090225 WEDNESDAY – We’re not done yet!


Diablo CrossFit preparing to present to the Pleasant Hill Planning Commission.


5 rounds for time

10 ring dips

15 wall ball (20lb 10ft target or 14lb 8ft target).

20 double unders

Post time to comments


Commission Verdict: Not enough information.

After a long discussion, and a passionate showing by DCFers. The Pleasant Hill Commission has decided to wait for more information to make a decision. – Remember that the Commission’s job was to take all “Fitness Studios” into account, Not just Diablo CrossFit.

We would like to graciously thank the 50 + members who were able to attend the meeting that ran for almost 3 hours (ending around 10:15pm), especially those who came forward to speak on our behalf.

I am confident in saying that even Craig, Rob and myself did not expect the outpouring of community support that was presented (let alone the Planning Commission and the Planning Staff). Once again I am humbled by this community.

Our fight is not over. We will be soliciting the help of our members to help us compile more data and information so that the Planning Commission can make an informed decision at their meeting on March 10th.

If you’d like to help please email us at info@diablocrossfit.com.

You can also post your comments about the meeting to comments below.



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  • Craig

    All of this work, just to change the text (one letter) in the city plan from “not permitted” to “permitted” or “conditional use” for Fitness Studios is a huge waste of time, money and passion. It is remarkable to me, that with incredibly high vacancies, many other “not permitted” (but licensed!!) uses, ample parking and a disintegrating economy, that some (not the majority) of the City of Pleasant hill Planning Commission still adhered to archaic Light Industrial Zoning descriptions. I personally think that some of the members of the commission did not read the entire Staff report, nor our letters – they made their minds up before coming in (a failure to our community). We were victorious last night, but the war is not over. It will likely go to the City Council.

    After the extensive work we did on our petitions, research and presentation, I told many people yesterday that I didn’t think I had the time or motivation to carry this torch any further than last night’s meeting. JJ and I have not slept well, our workouts have suffered and we have taken substantial time away from our jobs and families.

    But, after seeing our DCF Family in the audience, including the men and women in uniform, who took time from their work and families to be there – and listening to our members speak – I am now more motivated than ever. I have been re-energized! Your impact was profoundly felt by the CIty. Thank you.

    I will get everyone more information for our next battle. I refuse to succomb to the illogical conjecture, misrepresentation of the General Plan, and Archaic Code presented by the Planning Staff of the City of Pleasant Hill. I vow to enlighten the dissenting members of the Planning Commission and the Planning Staff as to the reality of the situation in the Light Industrial Zone and our economic environment. – and to the fantastic opportunity this change represents.


    This is our Mantra. I will repeat it often.

  • luca z.

    Talk about a proud parent and a proud DCFer, my son Alessandro went to school wearing my DCF shirt, as a teenager and very much into what’s cool to wear, that’s a cool thing to do.

  • Adam

    Craig, welcome to my stressful life here at work as I am in charge of writing staff reports for the City of Oakland City Council to approve bond financings and certain investments. Just recently I had to present to the council why we should be able to invest in U.S. Treasuries as if that is not common sense. One City Council member who I will not name questioned me and the safety of U.S. Treasuries and as much as I wanted to walk up and slap them, I had to maintain my composure as if I am talking to a 3 year old and explain that there is not a single investment available that is safer than U.S. Treasuries.
    Dealing with a City Council (whom is all about politics) is tough because they could care less about anyone besides how they look to the community based on what they say.
    The public sector whether smaller like Pleasant Hill or larger like Oakland is all the same and I am committed to fight until Crossfit wins this battle.

    Please inform myself as well as our community who views this comments page what we can do to help from this point forward to make sure Crossfit stays put.

  • Craig

    Adam, thats an incredulous story. Assuming Treasuries are not safe enough, then where would Oakland put their money? In a bank? Who guarantees the bank’s deposits? I feel your pain.

    It is time to change the guard in many of our Governments, people. At some point in our lives, if we are passionate about our Cities (State or Country), we must think about participating in Government and vow to represent our communities with passion. And, we must only stay in office as long as our passion endures – otherwise we risk becoming subjects of our own egotistical, stubborn agendas.

    I can’t remember which Commission Member said it last night, but he invoked the speech by President Obama he heard yesterday calling for action on all governemnt levels to help invigorate our Economy – that was cool! Some people get it.

  • Mark L.

    The planning commission member who sited Obama’s speech indicating that we need to start thinking outside the box and to be flexible in allowing new ideas to germinate was Steve Wallace (who also happened to be an ex-Navy guy Russell and I talked to afterwards).
    It was amazing how things worked last night. All the testimony from our members made them “want to say yes”, and the testimony from the two members of the business community and Craig summing it all up gave the members a reason they could say yes.
    It went from a cut and dry “no” to a 5 to 2 “yes”.
    Another thing to realize is what this is doing to DCF as a community. No bonds are greater than those that are forged in the furnace of affliction.

  • Rob

    Not to make this all too sappy, but as Craig said, seeing the support of everyone last night was not only re-energizing but truly moving. I’m humbled to be apart of a group like this. Thank you.

    We’ve got a lot of information to gather and a lot more work ahead of us…but I too am confident that we’re going to succeed. Our slogan just couldn’t be more fitting, could it?

