090301 SUNDAY


A family that rows together, grows together (The Zuckermans).


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

30 Box Jumps (24″ box)

20 GHD sit ups (or sub abmat sit ups)

100′ Farmer Carries (53lb kbs)

Post number of rounds plus fractions of rounds to comments.


A great observation by Boz of CrossFit San Francisco.

Consider this from Malcom Gladwell’s research:

“. . .a German team of psychologists published a similar study. They had a group of subjects look at cartoons, either while holding a pen between their lips–an action that made it impossible to contract either of the two major smiling muscles, the risorius and the zygomatic major– or while holding a pen clenched between their teeth, which had the opposite effect and forced them to smile. The people with the pen between their teeth found the cartoons much funnier. Emotion doesn’t just go from the inside out. It goes from the outside in. What’s more, neither the subjects “assuming the position” nor the people with pens in their teeth knew they were making expressions of emotion. In the facial-feedback system, an expression you do not even know that you have can create an emotion you did not choose to feel. . .”

So next time you are facing a tough workout either alone or with a group. Don’t fret the workout, just laugh at craziness of doing it. When suffering through it, grin with delight. You might just like the workouts even more than you already do.

And even if you don’t. . . others around you might.

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  • luca z.

    Ok here’s how it went.
    Dustin was awesome, he came third among 5 fighters in his weight class, he was the smallest but the most fierce of them all.
    The tournament was not well organized and it took a long time for Dustin to fight, it was not the perfect type of tournament for Dustin as well, he’s a knock out fighter and we were going for points, so it didn’t matter how hard you hit the guy what mattered was how many times you landed hits, punches, kicks or knee strikes. Dustin won his first fight, he was no match for the guy, too strong and too technical, he Knocked him down, the only fighter to knock down two opponents in all the tournament, and just kept scoring hits. In the second fight, the guy was good but still no match for Dustin right hand, he too went down, in this fight though this guy came back up and kept busy and Dustin didn’t land as many hits, he ran out of gas, more CrossFit to come for him, so the guy won for points, despite being knocked down.
    All and all a great experience for Dustin, he’s got a mean right hand, a family trademark, right Carry, and he’ll get to use it again in the future.
    I want to thank all the DCFers, family and friends, that came to support him, they had a lot of patience waiting, what seemed forever for Dustin to fight, but also were the loudest of the all gym.
    On a similar note if any of you is interested in trying out Muay-Thai, my classes are open to all people and levels of experience, if you want to fight or just learn hot to defend yourself, my trainer Daniel “DOC” Docto is going to hold two more seminar this month, a great way to start and learn a lot on Muay-Thai, from someone who’s being doining it for 20 years and has lived in Thailand for the past 3 years, I’ll post the dates and locations soon.

  • Craig

    Right on D-Boy! Congrats on your win and perserverance.

    According to the article, you should have been smiling more in the 2nd fight.

  • Diablo CrossFit

    Rob Barnum has two nice l-shaped glass desks (OfficeMax) in his office that he’s trying to find a home for if someone wants. Can bring to the Shed – or you can pick up in W.C. Ping Rob at rob@diablocrossfit.com

    Word is, he’ll throw in a Jack Russell Terrier too.

  • Chris W.

    Just noticed the post from yesterday.

    FYI, 1 step approach. I cheated a bit:) I used to do a bit of jump specific training when I was younger. I used to jump a bit higher 10 years and 20lbs ago…hahaha!

    One of the thing that is nice about Crossfit is that it highlights your strengths and weaknesses, so you realize where you need improvement.

    If you really want to see some real HOPS check out these videos:

  • Moises G.

    Dustin great job man!!! Smoker tournaments are good experience and test you mentally. I’m down to train with you when I am healed up. I start physical therapy the last week of March. See you soon man!

  • Jasmine

    such a very cute picture! You all look like such happy rowers… especially you Brooke 🙂 So glad you are a part of DCF!