” doesn’t mean what it used to.

“If the economy isn’t grim enough for you, just check out the February issue of the Journal of HortScience, which contains a report on the sorry state of American fruits and veggies. Apparently produce in the U.S. not only tastes worse than it did in your grandparents’ days, it also contains fewer nutrients . . .”

Click here for complete article.

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TUESDAY NIGHT – People interested in carpooling to the Planning Commission Meeting are meeting at the gym at 7pm SHARP. Everyone else who plans on going to the meeting directly, be there by 7:30.

Address: 100 Gregory Ln. Pleasant Hill, Ca

Specific directions and map will be posted tomorrow.

We really need your support! If you are a public servant, please wear your uniform. If not, just come as you are. We really appreciate anybody who can come down.

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  • Darren

    If not in uniforms I think it would be cool if we all wore red. We have the new t’s and people could just rock there own red gear

  • Big Dave

    If you think about this picture it’s all the traiiners Wives

  • luca z.

    I have to say, by looking at this picture, DCF’s trainers are pretty lucky!!!

  • Mark L.

    Actually, Dave, it isn’t ALL the trainers wives. My wife, Debbie, and Jasmine and Meg aren’t pictured, either.

    What a fun night, though. Allen really set us up! I wish we could have hung out more than the hour we did, but our kids go to bed at 7:30pm, and they were starting to melt down.

  • russell

    Ours were melting down too…until they got their hands on the High Rollas. After a couple of sips, Izzy and Bubba settled right down.

    Actually, that was a really fun evening. Thanks to all who organized and put on the dinner.

  • Bryan Stornetta

    Looks like Saturday night was fun. Sorry Shannon and I missed all the good times. I have a general question for our owners… Would there be any problem with me bringing in my stationary trainer to ride during open gym? Complaints from the neighbors have forced me to seek new grounds for rainy day training. Let me know either off line or over the main blog section. Thanks!

  • Big Dave

    Mark – Thank’s for the correction – Some of the trainers wives

  • J Jones

    Totally Bryan. Bring it down. If it gets annoying or in the way, we’ll let you know.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Darren is annoying and in the way, but he doesn’t have to leave? Why should Bryans trainer be subject to dismissal? Haha, kidding. Good times on Saturday night, thanks again Allen!

  • Sakura @ CrossFit Solano

    So the plan is red clothing? I never purchased a DCF shirt. I’ll check back later for comments. =]

  • Craig

    No, I’d rather not scare the PH Planning Commission with Red Shirts. Come in your streets.

    Police, Military and Fire – uniforms would helpful, please!

  • Brook

    Are you having all the regular classes tomorrow?

  • Brook

    Are you having all the regular classes tomorrow?

  • Brook

    Oops! sorry. Computers!

  • sakura

    Copy on not trying to look like a gang.

  • sarah

    Sakura- do you guys have xfit solano shirts? If so,I’d love to purchase one from you!

  • Mark L.

    In the Lind garage, today.
    Did “long Michael” today (3 rounds of 1K Run, 50 Back Extensions, 50 Situps). Taking back narcs and doing nothing for 2 weeks did wonders for my back, but it was not helpful for my cardio or muscular endurance. 24:13
    Hilly 1K loop around my block, back extensions done on my GHD, and situps on 30 degree incline board.

  • Jeremy Jones

    7pm class canceled tomorrow. All else as usual.