090224 TUESDAY – Zone Text Change Meeting Today! and “FRAN”

+++ 7pm Class Canceled Tonight! Come to the meeting instead (see below) +++


Mel, Laura and Jasmine Clean and Jerk during “Grace” (These ladies went from being afraid to pick these weights off the ground, to putting the same weight overhead 30 times in minutes).

Workout: “Fran”

21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters (95lbs / 65lbs)

Pull Ups

Post time to comments.


Today is the day!

7:30pm SHARP at the City Council Building (100 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, Ca – Map Below).

If you are going straight there you will want to take the Monument exit (from either direction). If coming from the Concord/Martinez area, you’ll want to take Gregory straight from the freeway. If you come from the Walnut Creek direction you’ll want to take the Monument exit, turn left, then right on Contra Costa Blvd.


The building is on the left after “Michael’s” (also on the left). Look for Trelany Road. You can park off of Trelany Road or possibly the Michael’s parking lot. If you miss Trelany, hang a left at Cleveland and you make your next immediate left which will also be Trelany.

View Larger Map

We will meet at the gym and head over to the meeting at 7pm for those who want to carpool (people who want to workout before will have enough time to if they arrive for the 6pm class – possibly 6:30).

Overflow parking will probably work best in the “Micheal’s” and “Bed Bath and Beyond” parking lot.



Cholesterol ‘reducing’ drugs (statins) may also reduce brain functions

“Yeon-Kyun Shin, a biophysics professor in the department of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology, says the results of his study show that drugs that inhibit the liver from making cholesterol may also keep the brain from making cholesterol, which is vital to efficient brain function.

“If you deprive cholesterol from the brain, then you directly affect the machinery that triggers the release of neurotransmitters,” said Shin. “Neurotransmitters affect the data-processing and memory functions. In other words — how smart you are and how well you remember things.” . . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Ruiner

    I’m finally catching up on all my blogs…man moving sucks.
    It’s already 6:41 pm Tuesday here in Korea. I hope your meeting goes well. If I could be there I’d be in Uniform for sure. The service you provide to me and my fellow civil servants is priceless. I hope that the council sees that.

    Godspeed Friends,

  • Davie

    Hope the meeting goes well guys, fingers crossed from all at CF Central Scotland

  • Mark L.

    While today is certainly important, this is not our “last stand” by any means. However, getting this resolved and put behind us today will eliminate a huge distraction for the owners who simply want to focus on building Diablo Crossfit and our fitness levels.
    DCF is an ideal member of any business community or neighborhood. Let’s keep that in our minds and on our lips as we’re attending the meeting.
    We’re possibly the best thing to happen to Pleasant Hill and our neighbors in years! 😎

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Agreed and well said Mark. Thanks for the support from AROUND the world. We will have something to celebrate tonight.

  • Craig

    Thank you, Mark, and to our community for your inspirational support.

  • Yvonne

    I woke up this morning and looked at my page a day dog calendar for today. It was a picture of a Weimaraner with Diablo red horns on (they called it devilish horns). This is a sign that we will win today!

  • Bryan Stornetta

    Are we allowed to bring boxing gloves? You know, just in case we have any oposition to the permit. Just kidding…I will leave them in the car. See you all tonight. GO DCF!!!

  • Laci

    Anyone who is attending the meeting tonight needs to read the staff report. The City staff is recommending the Planning Commission not approve our request.


    More important than ever that we all understand and be able to tell the PC why we should be considered.

  • jamie j

    For all of those who can attend- a huge thank you from both DCF & our families – JJ, Jamie, Jax, Craig, Yvonne, Alana, Rob & little K). DCF is not only our passion, but an extension of our own families. I always look forward to seeing you all at the gym and love to learn about your life, your passions and what makes you stick with CrossFit. I am inspired everyday by everyone I workout with- your achievements, speed, determination, stamina, strength, desire to lose weigh (and some cases gain weight), become more healthy or maintain health, fit into a dress, lose the pregnancy weight, build up muscle, do your first toe push-up, achieve your first pull-up, finally do two double-unders in a row, achieve a PR….thank you!

  • Rodil

    See everyone at the meeting tonight.

  • Rob

    Thanks for the overwhelming support everyone! Truly an inspiration, especially during these economic times when most people are looking after #1, we’re lucky we’ve got such a strong family that will rally and stand with us.

    Thanks everyone.


  • luca z.

    Unfortunately, doe to work, I won’t be at the meeting, but I’ll be there in spirit and the Zanet family will be represented by Vickie and Alessandro, as a trainer I thanks all of our athletes and their families for their support, and I’m looking forward to work with each and one of you for many years to come at the current location, GO DCF!!!!

  • Luca Z.

    On a different note, a little high box jump competition today at class with Andrew taking first place ,the man jumped 46” at 5’6” that’s pretty good, honor mention to Ivy which came in unable to jump over the 20″ box and finishing with 22″ good work young lady, it was a great example of your mind controlling your body, she could totally do it but was afraid, with a little help and small increments she conquered her fears.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Can’t wait for the meeting tonight. It will be so fun to celebrate after…dinner, drinks, the whole 9! Can’t wait to see everyone rally for our gym!!

    In anticipation of the meeting, I did “Grace” at work before leaving.

    2:19 as RX’d, a new PR.

  • Darren

    I love the competition. Sorry Stav New Grace Pr. 2:08

    Earlier in the day did Fran 3:55

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Hi Guys- between working two jobs and grad school I couldn’t make it tonight. I hope the PC read my letter… and I give Bryan permission to speak on my behalf (I’m fairly sure he knows how I feel about DCF 😉 I will have my prayer candle lit and I’m waiting anxiously to see how the meeting goes!

  • Matt F

    Damn…Lots of peeps out at the meeting..
    Good to see all of you
    Feels great to part of the DCF family…


  • luca z.

    I just came home from work and talked to Vickie about the meeting, great job Craig and Jeremy, and thanks to all that talked and just showed up to support us cause.