090302 TUESDAY

+++Bike rides and Trail Runs every Saturday! See below for details.+++


On Friday, Diablo CrossFit had close to 20 people do “Murph” as prescribed. With more than 5 20lb weight vests, I never expected there to be a time when there would be a line for people waiting to do “Murph” (Bryan, Jesse, Craig-wearing a weighted belt, Shannon-raising the roof, and Holly).


30 muscle ups for time.

If you cannot do a muscle up, perform 90 “chest to bar” pull ups and 90 “shoulders touching rings” dips. Partition the reps as needed.

Post time to comments.



Unhappy children end up Un-well in later life.

Researchers found those described as “miserable” or “unhappy” by teachers were five times more likely to be off work through ill-health in middle age.

They said these children were also likely to be more prone to depression.

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.


Saturday Bike Rides and Trail Runs!

With the help of our resident Triathlon Guru: Jan Maynard, Diablo CrossFit is going to be helping host and organize training for Triathlons for those DCFers who are interested. It is also a fun way for us to get some additional variety in our training by doing some swimming, cycling, and running outside of the gym.

Bike Rides

From Jan:

“This will be a weekly ride leaving from DCF at 8:00 sharp try to be there by 7:45. All levels welcome. It will be a “no drop ride” meaning you will not ride alone. We will start with shorter rides and work are way up in mileage through out the next couple months so that everyone can become comfortable riding in a group. If there is rain in the forecast please check the DCF web page the evening before in case the ride is canceled due to torrential down poor. Be safe and wear proper bike attire (helmet).

This week we will be riding up to the turnout on Cummings Sky Way. This ride has a couple of easy to moderate climbs and once you get on to Alhambra there is very little car traffic. There is no water at the turn around so make sure that you carry enough water and nutrition to get you trough a 2 hour ride. It is 25 miles round trip from DCF. Please email Jan directly if you are interested in coming out so that he has a idea of who is coming. See you all out there.”

Click here for a Google map of the route

Trail Runs

From Jan:

“We will meet at the corner of Stage dr. and Reliez Valley Rd. at 2:45 and the run will start at 3:00pm. The loop is 6 miles of very hilly running, I will be keeping the group together. This run will likely take 1:30 min to complete and is 90% on trail. There is water 3 1/2 miles into the run. I will be running rain or shine every Saturday that I am in town. Any one that can run close to 6 miles are welcome, your pace doesn’t matter.”

Click here to see the trail loop.


The “Tri for Fun” is a series of Triathlons in the Pleasanton area that many beginner and intermediate Triathletes enter. Some of you might remember that Stavros entered last year and fairly well (with little to no ‘Triathlon’ training).

Here are the details:

Tri for fun #1 6/20/09

Tri for fun #2 7/18/09

Tri for fun #3 8/15/09 http://onyourmarkevents.com/TriForFunInfo.htm

Tri For Real 9/20/09 http://onyourmarkevents.com/TriForRealInfo.htm

Post to comments if you are interested in the weekly rides, trail runs or doing some Triathlons this year.

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  • Rodil

    For the 90 pull up/dip sub, can we break them up anyway we like?

    What is the new message box thing on the right side of our home page?

  • Mark L.

    Jen & Jan: Have you guys experimented with the crossfitendurance.com stuff? Dean W. (another “tri guy”) was thinking about trying it out.
    As for today’s WOD… I’m positive I’m nowhere near my 2009 goal of 7:55, but I can at least find out how far away I am. I’m also bring my little tube of Cryogel for afterwards.
    BTW, I did a few LIGHT deadlifts with the 5pm class, yesterday, and my back held. I experienced a little tightness about an hour later, but no pain, and–more importantly–no loud popping followed by folding up on the floor. Gently, gently, gently…

  • Craig

    So many events..so little time. I look forward to the trail runs and an occasional ride, Jan.

    The chat box on the right margin is a test. We borrowed the idea from CF Asia who “borrowed” our look and feel.

    Use the chat box to meet folks for wods at the Shed, etc.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Yes Rodil. Partition as needed.

    I think I might enter one of those “Tri for Fun” races. . . like I don’t have enough plans already.


  • Adam

    Jan, awesome to see you took the initiative to get DCF going in the direction of the most underrated sporting event out there. I will do more runs than bikes with the group but will mark my calendar for every saturday I am in town to be there.
    What about the swim part? Any class trainings in the pool? I imagine we would have to go to Heather Farms and even that would be difficult.

    Also, for DCF, if you are interested in doing other Tri-4-Funs (.5 mile swim, 16 mile bike, 3 mile run) or Tri-4-Reals (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run) Rancho Seco Park in Sacramento holds a great “series” of races that I was brought up competing in. There is a race in June, July and August and the link is:

  • Yvonne

    I noticed that the CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier is still $75 and was suppose to go up to $100 March 1st. Who is signing up??? Craig, Carry, Julie, Darren, JJ, Jaime, Holly, Meg, Jasmine, Shannon, all Bryans, Luca, Jimmy, Sarah, Mark, Alex, Mountain, Jared…. I could go on…. (I know Stav has). Who else has signed up??? Speak up so others will go. Tell others your experience at a qualifier!!! Some of us might be scared!!!! It would be great to see a lot of DCF shirts there!

