+++Dustin Fights Today! See yesterday’s post for Details (and Muay Thai class is canceled today).+++


You’d think it was Chris’ job to jump on stuff, but he is actually an amazing Dentist.


5 rounds.

Strict Press to Failure

Push Press to Failure (or 10 reps)

Push Jerk to Failure (or 10 reps)

Use your 3 – 5 rep max for strict press. Increase weight each round as needed.

Bonus ‘Metcon’ to follow.

Post loads used each round to comments.



Want to beat cancer? Just live cleanly.


Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Bryan S

    Huh…I woke up this morning feeling good about my Murph time and my progress in the gym and then I see this picture of Chris…. Back to the drawing board for me.

  • Yvonne

    Chris you amaze me and yes he is my dentist!

  • Craig

    Bryan! So true.

    Doug Storer said to me yesterday: “I’m a fitness stud at work and then I come here and am humbled.” Terry said the same: “I thought I was in great shape till I came here.” (and he’s in fantastic shape).

    CrossFit is humbling. Leave your ego at home.

  • JimmyG

    Ok….so how high is it????

  • JimmyG

    Ok….so how high is it????
    and no step Right??

  • Matt F.

    I Got my money on 6am Jumpin Jimmy….
    dudes got springs…even after the WOD.

    Madd Matt

  • Craig

    Washing the weight vests today. Felt horrible as each later class slipped them on soaking wet from the previous classes! It paid to go early.

    Funny: Rob was over today askin’ if anyone beat his Murph record time of 31mins (sick!) and says, “the trick is to break it up 5-10-15 for 20 rnds.” I said, thats what everyone did. Yvonne overhears and says, “no, its 5-10-30” (?).

    We pointed out her error and she realized she did 600 squats.

    Rob and I enjoyed a good laugh at her soreness.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    31 minutes…hmm. FYI, thats roughly 2 x 7minute miles and 20 RD’s of Cindy in 17 minutes, which is about a 25 RD pace for Cindy. I would love to see Murph done in 31 minutes, it would be an unbelievable sight. Great job yesterday everyone, fun to be part of.

  • jorgy

    I’ve done the full RX Murph in 30:04. So pissed that I was so close to under 30:00 that I threw a stopwatch almost to Max Muscle. And yes I had witnesses. Darren was 1, Rick was there, and trustworthy Nathaniel Leyroy Peterson was there as well.

  • Darren

    I was not there

  • Craig

    So thats what happened to that stopwatch.

  • Mark L.

    Anyone get Dustin’s fight results?
    BTW, Murph (RX) 38:06, yesterday. My first try.
    Next time, I’ll definitely reallocate the work (probably not 5-10-15), and I’ll likely take 20 second rest periods earlier. I think I went a little too easy on the mile, too (both were around 7:40).
    I need to work a little on my pushups, then I’m going to hit Cindy, again. My pullups and squats have come a long way since my last try.
    I did #1 PT with a guy (Mike P.), this morning @9. 3:25 for his newbie. Welcome to DCF!