    That aside…Craig sure did sweat a lot, didn’t he? 🙂

  • Mike Erickson

    Craig, I thought your presentation was very good and persuasive. It was painful to listen to the commissioner on the right side; “we’re not in the habit of rewarding bad behavior”. I got the impression she fancies herself as Judge Judy, but she comes off more like a meter maid. I thought it was unfair when she said “The petioner admits they did not follow the rules”. You simply admitted the process was more complicated than you originally thought and you should have done more initial research. You sought advice from both the city and the real estate guy and negotiated with the property owner and you obtained a business license. In my opinion your good faith is beyond question. I think most of the commissioners are persuaded the LI zone rules are outdated. It is unfortunate that a couple of them don’t understand what “planning” is all about. What part of “planning” do they not understand? The “forward thinking” or the “goal oriented”? I don’t think this is over. A well written positive article published in the CC times would be helpful before this goes in front of the city council. And would make excellent advertising as well. This is a great human interest story. Who knows a good writer?

  • sakura

    I’m not sure how much it will help but CFS had similar “zoning” issues with the city of Fairfield. In the end we were approved for our facility. Do you need help gathering data from the city of FF if they will provide how they approved us?

  • Carry

    I was thinking the same thing Mike….If the City is only interested in following what has already been put in place then what do we need the planning commision for? We could simply look at the code and adhere to it. I work for a bank and we are probably one of the most regualted industries there are. I STILL employ common sense. THAT’S WHAT THEY PAY ME FOR! To make good business decisions!

    If the voters didn’t want competent progressive people making decisions on their behalf, why go through these motions?

    I was a very disapointed in the lack of forward thinking on the parts of the commision. It seems that the thinking is to ‘not take any chances and it won’t come back to bite me’. I think this couldn’t be further from the truth. People are looking for leadership NOT the status quo. This is true now more than ever. If I were on the council or the commision, I would be very careful because this issue will get a lot of attention and I think the CC Times would love a story so relevent to the current situation.

    So many cities are getting stimulus $$ (not sure if P.H. is one of them) but it would seem that the elected officials and citizens alike would be looking at opportunites to grow an otherwise declining area of the city.

    The one commisioner (last name was vavrk?) stated that ‘it’s our only L I area and we should preseve it’. I wanted to ask her “who are you saving these spaces for?”
    I don’t think there are many businesses that fit into your definition of light industrial lined up to lease these vacant locations!

    I also wonder when was the last time this area had a less than 10-15% vacancy rate and what the projections are for the next 3-5 years on the occupancy rates. I would hope this would be included in the Staff report. I think it cuts to the heart of the matter.

    I regret not filling out the card last night to speak.

  • Brendhan

    Thank you Jeremy and the 10:30 class for your wonderful hospitality and for including me in the WOD today. You have a great facility and it looks like even better people. I have travelled to many affiliates-you should be very proud of the community and facility you’ve built.

    Hope to see you all again soon.

    p.s. Damn that’s a high wall ball target…

  • Darren

    I think a great local media source is Claycord.com. Craig you might want to give him an email to our situation. It is a internet based blog all about local news events and issues. It has a huge following and very active community behind it.

  • jorgy

    I apologize to everyone for my absence last night. I had a business meeting that I probably could have rescheduled. This community is very important to me and I see a great deal of myself changing for the better because of you people. I have marked down the next meeting(March 10th)on my calender and WILL be there for that. To everyone who did make it, thank you for striving to keep this community alive, you are all a great bunch of crazy people and enjoy coming in and talking to you and working out with you all.

  • grace

    Yeah — Wallace was cool. Lombardi was not bad either — both spoke very articulately about invoking change, adapting to the shifting business/LI environment and they seem to actually care about revenues and business owners in Pleasant Hill. The rest…they’re gonna go EXTINCT and take Vincent/Estand + the Pleasant Hill LI district down w/them when it goes completely VACANT in 6-12 mos without opening their ‘EYES’…

    Craig, JJ, everyone — y’llspoke so eloquently and I really enjoyed the hx on meat districts in Austin and other cities like NY and SF Market Place and even Walnut Creek — I remember all the little gyms near our old DCF (I get remiscent over the ol Shed since that’s were I started a yr ago). Loved everyone’s personal testimonials!! Bowled me over more than 95# deadlifts *haa*

    Let’s not give up! I think evolution will prevail — it has to 🙂 I can help canvass neighbors…? maybe we can get them to come to the ‘nonpublic’ City Council mtg (wtf — why isn’t it PUBLIC)… like Tonya’s neighbor’s etc? Idea?

    See ya guys later…

  • Matt F.

    Its all gonna work out…..
    When its over can we have a Toga party?
    It was great to see everyone at the meeting..
    see you guys at 6am,

  • Ronnielo

    Craig, I knew when i joined up a month back with DCF I had become a part of something special. Last night only confirmed that even more. Let me know if I can help in anyway. And thanks for letting me be a part of DCF.

  • Craig

    Thanks, Ron! We’ll enlist your help soon.

    And, thanks to commenters above Jorgy, and Grace, Matt, Brendan, Carry, Sak (for driving down!), Mike E. – and to all the presenters! who Rose to the Challenge and spoke out on behalf of the Pleasant Hill Community for this positive change: Stav, Laci, DRoe (we come to your homes!!), Rhodes, Russell, Rodil (how many came from out of town?).

    It was a cool event and thrilling to watch our community fight together for a common cause.