  • Moises G.

    Hey Jan, I am all in for training with you. As soon as I get cleared to begin physical training I will do the runs and rides. I start PT at the end of March, see you soon!

  • Holly

    I’m signed up for the qualifiers Yvonne! I figure what the hell, I may just surprise myself. But more likely, I’ll just have a good laugh afterwards when they are peeling me off the ground. Either way, how cool will it be to show my future grandkids pictures of what Granny could do in her younger years!

    Jan, where on alhambra are you starting the run?

  • Dean W.

    Jan, Nice Job on the details.Maps and the races. My favorite training places. I will definitely join you. Not this weekend, signed up for The Stanford Treeathlon, sprint distance Sat. I’ll try to make it for the run. My last Crossfit class tonight bfore the race, want to be fresh.

  • Craig

    You know, a year ago I couldn’t get Yvonne to do a CF workout.. Now she’s miss aggro-crossfit.

    But, I signed up ($75).

  • Jan

    Glad to see all of the interest. Good luck to you this weekend Dean. You can be the first one to tell me if this CF stuff is helping your tri.

    An answer to your question Holly I park on Stage Dr. Which is off of Reliez Valley Road. About 1/4 mile away from the entrance to the park. You can park on the road for free and then we will just run in. Sorry for the miss information above, I thought that was Alhambra that it was off of. Let me know if you know where I am talking about know. The link for the runnning starts from the correct location.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Everyone should enter the Norcal Games!

    -It will be at the Aromas site (same place as the internationals, so it will have a similar feel)
    -Norcal has arguably the largest number of Firebreathers due to our proximity to Santa Cruz
    -You can drive / carpool easy
    -There is nothing like competing. Even just for fun, it is an experience you will learn A TON from.
    -It gives you something to train and diet even harder for.

    At last year’s games we had the largest (except for maybe Oakland) group of spectators. This year I want to have the largest group of competitors AND spectators!


  • Mark L.

    I just ate some french fries. 8-(

  • luca z.

    For anyone interested Doc, my Muay-Thai trainer is having two more seminars like the one he had last month, this are the details :

    Sawasdee krab this is Khun Doc Docto – Hello. 😉

    Attached are the Muay Thai Seminars I will be doing:

    1. Sunday in Antioch 8 March 2009 from 1pm to 3pm.

    2. Saturday in Sacramento 14 March 2009 from NOON to 3pm.

    I will talk about:

    – March is Muay Thai month in Thailand … why??
    – MT history … why is that important??
    – MT training … why are they considered the best stand up fighters in the world??
    – Southern MT … what is the difference??
    – I am the English announcer at the Ao Nang Krabi & I write articles for Krabi Magazine & Black Belt. What are my stadiums rules and ethics??
    – Strong South MT techniques = Pre-Fight, round 1, round 2 & 3, round 4 and final round 5.
    – Why is Thai Pad Work the #1 way to learn real Muay Thai.
    – How do real Muay Thai fighters practice Sparring and make their BONES hard??
    – Plus any questions that you might come up with … maybe I can answer them. 😉

    tha location of the Antioch seminar is
    Guila Hawaiian Kickboxing gym
    4389 Hillcrest Ave.
    Antioch CA.
    This is where Dustin had his fight, the other in Sac town is :

    1510 Howe Ave.Site A
    Sacramento CA.
    Let me know if you’re interested in going, I’ll be at the Antioch one.

  • jorgy

    The thought of Aromas makes me throw up in my mouth. Incredibly horrible performance last year. I signed up though of course to see if I can make a fool of myself again.

  • Carry

    I signed up a long time ago….then forgot about it! Got to get my a$$ is gear. Now that I’m feeling better. It is so fun to compete and one of the best experiences in my life. My kids had a great time and so did my friends that came to cheer me on.

  • Carry

    Jorgy…..been thinking about you and the games….You made the mistake of drinking too many flippin energy drinks last year.

    I will sponsor you the $75 if you just beat Rick! 😉

  • Carry

    Yvonne, I hope you are signing up….you would do awesome.

  • Darren

    Signed up yesterday for 75 bucks. Such a fun event. Can’t wait.

  • Yvonne

    By the way Craig, a year ago I was doing CrossFit training at another gym which I do still when I can not make it to a class (priorities when you have a 5 year old who will not sit still). I never went to the tiny SHED because I felt guilty taking up space for my butt for customers that were paying. When my father in law died and we did the Dad WOD in his honor, it inspired me and I starting coming in more. Now I am hooked on coming because of you all.

  • grace


    I think I’ll be at the bike run!

    The Tri for funs are great!! I’ve been doing one every yr and DCF is making me FASTER.


  • Laci

    I am in for the ride on Saturday, very excited. Maybe the ride will kick me into gear as I have only been on my trainer twice since I set it up a month ago… Is it ok to just do the ride? I have no desire to run, but I love to ride!

  • grace

    Weather’s clearing…We’re hitting the slopes instead — BUMMER — I’ll catch the next workout/bike/run…